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fun for me is watching movie trailers and reading restaurant menus ????Park Slope @anishawadhwani
Name is Kemi ????????????????⚽️????✈️????????????????????
Venmo me and see what happens @Deirdre-os-3
Auto Broker IG: @TopRatedRentalz
Break the ice and ask!
It’s getting lonely in this cold brooklyn weather ????????‍♀️
Pie enthusiast, coffee addict & Bills super fan living in NYC ????????
spiritually connected to Khloé Kardashian & Olive Garden breadsticks DC & CLT. ig: lindsaypruette
Living in Brooklyn, NY. From Houston, TX.
Yes that is a blue pigeon on my head in the last picture. Currently blonde with short hair, its temperamental.
i guess you can call me a pro dancer. Used to be: Actress, Singer, Aerialist, Stunt woman, Scuba diver. Now I just like to party Fredonia '17
a bisexual virgo working in theatre trying to make every party a dance party she/her
My pup and I come as a package deal ????
English teacher from ???????? (Brazil, in case you do not know the Brazilian flag. Also, in Brazil we speak Portuguese not Spanish.) Au pair in the ???????? I was sick of my comfort zone so that's why I moved here. I have been here for 8 months. 2 things I love: Japanese food and Guinness
I do photography, I like beer, I speak German, I love music and yeah. I manage a jazz venue
????NJ Hispanic FIT ‘19 Advertising and Marketing Communications FIT '17 Fashion Business Management Blogger of Fashion A-Fare Freelance Makeup Artist & Studio Hairstylist Fun and outgoing I don't do one night stands
I love dogs, memes and dark humor. Don't like people.
Brazilian ????????
????Essex girl living in Oxford Tendency to be sarcastic, Guilty of laughing at my own jokes. Hair colour may vary
ig: lemonrose_ Love ???? ???? Team Petite ????
420???????? ig:jazzybab
NC▶️NY Just wants pizza
DSL ????????
Latina ???? Just wanna know people, not looking for anything in particular, just live the moment! Love tattoes, dogs, laugh and danceeee ???? Instagram: nicolevaldiviez
Theatre person, writer, photographer, friend, that girl you know who talks about the inherently gendered nature of mental health discourse at parties she/her/hers ????
I am only look for a friend.
Does coffee go with Netflix? MD ❤️ from PR ????????
Gosto de pokemon e senhor dos aneis. Curto uns rock aí E amo penny dreadful (que série foda) "Vcs: você gosta de homem ou mulher? Eu: sim" E tenho uma coleção de galhos (DE ARVOREZINHA, GALERA) :3
Oi, como tá sua força? ???? Instagram: kahptain ???? Snap: kahptainpoynter
Insta: poxa.suh Quem deu like por último chama! Não estou colecionando match!
Eu não tô com pressa! Sou movida a café, teatro, açúcar e ganja. Não-monogâmica, bi/pan, fogo nos fascistas.
@maclaranascimento Na verdade é 18, não 23 ????
Sou muito simples,gosto de ficar em casa assistindo filmes.. Não sou muito de sair ,prefiro fazer coisas mais casual!
@paollamendess Muay thai ????
I am Aquarius ♒️, what means for people who like star sighs that i am cold ...is up to u, i like to think that i just don’t like drama. I am very spontaneous, and not good with small talk. But i know all talk need begin with basically: Hi, who da fuc* are u? after all we only saw a foto and thought this could be a nice person. If u have something interesting to say i will be glad to hear it !!
Sou estudante do último ano de Psicologia. Gosto de filmes, séries, dançar e estou disponível para conhecer e fazer coisas novas. Bora bater um papo e se conhecer...
????Instagram: desirrelima Viagens, vinho, natureza, animais, sorrisos, piadas sem graça, cinema, amigos e inteligência. Praias são um dos grandes amores da minha vida. “beautiful people are not alwas good pleople are always beautil”.
I like to paint and I’m fucking tired ig @gothiccabinet
A lil fatty that enjoys food a bit too much????????
I am not silly, I will make u wrap your willy From the Netherlands
Just looking to borrow some sugar
I’m a mess.
Is it just me or you caught my eyes
1,65 Thai, Eng, Dutch ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? ???????? - Super environmentally friendly - I’m all natural & don’t have a penis - Sarcastic & Make bad jokes sometimes - Little bit nerdy - Watch many whole series in one day - Do not eat spicy - Travel the world - Love whiskey and ribs - Like to try new restaurants - Ate KFC in 18 countries - Once a plus size pageant for Thailand - Collecting minions for no reason
Former socialite, current socialist.
I have the same eyebrows as Keanu Reeves
•Staten Island, NY •AMDA 2018 •Miss Five Boroughs’ OT 2015/Miss Richmond County 2019???????? •Singer, Dancer, Actress •Lover of Panic! At The Disco, Disney, Sephora, Theatre things, Marvel, and Dunkin •can easily kick your ass in any Mario game •top 10% of people fantastic at guitar hero •will probably quote the office and vines to you on a daily basis •If you weren’t an emotional wreck after endgame or infinity war don’t talk to me IG/Twitter: Sam_rose98
I promised myself I’d never be back here????
Let’s get drunk and talk about books
animal crossing comes out march 20th. if you know portuguese you get to skip the line.
I love art, dancing and traveling!
I love art, music and food. Always down to try something new. Height: 4’11 ????: Socially 420 Friendly ????
It’s All About Living!
I grew up in paradise, moved to a big city, laugh at everything, love to travel, idk I suck at bios but great at talking so jut text me tbh hahaha ????
Hey guys !!!! I’m visiting New York let’s chill!!?? Message me don’t be shy
CAN —> NY I didn’t want salmon I said it four times
I wanna get a cat and name it fuck cops Queers only ????☝️
WILL BE IN TOKYO MARCH 30TH 日本が恋しい :( Raised in NYC Learning ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? 私の仕事は終わり家でテラスハウス見ているよ <3
Willing to lie about where we met.THIC.NO SEX. IG-yxng.pali. Twitter-yxngpali IG. @____killaa____
Yes, my parents named me after the Grateful Dead song
Since everyone here is about impressing others with their career paths: I’m a law student or a future lawyer, if you’re one of those who equal these two concepts. :)) is that impressive enough? :))
moon mami who paints, reads tarot, and likes weed. instagram: hennesysanchez
Don’t talk to me or my “children” ever again....unless you swipe right
Im the legendary Pokémon you have nice chance of catching. ???? Muscle are a turn on???? but really good hearted and morally righteous people are a turn up Don’t know what I’m looking for though mainly friends ???? Snap me @ lhequan I’m also transgendered for those closed minded people out there who afraid of what people will think about you ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️
???????????? swipe right if you wonder how i look like ???? u wont regret
Send me pics of your dog
Instagram - tgkristen Asian Chinese Japanese tgirl. I don't want to be a girl that need a man, i want to be a girl that a man need. I'm looking for a good man, well built top guy only, i'm a bottom, I don't top, i'm a simple and plain tgirl, no drama and real, you be the same. Please have a profile with recent face pic, NO FAKE PIC, profile with no pic will be block. I prefer texting to get to know other first Instagram - tgirlfongnyc
Poet. Artist. Inspired by creative women and men ???? fearless in their pursuit of happiness.
Add my snap @samanthatodaro6
*18 cashapp me for a surprise: $charlotterose0 i just want to go on cute dates and be loved :(
Yo what’s up? I’m Rachael. I’m a: - History major - Connoisseur of fighting games - D&D nerd Those are a few quick things. If you think Oblivion is better than Skyrim, we’ll probably get along. Last picture is my waifu.
insta - chloegonnella
I’m here to cause fear ????????????????
your new crush listens to frank ocean on repeat, is always tired, and cares too much about her personal brand (it’s me)
From “upstate” Anthropology Major Spends obnoxious amount of money on books
Very much the nerdy mom friend/DD I love people who are kind (and who don’t mind binge-watching whole seasons of shows). I watch more movies than I should, listen to way too much classic rock, love a lot of theatre, & travel as often as I can ???????? My students think I’m a dork- they’re definitely right, but they don’t need to know that Moved from Kentucky to New York City for the next five years so that’s new
i’m 18 leo ♌️
I love to sing, read and watch horror movies. I’m looking for someone who’ll treat me right. Is that you? Swipe right and you’ll see. Snapchat: liveyourlife162 Instagram: Laugh_Your_Life_Out
ig: michelle.kv
umass track and field????
i like pineapple on pizza, don’t @ me!! fashion design major✂️
Lebanese ???????? Deep house, soccer, politics and a shot of tequila
???????? If you don’t smoke bud you a dub I’m Colombian n Russian aka a bad bitch????
Someone watch Harry Potter with me so I can stop watching it alone™ Or better yet, let’s go see some broadway shows! Also, please note that I am in fact a thicc bih and my hair is blue now!
not that fun to be honest they/ them not interested in fucking your ugly bf, sorry!
a haiku: i'm small and bitter like a human espresso gimme some sugar ♏ let's smoke
Yes I delete this a lot sry! Tryin to find someone to go to build a Bear with me???? I’m chubby n wear a lot of makeup !
I’m Caribbean so I was born in the islands ???? I’m a Sagittarius ♐️ But I’m not really the adventurous type ???? I’m very shy in person ????????‍♀️I like being lonely at times And to my self when I have problems???? If I could be an animal,I would mostly be a cat???? Also be patient with me if ion responded fast,I’m barely on here and school is stressful(highschooler )???? Update : I need someone’s who’s stable cuz I’v been depressed lately ???????? Need someone to cry to ???????? Ps i don’t drink or smoke
Brooklyn, NY *unimpressed*
Would leave you for Oscar Isaac.
looking to steal someone’s bike I make really dumb paintings and like to read a lot. ☆ must love rats ☆
Well, i’m a bit obsessive (i guess??) about movies and music. I occasionally watch a James Bond, Star Wars (before it got all disney’ed up) or LOTR to wind down a long day (and no, i dont get tired of watching the same movie over and over again???????). I love Classic Rock, cant keep up with new music (yeah i guess thats what all the aging generations say??). I love to travel and make sarcastic comments every chance i get...i guess this sums it up
Describe yourself in one sentence: “A glass of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day” Instagram: itslyiababy????
Chill af. IG: kxjasmineali
????????????????‍♀️???????????????????????? schreibt mich gerne an :) ich lerne immer gerne neue Leute kennen :) keine ons ! Instagram : girlj1991
TMFA-to-be | Gamerin (PS4) | Marvel-Nerd (RIP Stan) | Animes/Mangas | Disney • keine ONS
Kein Sex vor der Ehe!! ???? Ich hasse diese Generation und dieses Schnelllebige ????
???????? ????NRW ????????‍♀️, ✈️, ????,????, ????????, ????????‍♀️ Äußerlich ???????? aber urteilt nicht zu schnell ☝????. In erster Linie auf der Suche nach guten Gesprächen. Ach ja, der Mann macht den ersten Schritt ???? Bitte swipe nach links wenn du: ❌ ein Tierhasser bist ❌ dich nicht vernünftig artikulieren kannst ❌ ein Poser bist ❌ du nur auf der Suche nach dem Einen bist ❌ du meinst, du könntest mit Geld alles kaufen ❌ Frauen unterschätzt Danke Ach ja, weil es hier wohl wichtig ist: Instagram: anna_kathrin_2311
Was möchtet ihr hören... Ich bin humorvoll, sympathisch, intelligent, sportlich, kreativ, spontan, ehrlich und blablabla????...Fangen wir doch mal anders an: - kochen, kann ich leider nicht ????????‍♀ - Katzen ➡️ sorry, du bist raus ???? - kritikfähig? eher weniger???? - ❌ Facebook/Insta - ich und zicken...niemals???????? - sportlich???????? kann ich, wenn ich will, die Couch ist aber auch bequem - shoppen ????geht immer - ???????????? immer im Modus Mr. Perfect war gestern, schön wäre ein echter Kerl mit Persönlichkeit!
„Große Klappe - viel dahinter!“ die Kids auf meiner Arbeit „Ist immer für einen da, man hört wenn sie in den Raum kommt und sieht es spätestens bei ihrem großen Lächeln.“ Freunde „Die Frau weiß, was sie will.“ bester Freund P.S. Was ist deine absolute Schwäche? ⚽️ in love with soccer ???? obsession für Brokkoli Ich lache viel und gerne, wenn du das nicht tust, hast du in meinem Leben nicht allzu viel verloren. ????????‍♀️ Queen of sarcasm
Ist hier schon wieder der Lauchmelder angegangen?
Bitte nur ernsthafte Anfragen:) Kein insta, kein snap, kein fb
Duales Studium 1,70m Ruhrgebiet Für einen guten Kaffee und Wein zu haben
I’m totally into all kind of music stuff, coffee, beer, inked skin and people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Not looking for guys who take pictures in the gym changing rooms or use snapchat filters. We also can’t get along if you pour milk before cereal. Sorry for that. ???? kim_laurien
????????‍♀️????. Dunkelgrün. Podcastliebhaberin. Hobbyköchin. Mangos. Franzbrötchen. Pinienwälder. Choose kind. Gewitter.
- 1,77 m - ????????/????????
Harry Potter Game of Thrones Art Photography Yoga Music ♥️
????MS Größe: 1,83 m
Ärztin Pfefferminztee Sportsfreundin Münster ~1.81 m
I’d ike to meet nice people all over the???? Using the positive energy of the universe! SMALL(1,54), wild, cuddlecat with a BIG charakter,in love with my passion: ❣️????????????❣️ >>>>HobbyMusician,-Model,-Dancer<<<< >>>emotional<<<<<<>>>>>empathetic<<< >>>sensual<<<>>>spiritual<<< >>>humorous<<<<<<>>>>openminded<<< (Ironic & Sarcastic) >>>spontaneous ***IT‘S ME WITHOUT PERFECTION, BUT WITH A LOT OF LOVE & PASSION*** *speaking ???????? or ????????
Illoyale #deutschekartoffel #linksgrünversifft und #weird #eigenwerbungkannich
21 | ???? | ✈ | ???????? | ???? | ???????? | ???????????????????????? Insta: Laraa_bl
????☀️✈️ / ⚽️???????? / ????????‍♀️ / ???????? / ????????‍????
I had the lowest of expectations and I’m still disappointed???? Send me a ???? ???? sab_bel3
Ich bringe Chaos und Kekse. ????
Good questions and bad jokes only. Master of tapas and baked goods. Often in planes, trains, on ships, brooms and flying carpets. I don't run, but I can watch you if you ask nicely. ????
1,80 ❄️
film major and musician who wants to dip from this motherfucking cold ????NYC ????????
Just here to disappoint my parents ig: sarah.soliman01
I enjoy long walks to the couch and binge watching Disney movies and Netflix originals to cure my depression. Also trying to be fit at the gym but enjoy ice cream and chips too much - Jokes and corny pickup lines are appreciated
???????????????? Biochemistry sbu 21 Pisces ♓️ 5’10’’ sooooo you gotta be tall
philly || upenn ‘22
monsters university ‘23
I think pineapples belong on pizza... prove me wrong???? Just looking for someone who can make me laugh
Art and history student✨Tell me something witty
lmao yes ik, i cut my hair bc i had to. ???? talk to me nice tho.
my hobbies include watching bad horror movies, writing cliff hangers, and CT / NY
All around good girl, I’ll shout watching hockey games with you, & fuck pumpkin spice trying to be spicy with someone ???? Cabrini University
SH NY CA LDN 5’7. Ig:christine.by.sang ????film+digital ????s Rice purity test score:93 :)
venmo: @AvaMorga donate to the cause ????
Just for Fun
Bing ‘21 ???????? Just looking for some friends and fun ???? Hair loc’d, please ask about it ???? Great listener so vent to me ???? *Stoner????
The first tinder match I ever had was with a dog so I keep high expectations ????
send dog pics
if you like water u already like 60% of me
ill make you playlists ????
20 ???????????????? Just here for fun????‍♀️
Perks of dating me: Family just got a puppy Free weed I have a cat I’ll convince you why the death penalty should be abolished
field hockey, lacrosse & rugby
I’m bored and i just want to see what the hype is about
LA :)
so uh hi, I’m tay & this is my tinder. 18. follow me on ig : @wheredafreakh0ez
Art education major. Not looking for hookups. More looking for friends and ppl to hang out with! I love music, anime, art, fashion, and video games (๑・̑◡・̑๑) msg me!! Also I’m real fuckin tall just warning (5”11) and very socially awkward, I’m terrible at initiating conversation
aquarius ☀️ gemini ???? tell me ur tattoo ideas Parks and Rec > The Office If you’re conservative don’t even bother
From Philadelphia Villanova University School of Business Triple Major ????
Coby wsoc’ 22 John Mulaney killed Princess Diana
Best described by John Mulaney “She’s a 5 foot Jewish bitch and she’s the best”
Pros: I’m an engineering major so I’ll help you with your calc homework ????
pick who’s cuter: me or my dog back in the dub till 1/12
let’s go get tattoos. can’t drive so pick me like a knight in shining armor. never been on a date. cancer sun - taurus moon - leo rising. infp.
All you need to lure me into your car is some wine and pizza/ verified crackhead
Usually smiling, always having fun ????
- auditioning for the role of "your girlfriend" - it was either this or the Bachelorette - lookin for someone to watch that 70s show with
Fuck it we ball In a relationship; looking for friends and drugs lmao
Die hard Eagles fan ???? Chill vibes only ???? hmu Sc: Othgirl23
•want something serious •snap-stargirl921 ^sorry I made it when i was 10 •hmu •might be ugly but I give you my whole heart ❣️ •once you get to know me I have really bad crackhead energy but that’s just my personality haha
ice cream enthusiast
penn 23 engineering work hard play hard ❄️⛸????
BU ‘22 What’s your height? Recently adopted a kitten Insta: _karalordan_
just looking for a man who loves me as much as I love camp
Dog enthusiast
Fuck bitches get kinzcash
i just wanna go on a date
Will stop mid-sentence if I see a dog or hear a song I like Bonus points if you can dance bachata
Sushi seller, fortune teller???? Future nurse Curly heads do it better ♐️✨⚽️????????
In a committed relationship with me, myself, and Mary Jane ???? Saxophonist/Vocalist My guinea pig needs a daddy, and so do I ????‍♀️ ♉️????????????????????????
I’m not fragile like a flower; I’m fragile like a bomb. ????
I’m just a girl from california trying to see what the East Coast offers me :) I hate coconut flakes ????
try to guess my event UD Track & Field
hmu with good music recs :)
Do u like alpacas?
I really like music and theatre. Also sweatshirts and Netflix.
I run on sarcasm, iced mochas and... optimism I spend most of my time diving Love my dog and have a sweet spot for cats Live for food, naps and Nutella Looking to talk and see where things go
Loves science and Mumford & Sons! Let's go see a Marvel movie!
springfield college honors program | springfield rugby ‘22 if you play: hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, or volleyball you’re prob getting the swipe right hmu for my snapchat
Nothing serious Smoke me up ???? I’m baby (refer to 4th pic) 5’5” Persian-American Tatted
super short, loves food, super sarcastic, plays division I basketball, from los angeles, now in new york, but never been to oovoo javer
sociology & econ major @ swarthmore pro: prob can out drink you con: definitely can’t out drink you, but i will try
frat and lactose intolerant but I'll still have ice cream with you ????
Hit me up if you need a steady state buddy???? Smith Crew ‘22
Got my hat on backwards and I’m ready to fuckin party
Country boys are where it’s at ????‍♀️ change my mind yes I do have “stay wild” tattooed on my ass...
I googled vampire pick up lines and couldn’t choose between “dude ur so hot, I’d take 1,000 bites just to get one kiss from you.” And “How about joining me for a bite?” Honorable mention: I can really suck the life outta you ;) (^^that wasn’t a sexual joke I’m just super boring haha..... unless...)
Hang on hold up ur definitely not young MA
i promise i have more personality than my tinder profile!!!!!! i’m a pisces so romance me pls
before you mistake my eth., here: ???????????????????????? hi let’s be friends or we could be something more :)) if we can’t send and laugh at memes together thennnn get tf out ???? I smoke weed too soooo :))) I’m also 5’1 so there’s is a 90% chance ima break my neck to look up at you