Tinder Auto Swipe & Location Changer: Find The Right Matches

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Our Tinder Auto Swiper give you 'Tinder Passport' as well as our "Auto Swiper" feature for 75% off of Tinders price. These features allow you to change your Tinder location to anywhere in the world, and automatically swipe matches in that location each day. To see your matches, simply use your tinder app like you normally do and watch as your matches appear from the location you chose!

Tinder Auto Swiper

Our Tinder Auto Swiper (also known as a tinder auto liker), gives you the ability to auto swipe right on everyone - its the best Tinder Plus alternative! We will automate your tinder swipes and attempt to swipe right on over 1000 profiles each day. It runs every two hours and will attempt to swipe up to 120 times, or until you reach your daily swipe limit. Its the quickest way to get lots of matches - hassel free!

Tinder Auto Swipe Features

The best feature of the Tinder Auto Swiper is our ability to slowly swipe and choose a percentage of people to swipe left on. This makes it look like you are not a bot, and that you are a person really considering the tinder profiles before swiping. This preserves your tinder elo score, and help you rank higher then other automated swiping services. More views equales more tinder matches, which means more tinder dates! Register To Get Started Register

Includes Tinder Passport

Our Tinder Auto Swiper give you Tinder Passport - normally only included with tinder gold or tinder plus! If your trying to mass swipe tinder - you can also change your location to anywhere in the world! You can get tinder dates for your vacation to London, New York or Paris before you even arrive. Or, do you spend time in multiple cities and want to be able to use tinder anywhere you want? Then our Tinder Passport option is for you - See the dashboard screenshot below where our users can change their location to anywhere!

Tinder Location Changer Features

The tinder passport is also called our "tinder location changer feature", since you can set your tinder location to any GPS location you want with google maps! Our our dashboard, you can simply click any place on google maps to add a marker to set your new tinder location. Click the "Change Location" button, and your all set! This is supposed to only be allowed once per day - but in our tests we have seen it is possible to change your tinder location multiple times per day. Check out the picture below as we change our tinder location to New York! passport_screenshot Register To Get Started Register

How Our Tinder Auto Swipe & Location Changer Works


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