Not getting any matches on Tinder - especially not with attractive women? Then the problem is most likely your Tinder algorithm. But don't worry, we'll help you fix your Tinder algorithm - we promise!

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the Tinder algorithm. If you don't understand how the Tinder algorithm operates, it will work against you all the time. Think of it as riding a bike against the wind all the time. Here you will learn how to use the Tinder algorithm to your advantage.

First of all, there's a little secret to tricking or "hacking" the Tinder algorithm. Because it does take care of which people you are shown to, but you can also just give all the people around you a Like so that they become aware of you.

For this we have developed a software that automatically assigns Likes and ensures that all people in the vicinity at least visit your Tinder profile. This logically increases the number of matches and messages. The software is called Tinder Auto Swiper and will increase your success on dating platforms like Tinder, Lovoo or even Bumble to a maximum!

What is the Tinder algorithm?


A Tinder algorithm can be thought of as a wingman at a party. It tries to pair two people with each other. This is exactly the task of the Tinder algorithm. It tries to match two people with each other.

Many users of dating apps think that the potential matches they see are randomly selected, but this is not true. Every little thing is analyzed and evaluated by the Tinder algorithm. Everything you see is defined in advance by the Tinder algorithm.

The system behind dating apps like Tinder, Lovoo or Bumble is called behavior-based matching. The Tinder algorithm is a software or artificial intelligence that evaluates all interactions, such as the Swipen or even the response to messages.

An algorithm is the most important part of all dating apps. No wonder it is constantly being revised. Year after year, all algorithms become smarter and smarter; in the past, Tinder relied exclusively on an Elo score. Today, far more factors play an important role.

How does the Tinder algorithm work?

Are you wondering how exactly the Tinder algorithm works? After all, you could use Tinder exactly the way the Tinder algorithm expects you to and benefit from some advantages.

Are you wondering how exactly the Tinder algorithm works? After all, you could use Tinder exactly the way the Tinder algorithm expects you to and benefit from some advantages.

Why actually? Quite simply, an algorithm is developed to give people a certain number of points or an attractiveness score. If you knew exactly how that worked, you could manipulate those numbers to your liking. If everyone did that, the Tinder algorithm would be obsolete.

However, there are ways to find out how the Tinder algorithm works. For you, this will be relatively uninteresting, because it really takes a lot of time. That's why there are people like us who try different things and document exactly that and make it available to you.

The whole thing is called "reverse engineering" and means something like, you give the Tinder algorithm certain data and check how it reacts. Then you reset the Tinder algorithm again and try it with different parameters. In the process, we noticed a few things you can do to improve your Tinder algorithm.

How to improve the Tinder algorithm?


There are two different approaches to improve the Tinder algorithm. Either you pay for it, i.e. you buy a Tinder Boost / Tinder Gold, or you stick to certain factors. For maximum success, you should consider both options.

Are you interested in the factors in detail? Then you should read our article on how you can Improve Tinder algorithm can. There, all of our known factors are listed and explained in detail. It will be worth it, after all you can by simple Tinder tips pull the Tinder algorithm to your side!

What influences the Tinder algorithm?

There are a few things that can improve or worsen the Tinder algorithm. Each factor has a different priority. The paid features leverage the algorithm. That is, if you have a boost active, you will be displayed anyway, regardless of whether you have a good or bad Tinder algorithm.

Here is a small list:

What is the Tinder Elo Score

Write to your matches


Tinder used to have a so-called Elo score. This is an internal ranking in the app that classifies users according to their popularity/attractiveness. Tinder users with a high Elo score were then displayed more often than users with a low Elo score.

The Elo system is nothing new and was first used in chess, then also for some video games like League of Legends. In this game the points are called League of Legends MMR. There are many different implementations and names for the Elo system, it is an old proven system.

At the end of March 2019, the company announced that the Tinder Elo system would no longer be used. For this purpose there was a official blogpost from Tinder. In which they admitted that the Elo score was actually part of the old Tinder algorithm, but will no longer be relied on in the future. Instead, they will now rely on something else, but they will not reveal any more information about it.

Elo is old hat on Tinder. It's an outdated measurement. Our state-of-the-art technology no longer relies on it. Although it's still important to consider both parties assigning Likes to form a match. Our current system adjusts potential matches each time a profile is liked or disliked. All changes are displayed within 24 hours.

Tinder Statement

Which system will be used instead will not be announced publicly. Because they will still keep the Tinder algorithm secret to protect themselves from manipulation.

The new Tinder algorithm

In the previously mentioned blog post from Tinder about the new algorithm, two factors were touched upon that seem to play a bigger role. However, these two points have always been important and are apparently becoming even more important

1. active use of the app

Active users of the Tinder app will be rewarded by the Tinder algorithm even more than before. This means that the more active you are, the more people you will be suggested to. Increased visibility leads to more Likes, matches and messages.

On the other hand, it also means that inactive Tinder profiles will be penalized even more. If you were not active for several days, you will simply no longer be displayed. If you are active again in the meantime, it will take a while until the Tinder algorithm has warmed up again. At this point, it is probably even smarter to create a new Tinder profile, so that the Tinder algorithm is reset again.

2. location during use

The location of the person has always been an important point for the recommendation of Tinder profiles. Apparently, this now plays an even greater role in the new Tinder algorithm. Also makes sense, no one likes to drive 100km for a date, rather first look whether what useful in the environment is found.

This means that on Swipen you will see profiles that are in your immediate vicinity. With the same priority you will be shown to other users in your area.

Why does Tinder need an algorithm?

You ask yourself why there is such a Tinder algorithm at all, when it often only causes problems and is simply annoying anyway? You are certainly not alone. After all, you have to know how it works and how to improve it, which you could actually save yourself.

But there is actually a reason why Tinder has to use a ranking system. Imagine how many people sign up on Tinder every day. How many of those people do you think stay active for a long period of time?

What would happen if every profile in the environment was displayed without a ranking system? Surely you would meet 9 profiles out of 10 that are no longer used and then wonder why so few Likes come back. In addition, you would have to check these inactive accounts.

Furthermore, duplicate profiles, fake profiles or profiles with Google images (e.g. Spongebob) get a very bad ranking and are therefore almost not displayed.

How to reset the Tinder algorithm?

Resetting is really very simple and very effective. You should reset your Tinder algorithm every 1-2 months and choose a new main image. By doing this, you will be shown again to all the people around you and may receive Likes from people who accidentally swiped left on you before or who may not have liked you at a certain time.

To reset your Tinder algorithm, you need to create a new Tinder account. On your new Tinder profile, the algorithm is set to neutral again. It is not mandatory, but you should still delete your old Tinder profile.

This method almost always shows a positive effect.