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the unbearable lightness of being on tinder
If you can't handle some sarcasm and can't take a freaking joke, don't even bother ???????????? If you enjoy crappy food ????????????, a good movie ????️???????? concert ????‍???????? or Netflix tv show ???? and are always open to a good "laugh out loud" moment ???? you're my person. I love to travel and explore new places. Photography, music and roller coasters. If you own a pet, extra points for you ????????????
Valkyrie_ghost Aubrey plaza + Billie eilish, except with gains
I’m getting older, come on Prince Charming where are you? I’m down to earth, super close to my cousins and siblings, and rather stay home on a Friday night than go out on a daily basis (not against going out once in a while) I’m looking for a serious relationship, someone mature, friendly, normal lol and someone that has good communication skills. I know it takes time to get to know people. I guess I gotta start somewhere, so why not tinder :)
One of my many talents is I can make a great spicy margarita ????????
I care about how the Yankees played that day and I’m unfortunately a Bengals fan. Just trying to survive until baseball season is back
Im just a modest girl. I'm a world traveler! I’m a fun, adventurous person! I love to be active and go to the gym quite often would like to find someone who is the same Let’s go for a moonlight drive ???? ???? **no hookups** or **weird stuff** Catholic [Proverbs 31:25] Mets, Rangers, Colts, Notre Dame ΚΒΓ The heart is a lonely hunter. ????????
Aspiring dog mom ????
Long Island south shore girl, born and raised. I just moved to Long Beach. NY licensed esthetician Bachelors degree in psychology I live to make solid connections and helping others. All about the fitness, the beach, hiking mountain peaks, drinking wine, and the daily grind.. Now looking for a partner in life!
Can someone just be normal? Let’s grab a beer and hang, is that too much to ask?
The mountains said I would find you here any woke weirdos who can tolerate it when I defend my love for kanye every day hmu
♈️ ????????
Lets go hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, bowling, traveling, food shopping, antiquing, drinking, eating, sky diving, storm chasing, to the beach, to the movies, to Ireland, to the couch, to the chinese buffet, on a cruise Lets cook, watch my 600lb life, eat chinese food in bed, see the northern lights, own some pugs, watch horror movies, move to colorado, own a farm, eat buffalo chicken pizza, play darts, drink corona, watch impractical jokers, live happily ????420 IG: NIKOLLAR
Honestly just here for ???????? send help lol
future nurse with a love for fashion and my cat. I like to sing, paint, read, and make to do lists. Lover of life
こんにちは。はじめまして。 素敵な出会いを大切にしたいです。 空の上で仕事をしています。 趣味は写真を撮ることです。 お酒は飲めません。 Hiya. I’m a cabin crew and especially I love to visit UK. I’ve liked to watch University Challenge when I was a student. I visited Cambridge last year, that was nice. I hope to flight UK soon♡
Sarcasm at its finest. Will die for animals. Pro: willing to converse about the office for as long as physically possible. Con: once started, can’t shut the hell up. “I am dead inside” -Michael Scott Insta: mitchie.66
I don't speak English ???? Ecuadorian ???????? I speak Spanish ???? I live in New York ????❤️ INSTAGRAM :delisse_dome24 ???? We live, we laugh, we enjoy ... we stop the world and the world stops just for us❤ ???????????????? ????
Hi! Born and raised in NY, I’m pretty mellow and go with the flow. Im not a super active gym member but I do yoga. I’m not into sports (except the occasional hockey game, LGR!), I like to play video games, board games, some mild nature/outdoors, ????, and hanging with a few close friends. I like all kinds of food, but I’m gluten free! & Yes, I do wanna know your astrology sign ???? ♉️♓️♑️
Love: Sushi. My beta fish. Chicago Bears. Twizzlers. Wearing fur coats. Dirty martinis. Fire pits. Steak medium rare. Am work outs. Snow days.
I love music. I suck at bios.
I'm Anna, 26, I'm from Brazil and I graduated in Gastronomy. I like a good wine, drinks and coffee. I love to cook, read, write, listen to music and meeting new people and places; also arts, museums, animals, good humor and sarcasm.
My other tinder profile was banned for some reason soooo ????????????‍♀️ let me know straight up what it is you’re looking for! I’m a tattoo obsessed, beer loving, beyond sarcastic, jeep driving girlie girl ???? instagram: amyychristell (if we match, send picture) Snapchat: amymcd13 i’m better at responding on either of those ????
Dwight looking for his Michael Scott ????????‍♀️
Into fitness, but also into ice cream and donuts. Catch me on top of a mountain or in a bookstore. Or downing a whole bottle of wine on my own.
????5’9 ????Not looking for a hookup (and I actually mean it lol) ????If you don't like dogs this will never work ????Where are all the really tall guys at????? ????Shouldn’t have to say this but know how to hold a convo ????Lover of music, animals, boating, archery (just target shooting), laugher, and pizza ????Please live in NJ ????Kindness & Respect are cool I’ll probs ask for your insta because there’s too many bots. If you don’t want to (can’t) prove you’re real that’s cool. But don’t message me megan_saltz
Mom to 1. I like to go to comic con. I work a lot. And keep saying I am going to go to the gym and use that gym membership I pay for but never quite find myself there. And before you ask I have 10 tattoos with more coming. I like sports and i love to read
Let’s try this again
I love this city because I’m a typical New Yorker. Urban farmer, educator, lover of live music. Physically incapable of posing fashionably.
ATX>>NJ I am down to earth, super funny, a hard worker, and fun to be around. I’m also super weird, in the best way possible. I'm in nursing school and have no life. Looking for someone to go dancing with. ????????
big spoon little spoon switch
Midwest transplant living in the city! I love traveling, wine, live music, hockey, cycling, and a great sense of humor!
27.Mommy to Emma Rose, Ethan Cole. Cuban &_Italian. EMT. Single :D be yourself ♡★ -after all, it's the only original thing out there.. *if you are scared to date a mom click that ❌.
Drive and eat too fast (but on the healthy side), nihilist memes, dogs>>>humans, extreme couponing, You better have a passport and good credit because I’ll ruin our lives with free trips.
Master’s degree in biomedical engineering. I ultimately see myself working as a clinician and currently am looking to enlist into the Airforce. I get bored easily have a great respect for fun & spontaneity. I have an easy time connecting with people, although I have been to that I have a tendency to settle..(TMI??) For fun I love to cook, do yoga, kickboxing, shop, drink & dance, & lots more! Looking for some cool people to get to know & just see where it goes!???? 5’3 Belizean & Jewish I ❤️ NY
Elementary special education teacher Love to travel, try new food, drink wine, hike, and work out
Grad student by day, grad student by night. Also doing the whole post-collegiate running thing ????‍♀️! Last pic is 1 of 2 of my adorable rodent sons ????❤️
Just moved to HB from Connecticut, so I don’t know too many people in the area yet. I’m looking to meet friends, and am always open to something more serious depending on the person. I am not, not, not, definitely NOT, looking for random hookups or “friends with benefits”. I’m 5’3”, 106 lbs. I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter who is my world. I love snowboarding, traveling, photography, music, hockey, and genuine, kind people. Sooooo don’t be a dick ????????
Recently moved from LA back to NJ I enjoy long walks down every aisle of Trader Joe’s I get paid to play with food????
ATL > Brooklyn Live music, travel, sloths, dive bars + beer. Preferably you geek out over Vulfpeck too.
Things that make me happy - dogs, the beach and beer
Let me sleep in your stupid tee shirts and hold your dumb hand, you piece of shit. Math grad, data scientist, cat lady, feminist, hockey fan, podcast addict, shower singer, bagel connoisseur. I'm a chubby nerd who bakes excessively, goes to punk concerts with her dad, & plays a proud tiefling sorcerer in DnD. so if you're looking for hip cool Instagram model, I'm probably not your gal.
5’8” since that’s important. What do you want to know about me? Ask away!
Liking brunch is not a personality trait.
IG: _reinax0
From Colombia ???????? Just wanna meet people that vibe with me, smoke some weed, watch Star Wars and LOTR. Ig: @paupachecoy
Sri Lanka ✈️ Texas ✈️ New York Always up for an adventure!
I’m funny and enjoy life and I really don’t know what more you could ask for.
I’ll know I’ve made it when I am tragically murdered and there is a Netflix series romanticizing and scandalizing my life story. I have no hobbies. I once created fake negative yelp reviews for a guy’s company who ghosted me so don’t fuck with me.
Partially Domesticated. Flight Attendant.
Mom of 3. Message me to get to know more. Don’t have time for bullshit. Don’t waste my time, and I won’t waste yours.
Casually looking for something serious Just here to window shop
i’m a bottom ????
NYC/TPE People who know me would say I’m easygoing, kind, curious, and adventurous. Cats over dogs. I also enjoy the sun and the sand. ???? INFP. IG- alizcheriexx Let’s see if we have chemistry. ⚗️✨
???????????????? ER technician. Nursing student. Sports enthusiast. World traveler. Jeep girl with tattoos. Yoga pants wearing, wine loving, brunch eating, basic white girl. Trying to find someone who isn’t going to waste my time ????
if you’re not gonna message me than what’s the point ????????‍♀️ 5’9. I’m not on here too much so DM me on IG: _ariiibella ????
????????????????✈️???????????????????? Travel, movies, looking for a dance partner and then go for dinner. Looking for something real.
Fitness, health, fashion, passion.. living my best life. ✨
Love finding obscure ethnic restaurants, exploring different neighborhoods and going to comedy clubs. Always down for new experiences— the weirder, the better!
PSA: please don’t ask me for snap because i do not have it :) thanks! Instagram: tmaritz5
Looking to meet new people and see what happens. Rock concert goer who likes action and horror movies. Player of rugby, soccer and volleyball. Enjoys long hikes up mountains and drinking whiskey or beer. Always up for a night out with friends but just as likely to be in bed with a book or Netflix.
Lookin for a cutie or a serial killer to take me out, idk
i like cats & memes
???? Fairfield CT ✈️ frequently on the go... coming to a habitat near you. Non-sugar coated optimist. Hug trees???? Save the bees ???? Clean our seas ???? Sapere aude Not here for a pen pal. Talk, Meet & greet ✅
I’m 5 feet, yup that’s it! Not looking for anything serious. I smoke, if you down for that, or dinner n drinks.. swipe right. I haven’t been out in ages. Turning 30 and feeling old.
28 Graphic Design Professor NJD Jeeps ????????‍♀️
here to judge everyone’s musical preferences
5’0. Leo. Moved to NYC from the Bay Area. Always traveling so catch me if you can. Anything else you’re curious about, just ask ????‍♀️. IG - @thekarenalonzo
Not sure about meeting someone on an app, but I'll give it a try. Hopeless romantic Ice cream is my weakness Singing in my car is my favorite hobby Friends is my go-to Netflix show I love corny jokes Anything else, just ask..
I love spongebob. If anyone wants to help me with payment for removing a controversial tattoo on my body, lmk.
???? ???? ???????? 26. ♍️ LI. IG: choleworldx
What’s the point, you won’t read this any ways. I’m loud and (I think) I’m funny. I like true crime, animals and Mario Kart. I’m not just sleeping around so keep your fuck boy shit out my DM’s ????????‍♀️ I’m also not a ghost hunter, so if you go ghost, I’m not seeking your ass out ???????? My hair is now red, not black
Back at it ????????‍♀️ I legit be bored
???? : ShayyBnkss 5’2 && Thick ‘ Single Down to date and have fun , but prefer if it leads to something good and lasting. Not tryna waste time and play games getting too old for that. Looking for my King ???? Our relationship should be like Nintendo 64 classic , fun to spend hours with and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it and shoving it back in. Looking for real and Long term if you not plsz Swipe LEFT !! Friends are welcomed plsz no DRY conversations !!
Hate small talk!
No free massage. Thank you. 5' 7
My heart is open for the true love. I am a humble person. I like to get to know something new. I like to spend a lot of time with interesting people. I try to live my life fully. I am here to find the love of my life. I am full of energy, love and life. My new Snap: sexydhanie23 hmu if u interested
first thing of first im here coz im looking for a partner doing films with me and not here to sell or to promote anything if you're down DM me on instagram @alisonparker112, if not, feel free to swipe.
Oregon➡️San Diego! Adventurous, fun loving, caring, outgoing, free spirited, and motivated to pursue my dreams! I love to be outdoors and enjoy playing tennis, wake-boarding, hiking, camping (not to be mistaken for glamping), horseback riding, going to the beach, happy hour, craft beers, snowboarding, and hanging out with family and friends! Please have a sense of humor and if you have a dog...brownie points for you!
Let's jam????, bachatear, and surf ???? Looking for band mates like some odd future ????????‍♀️
It's Tinder so let's be real I'm single, and you know what happens when your single right.. ???? Msg me on instragram: @curtlove24
Just moved back home from being out of state a couple years. Rediscovering San Diego and myself along the way.
Music. Travel. Food. Photography Notorious for getting lost Definitely shorter than you Mom????‍????& ???? ???? I have meat, not skinny so don't expect. I'm a work in progress ig: mieltej22
hi, just bored & need new friends sagittarius. ISTP. if you know me irl pls say hi lmao. ????mudfl0wer
♉️ | Tj????| ????
I thought I had something real but jokes on me and I’m back lol Rave bae????? Add me on snap: xoxo_lexi18
Just add me, idc anymore. I already know you’re gonna ask so might as well ????????‍♀️ IG: Nativemel_ Snap: Melody43210
Just ask ????
Interested in a good friendship!
The goth gf of your dreams. I think that liking metal and beer is a personality trait.
Bios are boring. I enjoy the small things in life. I'm kind of chunky. Immuno compromised. Please don't share germs with me!???? 1 tattoo, 6 piercings, and counting! Snap: Sydneyfielden1
Lookin for a goofy goober ????????
Looking to meet new people. Love tattoos, music, and reading. Let’s check out a tap room, play some mini golf, or maybe some bowling?
... Professional Tourist Amateur adventurer ... Let's go for a drink Or a game of pool ... Passionate about spoken word and trying to be a functional adult
Must love dogs
Natural redhead ❤️ I like adventuring outside and engaging in felonious activities ????‍♀️ ???? (mostly kidding) I’m not lookin for anythin serious ????‍♀️ unless Issa best friend ????????
i sing and play guitar for my rock band Chinatown Snakes :') hmu tell me i give off sid vicious vibes IG: @chinatowncaiyi also need a band lmao guitarists and drummers hit my ig dms
Creole and black beauty
I work way too much and do not enjoy carousing around around bars, Home Depot, Lowe's, Fleet Farm, Menards, Northern Tool or any other male orientated facility or store, hoping to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. When I'm headed to those places it's definitely to search for a tool or item for my current Pinterest fail or my yard. Not to mention I'm too lazy to peruse the building's layouts looking for wedding bands or girlfriends. I love the outdoors, only when it's above 45 degrees.
That's me with the bear..no kids. History lover. Funny. Independent. Make me laugh and I will like you..beat me in cribbage and I will like you even more.
I’m cool promise, let’s partay for nye
Switchblade babe; Swedish Barbie look alike, with a dark side. Puck bunny type. Tatted Aries. Viking history enthusiast. Mamma to a white husky. I drive a Jeep Wrangler. I like switchblades & lipgloss. I’ll ruin your life. Instagram - shaebens
Art major that loves to create just about anything. I would rather make it then buy it. Looking for someone that is a spontaneous, but also okay with a staycation. Lover of the outdoors, cabins, breweries, board games, live music, red wine, and watching hockey.
I don't want a partner in crime, I commit all crimes on my own.
Looking to hang out and see where things go. A little about me: Progressive Passionate about social justice Curvy /BBW Crafty Love cooking Night person forced to be a morning person Stable Non-drinker No casual hookups
Sapiosexual x cat lover x Fueled by coffee This app's beed buggy lately on my phone DM me IG@ georginabrown015 Make American Flirt Intence AGain
I want someone to listen to Frank Ocean with ????
Oh hi there you are ????
????????????????????????????????????⛾????????⛺????????⚧ Oh my god I'm 5"3!!!! Since its so important (Just joshing nobody has ever asked me that. It was either height or "here for a fun time not a long time" and I've been on this bitch since it launched) Now you're googling when Tinder launched
sk8 fast e@t a$$ more of a "plan a week ahead, cancel the night of" kind of gal ur emotionally unavailable ? perfect 4 me !!
Crazy cat lady
Mom of two just trying to survive the toddler stage ???? #sendhelp Looking for a hook up welp I’m not the girl for you ????????‍♀️
Bad witch Virgo bbgirl Let’s see where this goes
Just want someone who will share my love for beer with me???? Sc: makaela.ouimet
Trying to meet a happy camper
Insta: sophieeemarion
About me: loves random dog pics, appreciates sarcasm, isn’t afraid of an Office marathon. About you: sends random dog pics, is sarcastic, also isn’t afraid of an Office marathon.
You. Me. An art museum. A fact finding mission for the best make out spots. 420 friendly ???? and really looking for a plug near me so hmu broke into my hometown water park once and had to hide in bushes from cops (: loud feminist cat lover with a passion for teaching, good food, and all things mental health ???? swipe left if you support tr*mp
I ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as I made this account.
Dog Momma to Mason. Outdoor Enthusiast. Travel Addict. Shoe Obsessor. Fun Haver. Sport Lover.
Hablo español ???? Lived in 4 countries ???? traveled more Intersectional Feminist ????????‍♀️ ????♐️????♊️⬆️♎️ Lover of good vibes, bad jokes, well-told stories, indoor plants, flammable flowers, spirited debates, live music, new food, nights on the couch y más. Never married, no kids, I buy my own shit, and I’d rather die alone and be eaten by a pride of house cats than try to carry another dry conversation with a guy who can’t formulate a question beyond “how r u” Jk I don’t even have cats.
Not here to play games, if you want to play games I’ll buy you a game of monopoly. Always making jokes no matter the situation
Taking step daddy applications... Serious inquiries only ???? I have the cutest son ???????? ???? mkuuykendall
uminnesota dive 18 NOT 21
Looking for a cowboy to kiss ???????????? If you’ve got a beard.... you’ve got a better chance than the rest???????????? sick of wasting my time ???? so if that’s your plan, swipe left ✌????
“Minnesota nice” (With a little corporate badass on the side) First round’s on me if you can guess the motorcycle I ride ????
Traveling around Europe! Looking for cool people to explore the city with, only here for the next few days, let’s grab a drink :)
Not looking for hook ups! I want something real. Not here to waste time or play games; My goal is to delete this app. Animal lover/whisperer Kinda witchy, kinda punk, kinda goth? I work full time at a sex shop; Don't ask me weird shit! ???? Originally from Albuquerque, NM 5⃣0⃣5⃣ Tattoos and piercings 5'1" (you'll feel tall!) Curvy/definitely enjoys food (vegetarian, if you care) 420 friendly Pisces Monogamous (That's Caitlin Doughty ????) Fuck Trump ????s goth/emo/punk/alt type folk I know too much
Chemistry Masters
I’m just tryna vibe with someone ???????? show me what my ex couldn’t ???? bi????
kindergarten teacher The first picture is me being the strongest wheel (aka the third, but best, wheel) Just looking for someone with a gator and to go halfsies on a lab puppy
Timing is everything: whether it's love, sex or avocados. CALL HER DADDY
Just moved me back from Cali, hit me up if you wanna do something :)
I don’t think people actually read the bios but here goes nothing. Im Jess and if you love bonfires, horror movies, rock music, pizza, and beer than I’m the gal for you. Here in hopes to find a relationship.
5’3 *no not looking for a threesome just radical honesty* - in an open relationship // friends , fwb , lovers? (Love errand dates) تتكلم عربي معني
Interested in fun new people and experiences , but down for something serious, too :) looking for some adventures Studied biology, but working in IT. Too many interests to write them all here, but I can be a pretty surprising person Open minded and a great listener
I’m young and driven. I have my life together but looking for someone to join. Can you keep up?
Old soul/ romantic, so get to know me the old school way - talking! Need to get into a good gym routine so a buddy may be nice;) Enjoy going out and doing thing, but not a big night owl. Enjoy downtime binge watching shows or cuddled in for a nice evening. Enjoy a fun low key day close to home, but getting out of my comfort zone to do something fun on occasion. Love Dogs and Cats or any furry creature. Don’t really like the bar life. I would rather stay home with a movie and a comfy blanket
Introverted extrovert. Love to laugh and have fun and also love to watch murder documentaries a weekend at a time. SKOL!!
Virgo ♍️ I hate corny shit Raves! Take me on a cute date pls ???? ig: jackfruit.bbq
I can learn a lot from you, gotta come teach me
Take me to chipotle
Message me and find out ????????
My life is just a series of awkward and humiliating moments separated by snacks. Weird is a staple of my personality 5' 10" and uncoordinated.
My hobbies include: Staying up late Getting up early Making bad life choices Pretending that I know what I’m doing Crying myself to sleep but only like, once every month Drinking coffee as a meal Horrible singalongs in the car FEET Enjoying quality time by myself Being tired all the time No seriously I’m so tired Like I should be asleep right now Like My bed is my best friend :,(
Long term relationship oriented but down for whatever comes my way! Extroverted introvert ????????‍♀️ #DaddyGang
Energy is everything. Looking for friends with Awareness and plant based life, health and open mind.
Looking for my future ex husband????preferably a big ole lumberjack???????? 5'9" & thiiick ???? ????
My dog is more cute than 95% of the people I have met.
Love drawing and painting, going on adventures, camping, hiking, and just wacthing movies :). I love talking about real life, deep topics like why we exsist. Also I'm 4' 11".. adorably short Gemini (not a crazy talking kind tho.. only when I'm passionate about something) ????
I’m a pretty nice lady, looking for someone to binge watch Letterkenny with Message me☺️
Trump supporters gtfo I like about 3% of the people on here
be my bff. literally, I need guy friends @amberliza (if I don’t reply it’s cuz this app is shit and never loads messages)
Hey! I am a down to earth girl with a great sense of humor! I like to have fun and I have a big heart! Family is super important to me and so are my friends! Want to know more just ask!
420 princess Veggie head Most likely kinkier than you
I like ice cream, books, and sunshine. I speak fluent Texan.
Blessed, Pretty & out of the mix Princessss T????♈️
Single mom, don't waste my time.
Sarcastic, competitive, low maintenance introvert. I like being active, playing sports, working out, hanging with my family and friends. I have a passion for sports, history, great conversations, and laughing. Corny jokes, sarcasm, and deep conversations are the perfect combination. INTJ female = apparently a ???? I want to be adventurous and not let this life pass us by! Let's go! No hook ups No smoking No kids (you or me)
I'm terrible at writing bio's, sorry folks. I know that's what you really wanted to look at here. I'm the most extroverted introvert you'll ever meet (or maybe it's the other way around... I never know for sure). What I lack in sports knowledge I make up for with an abundance of sarcasm. So if you hate laughing and having a good time...I apologize in advance for who ever hurt you. We can talk about it if you want. Super non-invasive ice breaker...for me at least.
Just a gal looking for someone who will let me walk their dog
Not into drama, if you like that then im not the one for you. My horse is my everything...❤ I enioy going for a drives, enjoying a cold one by a campfire, trail riding, taking my dog on hikes and funny animal videos???? Looking for people that want to hit the trails????????. Not looking for anything serious, but if it happens it happens???? Super uncomplicated chick????
Cardiology Nurse ???? Cute enough to stop your heart, skilled enough to restart it. You cannot choose your father but you can choose your daddy -Aristotle
just looking for someone to buy me a puppy snap: amanda_kalee
????insta: msjessalyn I love fast cars, slow kisses, John Wayne movies, and I don't line dance. I wanna fall in love, wanna waltz across Texas, looking for a good old fashion romance. By day I'm a business professional. By night I own my own business. On the weekends I'm a modern day gypsy, addicted to chasin those white lines. Disclaimer: I'm probably not going to message you first. Not interested in hookups, casual doesn't do it for me. Looking for another goal chaser with substance.
Keep it weird and I'll like you. IL>TN>NV>MN ????@Sami.dean.mavs
????Minneapolis (Whittier neighborhood) Career driven, health conscious, minimalist, ambivert, loft owner. Into deep conversations with plenty of inappropriate humor. Equal parts affectionate, inquisitive, and direct. 5’7” Conversations in person > endless messaging
Looking for someone I don’t hate.
No, I don't have a great reason as to why I'm on this thing. I am not looking for the whole one night hook up thing....so don't swipe right if you're a fuckboy haha. However, I am into having a great time. ☺???? Humor and being genuine go a long way with me. Karaoke, sports games, comedy shows, music, camping, fishing.. Always late for everything and I probably swear too much. Looking for the reason to delete this app because it's basically garbage. ????❤????
Low rent, high maintenance. If u claim Ivy League college, you are too pretentious for me. Go find your people. It's not me. I don't message first. Pro: ???? ????????????????❤???????? Con: Trump
From BKK, Thailand ???????? > Changshu, China ???????? > Minnesota, USA ???????? Just want to find someone to share my journey with???? Instagram: nathidajelly
❤️: Electronic music, film, dark humor, adventure, intellectual curiosity, independent thought, psychology, gym, travel, animals, family, cooking, business, growth, salsa/bachata/kizomba, creativity, sensuality, partnership, goals, collaboration, joie de vivre. ????⚡️????????????????♑️???????????????????????? 1.67 ????????
I’m a social butterfly that enjoys the simple things in life. I don’t have kids but takes care of her friends when needed. I like to go out and have fun but also a homebody. I enjoy the outdoors when it’s beautiful out. Camping, boats, beaches. Music festivals of all, campfires sunsets. No drama.
Snapchat: Tracy5197 I add everyone back(: Bonus points if you message me first(: Heavy metal/rock music is my life???????????? I currently work full time at a millwork shop and part time teaching dance at night(: 8 piercings 1 tattoo and counting (: ???????????????????????????? Feel free to message me, I promise I’m the chillest person you’ll ever meet (: all I ask is that you respect me lol(:
Latinas are not a fetish. ⚠️ Women's rugby (#9)????
Tryna be somebodys goth gf Still quoting vines that are dead ???? Libra so you have to pick the place
I don’t need you to fix me. We are adults and I pretty much want to make sure that you’re intelligent enough to get me off properly! ????????‍♀️ Tequila lover... Zero filter, I have zero expectations of humans. Most of them suck.???????? If you’re going to hit me up on Snapchat .. send a pic... bitches are vain... and IM BITCHES ????????‍♀️ Sc: cinboo89 IG: shotofcin
5’9’’ When I'm not busy trying to make fat stacks I'm out here reading, hammocking, or cracking open a cold one with the boys. #LITerature #brewsandbois
Last 2 photos contain the true loves of my life. ig big_lil_19
Eric Forman where ya at???
Totally down to share more pictures if we get along. ???? I like fun conversations and hanging out.
Hey I’m Victoria. I’m currently in school yet again for a dental assistant certificate. My interests include yoga, horror movies, and Pokémon Go. ISFP. Love a good cup of coffee. Looking for something serious but open to friends too. Also not the best at writing these, so feel free to chat me up. I’m an open book
Fatter irl femme who's a fan of the outdoors, beer, and nerd culture looking for friends who are fans of the same. I make myself laugh all the time so let me try you.
5"6 ♌️ CLEOPATRA was a LEO ???????????? Im born in ACAPULCO, live in Mexico City Would be great to meet a good hearted ???????????? I love old music al green,issac Hayes,but I listen to almost everything rap— opera,and down to some live jazz Mexicana ???????? \ dominicana ???????? Español-English Ig: Foreign_annii
Currently working in Real Estate / Living part-time in Seattle / Too nice for my own good / island girl ???????????????? / All things basketball ???? / Ex - Hooper / 5’9”
add me on sc: @brit7772 ???? Looking for willing participants and a good time ????
dating me is like dating a border collie. godspeed dj’ing mountaineering club sunday (2/2). 6-10p. new wave/post punk/indie. fuck your superbowl party, come hang ig: @thylacine.queen
Does anyone actually talk to each other on tinder? Looking for something that can turn into something more. Likes: Dogs Horror movies The water Camping Hiking Shooting Football Learning Playful banter Kindness Dislikes: Cigarettes Insecure people
Shift manager at Starbucks I can watch friends on repeat and Harry Potter is a lifestyle not a choice. Only thing I can cook is spaghetti so I need someone to teach me their ways!! ???? Love reading, drawing and binging good shows
Most girls play hard to get...I play hard to want IG: a.m.wittmer