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Making friends is fun If u cant do country then gtfo Rangers fan ???? ig: allison_thew
idk why I’m on tinder but entertain me insta - val_hofner
Philly&NYC Need a plus 1 to ABF hunt club gala, so if you look good in a tux swipe right
fun fact i have an extra vertebrae midwest coast best coast!
Entrepreneurship major with a theatre minor. Gym rat, yoga, traveler, bass player, blue hair, piercing and tattoo enthusiast. Metal music is my vibe. If you’re sleeping on anime then we won’t vibe. Send memes or pics of your tattoos.
if monica and phoebe had a baby it would be me (or dwight and kelly)
I like stupid jokes and good movies. I also talk a lot so there’s that. IG: tori___dory
I’m a terrible driver and never remember to water my plants but other then that I’m quiet the catch
actually 20 Harry Potter is life I like to go on long walks to the fridge I love dogs, food, animals in general, music and watching YouTube videos did I mention I love dogs? sc/insta @jillglover23
the school supply I would say I relate to most would be paper, because people like to use me, crumple me up, and throw me away.... anyways add me on tiktok!!!
someone match my crackhead energy ????
Send me pics of your dog
love spontaneous road trips, country music and football WNE ‘22
I’m a biology major but we could have chemistry
i was named after juul
all girls know how to do is stan harry styles, eat hot chip and lie p.s. i have short hair now
Forensic psychology major Kind of a hippy Big fan of books and doing things outside I’ve been told I’m an old soul, but I think that’s just a nice way of saying I’m not hip Which Star Wars character deserves their own movie? Wrong answers only.
always down for a concert ???? super outgoing but you should probably message me first
paul jason klein would be ideal might or might not like you for your dog sc & ig: nlllhy
Send me some funny pickup lines Insta: avatrimarchi Venmo: Ava-Trimarchi 5’10”
Instagram: mljones3301
I DoWnLoAdEd It As A jOkE 饭桶 iykyk
18* ku women’s rugby short girls are more fun Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal I also have reddish purple hair now
Let me roll into your day. I’m a 2nd degree black belt in karate and I own Heelys. Bout sums me up. #IHeelyToEscapeMyFeelies
Please don’t be a serial killer
CS Major/Psych Minor ???? NYC Gal ???? Looking for instant gratification ????????????
insta: aleenkhederlarian
type in all lowercase cuz i never cap ????????????
Pros: - great sense of humor - talented chef - likes it rough Cons: - cannot out drink you - laugh changes everyday - can’t reach the top shelf
Grew up on a mushroom farm, ask me what kind If I was an animal I’d be a cat: sleeping a lot, lazy and an intrusive cuddler
I literally want to cuddle so fn bad Let me be your TikTok queen
NJG Avid disney channel original movie fan. Tell me your favorite DCOM A leeetle unstable
the key to my heart is coffee (: Instagram: ac.cal
for shits & gigs ???? 5'2 , looking for new friends to spark me???????? I'm outsideee play lacrosse with me ????
just out here tryna get held or some shit
in nyc for the semester????????????
Follow my insta :)) @c.marie.g Just a short bitch w acne and poor eyesight
could be cuffing season in more than one way 5”6’ ????????????????????????
ya tu sabe, dímelo papi .. ???????? New Orleans ⚜️
Dont even know what I'm doin on here but im not gunna text first????‍♂️????
give me ur best and worst pick up line but don’t tell me which is which
From Minneapolis MN My bio is shot but I’ve run out of ideas on how to make it better
actual e-girl but irl version but also i’m a cancer and cry a lot @riyaspatel_ on insta owo
18. let’s smoke :) ???????? In boca from the 4-11 hmu ????
Take me anywhere. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care.
Penn Track & Field???????? Sc: @momosworld23 Show me Philly Are we actually going to link? I love an intellectual conversation and cuddling
5’7 mound of pure shit and bad sex jokes i just wanna go on a date to wuhan
jersey???? pretty&tall insta/ _naannii._
boys: swipe right for my Snapchat premium ???? girls: swipe right for a kiss ???? also looking for friends !!
You got jokes? Aquarius, if that matters ????????
4’11, just looking for friends for right now but hmu anyway ????.
Edgy guys only
ig: @leyannequbbaj
I may not have big tits but I’ve got a big heart
If you pass the vibe check, I might let you cuddle me. KU ‘22????
Music education and vocal performance double major at the Hartt School of Music I love wine, music, art, nature, goats, hiking, traveling, food, snow and education. Heads up, I'm a total nerd so if you like dumb girls, then please swipe LEFT!
people tell me I look like a Kyndall pros: eclectic music taste I’ll play with your hair love long car rides cons: music snob you have to play with mine for at least 10min can’t drive
Lets just vibe
coffee? yale ‘22 ig: mayaseifert13
Help me delete this? ???? Physics & astrophysics???? ????⛸????????‍♀️ ΚΔΦ NAS????
6’6 attitude
here for a good time, not a long time.
SF Bay Area 5’7 Start a convo and let’s see if we vibe :)
Doctors say 5'6 ½but they're blind I'm almost 5'8 Most importantly: most likely will not text first, had a bad experience and lost almost all confidence Now: I love to dance, I cant sing for crap, and yes I ride horses.
Strong Wisconsin accent Hobbies include going out of my way to avoid going on the bridge by commons Like when guys are straightforward and tell me what they want
I’ll be your garden if you treat me as well as you treat the environment *18
#callherdaddy gang
????American-Armenian, Greek, and Italian???? 5'4 Travel ✈️ , adventures, beach, music, art, water sports ????, movies ???? museums, gym USF ???????????????? Tampa, Florida Follow my insta to get my attention, I don’t come on here hardly ???? janae_kamajian
To-do List: 1. Kick ass 2. Smoke grass
AIC Lacrosse Dogs, Patrick Kane, Tito’s, and Lululemon
artist vibes and good times Maybe I’ll design your next tattoo so I guess you can call me an artist Music really creates a mood
i go to an all girls school so you need to show me what i’m missing
Talk to me about ????
Lovers of country music are greatly appreciated
snap: bella991234 Quinnipiac Massachusetts Film major
I’m 4’9. No I can’t see through crowds ???????????????? NY -> PA
have you ever had a dream that you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you wants, you, you could do so, you- you’ll do, you could- you, you want, you want them to do you so much you could do anything?
Take me out for ice cream or don’t swipe right ;)
If you don't like crocs do me a favor and swipe left, babe Invite me to your frat parties
I’m looking for serious relationship. Currently living in Tokyo but moving to Europe soon. Speak Japanese, English and French. Enjoy Hot Yoga, talking with friends, relax and nice dinner. I like playing tennis. I am looking for someone with whom I can share life’s experiences and grow together in faith and love with. My ideal match is not Japanese....
Une brésilienne perdue en France...???? ...qui aime voyager et se faire de nouveaux amis. Qui aime danser et vivre la vie de manière simple. • Je cherche quelqu'un qui voulait passer un bon moment, profiter de la vie. Vivre! ???? • Tu fais quoi dans la vie? JE VIS! Insta: @lizacrvg ???????? ????????????
1m80 loves sports, coding and partying blond
Hello Happy new year every one ???????????????? The best way to meet people abroad. How it goes in France ?????? Si tu veux plus de photos regardent un magazine Dispo à prendre un café et partager ... une conversation!! Si tu swip right don't forget I m not a ONS ????
From Amsterdam ❌❌❌ Insta: ninaztvm ♡ Travel
Soumise pour dominant .
Let the world unfold without always attempting to figure it all out. Travel. Climb. Grow. Love. Repeat. I love to travel, climb, hike, kayak, do yoga and meditate. Following my joy in my adventures through this magical path called life. Write me if you want to be a friend to laugh and go climbing with... Authenticity and honesty are my two big words! Not searching for anything, since I am not lost. Finnish, Spanish, English. ????????????????
Pour moi le monde est une petite ville.... Mets pas le nez dans mon tajine ???? Vie tes rêves et non ta vie
Pour te faire une idée : Je vais souvent au cinéma et voici quelques films que j’ai aimés : Once upon a Time ..... un Hollywood, Roubaix une lumière, Le portrait de la jeune fille en feu, Joker, La belle époque , Sorry We Missed you, Une chanson douce , Gloria , les Misérables, 1917 La vie invisible d’Euridice Gusmao, Je n’ai pas aimé : Chambre 212, La vérité Vacances : plutôt ville que plage . L’été dernier, j’ai visité Naples De temps en temps : week-end à Paris. Taille 1m68 / 56
ищу человека для такой фотосессии
Passionnée de voyages et de nouvelles découvertes, curieuse et amoureuse de la Vie ! Live, don’t just exist!
Souriante, altruiste, rigolote (il paraît ????). J'aime l humour même celui du 3 ème degré...... Séparée, maman d'un garçon , que j'ai vendu .... Lol , non ,étudiant dans l'Oise. ????. Débutante sur ce genre de site ???? . Jaloux, s'abstenir merci . ????
Lawyer ????. I will be happy to meet here a smart, intelligent, educated man, whom I will make the happiest ????
kein ONS, kein ???? Love me Love my Family Live my Job Love the life alle meine Bilder sind ab Sept 2019 !
Er ganske blid, belest og bereist. Og 1,60 om du vil være høyest.
Curieuse, équilibrée, créative, naturelle, souriante, une sagesse un peu folle, rigolote et bourrée de charme Besoin de bienveillance, rigoler et ne pas se prendre au sérieux avt que ça le devienne ... may be
Zythologue et sociologue en devenir.
Séparée, 45 ans (mais faisant un peu moins; ) 2 beaux pré-ados, cavalière passionnée, j'aime l’agitation de la ville, la vérité de la campagne et je jongle et vis entre les deux. Juste envie de faire connaissance, d'échanger, de prendre un verre, de voir si quelque chose se passe, ou pas... de passer un bon moment. Le reste, c'est une autre histoire. Authenticité, bienveillance et simplicité, sportifs et amoureux de la nature encore mieux. Débutante sur les sites de rencontres.
Bonjour, Ici pour une relation sérieuse, les plans couettes les hommes à poils les profils sans photo... passez votre chemin. J aime la simplicité la franchise et l humour. Aussi, me demandez pas d aller prendre un verre au bout de 10 mn de conversation, prenons le temps de discuter. ( photo actuelle je ne fais pas mon âge ). Je ne vois pas les likes
Réellement inscrite sur ce site depuis peu, je souhaite vraiment partager mon quotidien fait d'humour, d'amour pour mes proches, de spontanéité et de spiritualité … J'ai un univers bien particulier qui demande de l'ouverture d'esprit.. ah oui j 'adore le sport : squash, pole dance, yoga, roller, snowboard et bien d autres selon mon humeur!
Artiste peintre / Tatoo Artist / Dreamer / Entrepreneur / Globe Trotter / Adventurer
Au secours ! Je viens de croiser le profil d’un pote et pire... celui de mon père !! ???? Viens, on discute, on boit un verre et on s’échappe d’ici !! Ok celle là je l'ai piquée mais je l'adore : " si on s'était fié à l'apparence des huitres, jamais on aurait découvert les perles" Le dernier de nous qui like, le premier qui écrit ????
Have some very questionable cheesy tunes on my playlist. If you can get over that, let’s chat ???? Here to meet easy going people, maybe have some drinks and taking things from there. Just moved to south east London after a few years living abroad but still travel with work and also am in the midlands a lot with friends and family. (Oh, I’m 39!)
Je suis comédienne, parisienne incorrigible et Adélaïde n'est pas mon vrai prénom !
Si tu es honnête et respectueux, et bien...welcome Sinon ????
Come with ????????????and????
Compte insta et facebook supprimé ????
Hi.... its a little bit about me. I like travelling, and outdoor sports especially extreme maybe. Like to cook and read
42 ans et non pas 43 (un mystère tinder). Maman d une fille de 6ans 1.72m
Creative within TV/Film
Bonjour .
Pfff... chronophage... ???????? ???????? P.s. il y a des façons beaucoup plus attirantes que "Coucou, ça va?" pour commencer une conversation. Soyez inventifs. P.p.s. qu'est le plus affligeant et ridicule ici: ne plus éprouver l'espoir ou espérer ? P.p.p.s. Les gars, ceux qui ont divorcé, Avez-vous au moins compris, pourquoi ?????
Creative, passionnée, sportive, dynamique cherche son complice, son évidence.
based in the Philippines give it a try to meet people no pressure and no expectations
Love giver, love taker, Mother Nature is my source of energy, music is my forever refuge, Harmony is my new adventure, road trips , weekends and picnics are often on the table, monotony/boredom is my enemy.
Découvrir - Partager - Profiter - Plaisir - Simplicité - Bienveillance - Maturité Photos sur demande
Come, and take me with you..! I'm so tired of being alone..!! No ONS or FWB
An Australian who became French ???????????????? I love both the simple & finer things in life! Balance is key ???? ????‍♀️????????????
Plutôt dynamique, appréciant les plaisirs simples , je cherche une rencontre sérieuse. D ' une carrure sportive d 1m75 habitant la proche banlieue sud Est parisienne, je préfère si possible un homme plus grand ..autour de cette zone. Oups c'est pas déjà Noël ;-)
Bordelaise, vraie célibataire, féminine, attentionnée Envie de complicité, rires, moments à deux Soirée canap, bistrots sympas, voyages... Célibataires uniquement! Paris 20
Autonome et indépendante dans mon boulot je ne cherche pas un homme pour m'entretenir. Maman de grands enfants. Je ressens un grand besoin d'amour. Pot de colle, scratch sont des noms qui me vont bien dans mes relations amoureuses. J'aime la simplicité, pas celle de l'esprit, celle de l'âme. Adepte de minimalisme, mais pas en amour. Au plaisir d'échanger quelques mots, un appel, une rencontre, un morceau de vie, qui sait.
Une reveuse qui adore les voyages et la zik danser et rire... ????
Alice in Wonderland Mám ráda výlety, zajímavé debaty, přírodu i kulturu???? Hledám... spíš vážně než nevážně???? I love hiking, interesting conversations, nature and culture???? Looking for something serious????
Pourquoi pas commencer par faire connaissance et poursuivre autour d'un verre.
Style Latino , vaut le détour ????
Essonne 91 ????
Je suis à la recherche d’un ami, d’un confident,d’un complice et d’un amant pour passer des bons moments.... Sorties, restos, théâtre et pourquoi pas un petit week-end loin du quotidien…Et qui sait; une belle histoire à venir!
J’aurais aimé te rencontrer au hasard d’une rue, dans le métro, ou à la Fnac , mais bon... en 2020 il paraît que c’est utopique ????. Donc je tourne les pages du catalogue sans grande conviction. Je suis sure qu’il y’a des hommes merveilleux cachés derrière ces profils mais comment savoir où tu te cache ? Pas de photo car je travaille dans une grande banque française et pas trop envie de croiser mes collègues ????
In love with words ... a little crazy and Franco British that must be the reason
Chargée de com. plutôt équilibrée, ouverte et notamment à de nouvelles rencontres... Dans l'absolu, envie de se poser mais commençons déjà par 1 verre et... plus si affinités... ;-)
A vous de voir
Ici pour faire connaissance tranquillou ???? très cool très franche .... Pas de temps a perdre pour creuvards ????????????
Seasonal resident to sapphire,Nc in the summer and FL for the winter . Easy going down to earth person , pet lover , 420 , hiker , motorcycle riding, guns , drinks , tubing ,tattoos , crazy life style . Hit me up if you want to be part of the fun and let’s see where things go ????
Student. Mom. Single. Hope to find something real. I don’t do poly stuff or anything with married men or women. So don’t ask. Message me if you’d like to talk.
Denver, USA based. Traveling for a bit Show me around? Snap/insta: heyheyitskelsay
SC✈️TX✈️????????✈️TX✈️CO✈️❓ Not passionate about the typical CO things. The mountains are gorgeous, but I have zero desire to ski. Love traveling, reading, cooking, long conversations about random things, working out, wine, tequila, Paris, my adopted cat-wolf hybrid, learning new languages, dancing, live music, and burlesques among many other random interest. Not a big beer drinker. Adore direct communications & brutal honesty. A bit weird & completely comfortable with it.
Must love dogs.
I want to hang out, go to yoga and talk about life, the universe, and everything. 420???????????????????????? Coffee & food ???????????????????????????????????????? I don’t drink alcohol, but I don’t care if you do. Can not figure out how to make friends as an adult so I’m mostly just looking for that. Not interested in hookups, not a unicorn in the sexual sense... def a unicorn in life. Skydiving and onewheeling and chilling
I'm a work an insane amount but I love my job. I'm crazy funny, sometimes a smartass, but I love life. Everyday is a new day to be amazing! I'm just looking to have some fun and enjoy life a little bit. I'm submissive and new to exploring these facets.
I’m a mom, I work, and I enjoy lookin at art and drinking whiskey. Also seeing a good movie is a plus. 5’2” Gym time = stress release time. New to Colorado Springs area, what’s to do out here?!
EMT Aspiring paramedic Work, school Love music,cooking/baking, hockey, baseball, soccer, camping, hiking and motocross Colorado born and raise Tattoos Single
New to Denver, let’s go on a hike! No kids, never married. I’d never ask you to go to a pumpkin patch
I am outgoing and I love to meet new people. I am very outdoor person but I also like to stay inside on a cold night. If you want to know more swipe right ????
I have a slight height deficiency, I laugh alot, I like weekend adventures, sometimes nothing is better than being home.
???? ????????‍♀️???? ???? Just moved here don't know what I'm doing ????Ikon pass????
I am a very active person, love anything outdoors but I am partial to hiking. I’m a foodie, love food with the highest quality of ingredients. Passionate, strong and intellectual individual.
Love to be outside and/or go for a drive in the mountains. Food is amazing, not much of a drinker. Love having friends over for a bbq. Mom to an amazing toddler boy. Looking for something slow but open to seeing where it goes. Not looking for hookups. Have my life together and expect you to as well.
Hi! Im not interested inhook up culture but also not looking for a relationship....just exploring connections :)
im Divorced and new here. Actually, I want to remove my stress, but saying sex is a ridiculously amazing way to relieve stress and have fun at the same time. if you're interested see my photos to know where u can message me and say KICKCO when u msg me there thanks.
real people. deep conversations. expanding horizons.
Hello!! Love to travel, adventure, anything outside. Lived abroad, bilingual.. hablo español! Passions are climbing, dance, social justice stuff. What are you passionate about? Super active and hope you are too. Work with young people as an educator and currently in grad school. I am liberal, outgoing, independent, stay busy, and am silly. Alternative type...whatever that means to you!! Looking for connection ????
BBW who enjoys The Office ????????‍♂️, the outdoors, school, traveling, my Subaru blah blah ✨ Frank Ocean fan girl ???? CO for the season ❄️ Teach me how to snowboard
Likes long walks on the beach, reading romance novels, puppies, knitting, shoving ketamine up my ass, and challenging authority every chance I get
I don’t edit my photos My dream is to one day live by a lake away from the hustle and bustle of the city, plant a garden, and sit on the porch drinking tea and reading books.
Proud Native, can't stay indoors too long. I've learned to love it here on the prairie. But there is nothing more Therapeutic and Beautiful then Colorado's Mountains. I'm silly and random, intelligent and independent. But much more than meets the eye! I have 2 beautiful girls. Upfront honesty is a rare find anymore. Prove me wrong. Words to live by; Every person has their own Struggles. We know nothing about their struggle. So refrain from judging and be kind always
I have two beautiful girls. Fitness enthusiast. Love adventures! Total goofball and love having a good time no matter what. What else do you want to know?
I'm not looking for hook ups! I am a country girl that loves the beach. I enjoy almost anything and am always up for new adventures. Must love country music and not smoke (or use drugs). Insta my_imperfectly_perfect_life
I look better in person. I'm in a polyamorous relationship and looking on Tinder for some laughs. I don't expect much from here, but who knows.... I'm usually busy and repsond about once a week. Fair warning, nothing against you.
Female friendships I’m not gay more do I judge, ima dope ass wing...woman. Not looking for friendsw/benefits. If you cant poorthe same energy I poor into you keep it pushing... I love conversation even debates, laughing, learning and growing. If ur fake ima treat u as such. ????????‍♀️My slow ass will forget I was on this app so get my digits ASAP cuz I’ll ghost u on accident ????????‍♀️ annoying treat I analyze everything Cooking ???????? Traveling✈️ Anime????????‍♂️ Xbox???? Art ???? creativity Money talk ???? N
I love anything involving animals, coffee, swimming, or being outside ✌????I’m really bad about checking my notifications on here, so reach out on Instagram: @marleystarcev :)
Love hanging out and trying new things! I’m a first grade teacher looking for a partner in crime.
Im a Transexual you cool swipe right Here for friends and have a good fun time If you swiped right msg me and lets chat
I’m an artist and a free spirit. I hate small talk and appreciate depth. I love when someone can make me think, laugh, and feel. I live in a cabin in the mountains and love my freedom, however I wouldn’t mind finding someone to have a real connection with. I’m recently divorced and have a child (shared custody). I’m spiritual (not to be confused with religious) and appreciate people who are always searching, learning, healing, and open. I’m 5’8” tarot and coffee at sunrise????
Art lover. Painting is my passion. More of a movie and cuddle girl than an outdoors person. Not looking for anything too serious but open to it. Want someone who can teach me to ski!
Hi friends, worked round ????. Many hobbies. More pictures on ???? Instagram @: sonia.s.xo ???? Speak ???????? / ????????
I'm a career focused woman and I don't have much time for a relationship so I would like a fwb situation. I'd like to get to know you, and then maybe smash. That's the goal here. Let a bitch know baby!
Looking for fun people while I’m in town for CES
I love snakes and pot, could you be the next item on the list? Inquire within
Philosophy student. No I’m not nice. Looking for maximal gifts w minimal touching ????
5’4 pretty active, hard working, gamer girl, that loves to laugh and can’t forget I’m a stoner 420. I guess find out more if you want ????????‍♀️????
Kind of introverted kind of extroverted. Probably watch too many movies. Will definitely own a bakery some day. Sharing memes for days. I spend all my money on makeup and my cats. Looking for something serious. IG:TheatreSlave DM me so I know its real ????
Artist, programmer, game designer and classy nerd Pisces ♓️
24 Years Young ❤️ Single ???? Ready For Some Fun & Something New. Down For Whatever. Life is Too Short. Good Vibes. 420 All Day Every Day ????. Love Chocolate Men ???????? if You’re Boring, Don’t Swipe Right ???????? i Have Kids That Are My World, My Everything, So if Thats A Problem, DO NOT SWIPE RIGHT ????????‍♀️.
Idk why everybody wants to waste my time on this app ????????‍♀️ If we matched up add me on if we ddnt match dnt add me cause I will not accept your request ????snap mikiahj
Hi there! I enjoy sushi, playing video games, piano, reading books, comics, watching Netflix, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and cooking. You could say I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. I suck at messaging so instead of spending days or weeks chatting online, I’d rather meet face to face over boba, drinks, lunch, rollerblading - whatever ???? IG: ashuuuree
I’m 25 and horrible at describing myself ???? I like music, dogs, pho, and cocktails. IG: kweenchacha94 SC: rachiemarie94
uc berkeley home for winter break
I love spicy food ???? Can you keep up?
Happy Thursday! I'm on sc more find me under baeprettyface. I was gonna go out with my girls but deciding on some different fun tonight haha. If this is still up then I'm still looking for tonight. Love the kinky stuff, not here to cuff NO CAP
PhD student Visiting Student- UC Davis
Future pharmacist; I study way too much. Instagram: glitt825
IG: ms.chelsea_lee
Food, coffee, wine, and exploring the world???? ????????
I'll fuck you until you love me.
(Fal-Lynn) pronounced just like Jimmy Fallon * Born & raised in California * Logical Realist * Not Vegan * Lover of art & live music * Must love dogs * Favorite season is Football.. Just please don’t have an Antisocial Personality Disorder..
IG ; _leahh_._
A girl with curls. Love the adventure and fun . A little hippie and a little bit bougie Life is all small things , so don’t miss out on the fun parts .
Just a single dog mom looking for a great dog dad Only accepting hubby applications. Serious inquiries only! ???? ???????? Add me on Instagram: @nessasfit ✨ Don’t hit me up for hookups ❌ Not into small talk????✌???? John 3:16 KJV
So everyone fishes now??? Unfortunately, Im not selling anything.
ENTJ I'm like a solid 7 @edensweden
zodiac sign Taurus. Love my two dogs PC / PS Horde BIG Otaku ( KH )❤️ for life UFC Japanese food ❤️ 4’11 Beer Sweet reds/ white wines green ???? . Sifi / fantasy HP, Marvel , DC , Fast movies ???? . Comedies, horror, . Meme’s I like to keep it real ???????? ????Not down for any hook ups, so just swipe left ???????? if that’s what your tryn do !????
Adventurous, fun, out going kind of gal, sometimes wild ???? Swipe right to find out more ???? Snapchat: jennyluv736
Add my snap; tooflyforthis23 ???? I’m addicted to dying my hair ???? * I DONT WANT A RELATIONSHIP *
I have small hands that can make your D*ck bigger. Just DM me on INSTAGRAM and"SMALLHANDS" @sweetbridget018