Automatically Swipe Matches Anywhere In The World.

Tinder Auto Swiper

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Our Tinder Auto Swiper give you 'Tinder Passport' as well as our "Auto Swiper" feature for 75% off of Tinders price. These features allow you to change your Tinder location to anywhere in the world, and automatically swipe matches in that location each day. To see your matches, simply use your tinder app like you normally do and watch as your matches appear from the location you chose!

Right-Swipe Everyone On Tinder

Our Tinder Auto Swiper also give you the ability to "Autoswipe" on everyone. This means that you will automatically swipe right on over 100 profiles each day without having to remember to open your tinder app. However, you don't have to swipe right on everyone - you can choose which percentage of people you want to swipe right vs left on, so that it makes it look like you are really thinking while swiping. Combined with a random wait time of between 0.1 and 5 seconds per swipe, our app makes it look like a real person is swiping and its guaranteed to get you more matches! Register To Get Started Register

Includes Tinder Passport

Our Tinder Auto Swiper give you a 'Tinder Passport' with the ability to change your location to anywhere in the world! Do you have an upcoming trip to a new city and want to meet someone people before you go? Or, do you spend time in multiple cities and want to be able to use tinder anywhere you want? Then our Tinder Passport option is for you - See the dashboard screenshot below where our users can change their location to anywhere! passport_screenshot Register To Get Started Register

How Our Automatic Tinder Swiper Works


Register for a Tinder account by clicking here

Receive a SMS message and enter it here

Simply click "Enable Autoswiping" to start!
Our Autoswipe gives you both the Tinder Passport and Auto-Swiping features as listed above. Its easy to use and set up. Simply register, then verify your phone number associated with your tinder account, then begin swiping! (see the FAQ's if your Tinder account doesn't have a phone number linked).

Make sure the "Autoswipe Enabled" button is active on the autoswipe page and then choose your locaction on the map by clicking anywhere in the world. To actually set your location, click the "change location" button to start the change. Tinder only allows one location change per day, so use it wisely! Once you have a location chose, and the auto-swiping enabled, just sit back and relax while we do all the swiping for you!

We also show you statistics so you can be sure that the application is working for you. We show you how many swipes we have performed for you each day, week and month! See below screenshot as an example.


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