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Pros: -Will make you a sandwich and get you a beer -Good at impressing moms -5’4” -Single dog mom -Tattoos Cons: -Can’t buy you the beer “you’re really quite a catch and will make a guy super happy one day” -a guy who played me
“9.4 with a good sense of humor and a great body, big deal” —my ex
i don’t do much outside of school, but i’m cool to talk to lovee to watch movies and just hang out
My home screen is a natty light so I feel like that says enough ????????????????‍♀️ 4/20 friendly ????
I’m like a genie in a lamp, just need a little rubbin???? Scorpio♏️ Height is 5’8”???? Got my CNA but I shootin for RN???? I like to do a lot of things if I have someone to do them with???? Goofy as hell???? And yes that is my piggy, Franklin???? **~Do Not Swipe Right If You Are Only Looking For A HookUp~**
hi i’m sam i enjoy food and watching movies *also drugs, alcohol, and sex* overall a pretty terrible person, but fun???? i hate these shady folk that want a ladylike but don't treat lady right, but they be sayin' like "just the tip"
Just trying to have some fun
Rumored to be a witch for 2+ years, so it's up to you to figure out if that's true. My dog is my baby - don't even think you can take his place in my world. Can actually reach the higher shelves cause I'm 5'8 - but still need help on that top one. #GetaGirlWhoCanDropItLikeHerGPA
Good vibes only ???? Will beat you at bowling ????
Well traveled, aspiring opera singer. I like going to concerts, listening to NPR, and reading anything by Gabriel García Márquez. I book shows in Harrisonburg Virginia. She/They
If you’re reading this I’m probably drunk ????cheers ????
My love language is when people’s words align with their actions. Free spirit, yogi????‍♀️, foodie, traveler, bilingual , music lover, photographer & occasional hype beast. Do what you love ????????
i take a lot of naps
Mother of one handsome boy ❤️ looking for mommy friends and just friends period ????????‍♀️.
JMU '20 5’9” Let’s go on adventures and try some new foods... perhaps travel the world Lil fact about me: I have a hedgehog. Her name is Esmerelda. She is wonderful.
JMU I work at Chickfila so yes it is my pleasure DF?
Fishin. Huntin. Anything outdoors. Take me to a truck pull Pretty laid back. Tatted. Great Dane lover. ???? My family’s my life army sister. Snapchat me. —redneck_lover04
im a horse girl so yes, i can ride
Our relationship should be like Nintendo 64–classic, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in.
Looking to get to know someone Must love dogs ❤️ I’m really easy to talk to, so give it a try!
flushed away(2006) > ratatouille(2007) what if we smooched and listened to the twilight new moon soundtrack Gemini sun & moon, libra rising
take me to your date function
Stop reporting me bc I won’t fucking text you back damn.
Don’t be afraid to say hi:)
Looking for a cowboy ❤️
English major with creative writing and AAAD (African/African-American/Diaspora studies) minors, so I write essays for fun Ⓥ love your mother ???????? snap: jessicagmc15
yeah, i lift
I love dogs, hockey, and music. I'm down to go on hikes and explore or just hang out and watch movies all day long. The ideal night for me would be going to a concert. ????
my favorite outdoor activity is going back inside
let’s figure this out
Hi I’m Alex I’m looking relationship or for someone to run me over with their car (Dark humor is a plus) sarcasm is the only language I speak. I catch feelings quickly. Don’t waste my time. If you’re not looking for a relationship Curvy/plus Size I’m only 5’1 Snap:Simply_Aliiixx Add me on snap I’m never really on here. White boys are the move. But country white boys are fine ???????? Swipe right and I’ll send you a pickup line Where are the white boys who like black girls
the only thing resting around here is my bitch face
Ig: allleexxuuus Sc: lee.ex Loves to sleep and eat, laughs a lot, goofy
just for funsies
automatic brownie points if you can make me laugh
Lets smash...and by smash i mean play super smash Not my baby! Insta: kangsojuuu
No hookups! Art major, outdoorsy, and kinda shy ????
loves stand up comedy, new girl, crime junkie and tapas! total dog person JMU’ 22 spirit animal = Danny Devito
As you can tell, I love my dog I can probably quote most of The Office I have no idea what I’m doing on here
give my insta a follow: @hailsns lifeguard cute enough to take your breathe away, smart enough to bring it back
Just looking for someone who will make me as hype as bed bugs probably were when beds were invented
Properly Damaged I sing in a band called Far From Few Tequila is my favorite/skateboarder/drummer/singer/music is very important to me. Just sayin, I’ve met the bassist for volumes and he thinks I’m hot ????????
there is no war in ba sing se sc: briannas_xo
Ima guy but I’ll give sum good head Hmu on snap @itsashk1 if ur bout it
cashapp : treas.jb
Bartender ???? Former college athlete 5’11 IG: maggie_kooken
a v snuggly 4’11” soul who just wants to mosh pit without being crushed tbh
bearded men are kinda my thing
follow me on twitter i'll send u memes do u call him daddy ??? call HER daddy
Just trying to get out and meet some new people. Someone please prove to me that good men still exist.
If it ain't football or the beach I'm not interested Looking for a surfer boy aspiring to be a beach bum w me
I thought I was just in a bad mood but it’s been a few years so I guess this is who I am now
•I’m currently a senior in high school but yes I’m 18???? •I’m not hooking up with you ????I want a serious relationship or a guy bestfriend either one ????????‍♀️ •I’ve been told I carry my heart on my sleeve and it’s a fact???? •looking for someone that will give me a lot of attention and my goofy other half, someone I can be my self with❤️ •If you don’t like chubby short girls go ahead and swipe left ????????????
Play apex with meeeeee! Snap- xjustashlieghx I'm short. Like 4'11 and tall people scare me ???????? I really suck at talking to people. Sorry in advance. Im an inside kind of person. I prefer coming home and playing videogames. Currently hooked on Apex. Yes I can carry you. I work in a group home and care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I love my job and work as much as I can for them. I suck at these things.
5’9 ENFP
Physical therapist, strong faith, loves the beach, foodie, laughs at own puns and unapologetically myself.
Proud Dobermann momma to a 110lb (and growing) baby bear ???????? Peruana ???????? I’m not here to look at you but to enjoy the experience that is YOU ????️‍????????️‍???? Life is a like a buffet, you gotta try them all ???? No. I am NOT the unicorn you’re looking for ????????
Anime DDLG ???? Seamstress Doggo loving Sleepy little WINKING SCARES ME
5’11 ????????‍♀️☮️????????????????????????‍♀️
I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious. I like dogs and make a lot of puns
James Madison University
special skill: perfect intoxicated cartwheels
nothing committed, just fun
Nervous tumbleweed, sewer goblin. Constantly wishing I was a little mouse with a sardine tin for a bed. Let’s talk about S&M! Long live college radio, DIY forever. JMU 2020
Pros: Has the McDonald’s menu memorized Good at air hockey Makes a really good margarita Cons: Watches a little too much Netflix Never had Chipotle and won’t Makes too good of a margarita
yes, my parents *really* named me that
i am sorry in advance dorky boys who play music wya
Jmu dance team, huge food enthusiast, always down to watch Star Wars, marvel, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones & Disney
Looking for a man to give my love to. Bit of a country girl with a wild side Dog mom ????
Newly relocated, living, loving, growing. Experiencing the newness of life with a desire to share new experiences with a awesome partner who also loves Christ and lives with compassion. Open to new great friendships that will have the potential to grow into something long term. Excited to meet you! Until then, be blessed????❤️????
Snap? thatbitch_l Xbox? PeachNCream My snap is open so don’t wait for me to add you back I don’t get notifications so seriously add the snap I have 4 tattoos, got a pretty sweet Medusa in the works ????????‍♀️
Best pick up line and go Ig//: monaaayy_ 5’8
lmk if u wanna make tiktoks
If you have an Xbox add me -kailynavery97 Looking for someone who can make me laugh as hard as I make myself laugh. Instagram ???????? @kailyn_avery ♊️ Gemini sun ♏️ Scorpio moon & rising
5’7” if that matters aha ha
Free soul???????? Cancer♋️ Witchcraft???????? Always down for adventures???? Don’t swipe right on me if you’re not going to respond to my message lol, for real.
yea i change my hair a lot
what it dooo add me on snap : danish45
I'm Gwen from Orange, just on here looking for Good conversation and great energy and vibes! Hmu if you're interested.
Add my Snapchat ???? @pinelope12
NYC. IG: @naiyaap
???? ⛲️ lives in cave
New to New York .. show me the cool spots ????????‍♀️
Match? I want some friends
No hook up
I'm a 5'10" pizza bagel born and raised in NY! Challenge me to a thumb war and I'll take you down.
I like Veuve Cliquot and witty banter in the sun ???? bonus if you’ll go to F45 with me ????????
Be mentally prepared for a Russian accent
Originally from Philly, I’ve been in NYC for about 5 years. I’m a social worker and talk to teens about feelings and sex all day. I have a full life, and like people who have their own thing going on. Tell me about yourself! I previously lived in Queens; I’m new to Brooklyn and wanting to explore. I love food, and bake far too many cakes. I’ve never met a dog I didn’t love.
You’re not impressing me when you flex. I don’t care about your over toned muscles or fancy car. No soft hands, you have to be able to build me a house.
SF ➡️ NY ✨????????????????
Sweet & vicious @sadgalvv
Life is short. Spend your money on me today
Looking for loyalty. ????
Let’s just get these 3 points out of the way lol: • if you have only one pic (or no other social media swipe left) • 30 or younger swipe left • (Sorry but) if you have a child, swipe left I love quiet nights in as much as I love exploring the city. Trying new things and seeing new places is always a great time! I currently work as an Assistant Director of Employer Development at a private university. I’d love to meet someone who is just as passionate, hardworking, focused, and silly as me
Colombian ???????? IG: Nattalie.perez
recently moved to BK social sciences student / filmmaker wannabe I like raves
Im single woman who’s likes men with money. I want someone who can take care of me while I can take care them differently as well????❤️
I’m 6 ft tall I like dnd and anime :)! *makes a new profile every time I change my hair color*
been around the world ???? marine engineering ❤️ call HER daddy insta: sagerxo
Just moved to ny after 5 years in Boston. Let’s boogie????????
???????? ???????? entertain me with a fun fact gahrace: venmo/cashapp me $5 for a surprise;)
Type A personality; very stubborn and overly opinionated. The caveat: I have a huge heart, and always go above and beyond for the ones I love. Raised with an old-school mentality, I love to keep clean home and cooking is my passion. I don’t want anything serious, and can’t commit to a relationship right now. Want someone to text/call with and build a foundation, and see where things go. I’m marriage oriented and definitely want a family down the road. Don’t waste my time. @sophnoel_
Lover of animals, food, outdoors, yoga and Duke basketball Brace face
???????? Frenchy in the city just looking for someone to help me say “squirrel” @manonmouse on IG
???? hot commodity back on the market
I just want to have fun ????????????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????✈️???????????????????? NO, I’m not looking for one night stands nor hook ups so DONT even try it
yeah idk lol
Ig: katieherrick
Fun seeker & sandwich expert Steak all day Bring your best and worst dance moves Looking for the other half of a power couple. Let’s take a long drive for no reason at all. Don’t swipe right if you don’t know what you’re looking for
If you see something, say something!!! ???? IG @scienceofsuzie
Here for the tinder bios
4’11 // ????????
Looking for my vegeta. If your looking for just a hook up swipe left. Don't got time for games
Proficient in eating pizza, drinking whiskey and being overly competitive about air hockey ig: ayy_cee7
Pop-Tarts are ravioli, change my mind Background check: @linnaasl
????Jersey City Ig : @manic_pixie_dream
ENTP. Aquarius. Fun fact: I’ve lived in 8 countries so far. Will ruin your life if you ask nicely ????⛓
I like to take full advantage of the seasons. I’m kind of excited,it’s almost hiking season????????. Seeking an adventurous young gent to go adventuring with. :p
???? ZRH | VIE text me if: spontaneous, honest, with a sense of humor and wanderlust next me if: jealous, homebody or party pooper
Needs help opening all types of containers/restarting the internet router, amongst other things.
????Manhattan. Tell me your height and I might respond to your date offer.
Cardiovascular Sonographer. I love art, travel and anything that emerges from creativity and nature. I’m extremely shy and short 5"1 ☺️
Just moved to NYC ... 3 yrs ago ???? . Mexican ????????. Dog lover ????. Accountant????. Looking for someone to go to TJ’s together and watch Netflix in bed ! ????
Just ask IG : Lady_la_bella. “God Bless The Child That Can Hold Her Own”???????????? Self Made Beautician & MUA???? Beauty & Brains. What’s A Beautiful Face if The Heart Is Black & The Brain Is Cloudy? Gentlemen Approach With Caution ????????‍♀️ Lebanese Goddess here!☺️ Ladies Know Your Worth && Add Tax. ☀️
-New to NY via LA -News Writer -Laker fan that didn’t like LeBron but starting to warm up to him -Open to a real connection -Let’s talk about the rest ????
I am the babe of your naughty dreams so why wait?! :P Snap ibecitepa :P
If you are a breast man swipe left If you like tall girls swipe left No, that’s not my tiger, just pet sitting . If you are still reading this I applaud you . Insta: ashleewithnoy Cash app $ashleewithnowhy
I’ve watched way too much Law & Order SVU for this.
Snowboarding is life! outdoors/camping...Not here for a “fling”. Not a “booty” call so dont even try! ???????? potheads, crackheads, straight men who look verrry gay, people who dont cover their mouth when they sneeze, people who dont fu*********g floss ????????(you are disgusting)
Fun???? Fearless???? Fashion???? I like regular things and regular people. Let’s not take life too seriously it causes premature wrinkles ???? Always down for ???????? IG: sammi_slammajamma ????NYC
Let’s meet this week and have some drunken fun ???? I’m a sucker for Dad jokes and puns. Lover of neuropsych. Working full time, pursuing a masters, and trying to enjoy the limited free time I have...
Instagram : __gissyy
LBNY Insta: Alliex829
Be funny ????????‍♀️
Teacher by day, asleep by night
Not interested in couples, ex baggage, casual daters, individuals with unstable mental health issues. ???? Words don’t mean anything to me, taking action does I’m 5’8, live in NJ, Graduate Student, I have no children
There sure are a lot of CEOs on here
Just trying to find my future ex husband
dreaming of chutoro
Pre law student Interests include but aren’t limited to: Film Plants Oat milk Grilled cheese Weed
5'5" on a good day East Village ✨
Won award for best overall in middle school
ehhh. IG shorty_jay
Officially too old for Leo DiCaprio so here I am. Kind of an artist kind of a jock. Really into books, art, clothing, silly pranks, cocktails, flirting, most chips, all cheeses. I’m loyal, fun to gossip with, and nice enough. I’m reserved at first but I open up beautifully if you put in some effort, kinda like a classy shelter dog. I have a job, I eat my veggies, and I’ll probs get a dog soon
5’3 with 6ft attitude ???? IUP Alum
Not here for hookups!???? Classy Adventurous Traveler Interested in intellectual conversations
???????? @Japan until Jan 3rd!
cheeseburger connoisseur
I do anything except what i don’t want to ????
♈️♈️♈️ bloody marys are my love language
???????? American living in New York. “She's... Uh, tenacious." "You have no idea." I really want to date someone that I can grab a beer with and relax with. I'm an actor and a writer. On the side, I give tours and tastings at a winery.
I like to run...I'm also kinda artsy. 5'10" ????????????????????
Living NJ ... from Colombia???????? Hablo Español ???? Producer Executive???? Realizadora Audiovisual. I am sincere with what I think and feel
Into martinis, Equinox, Dwayne Johnson movies, and traveling to places not recommended by the state department
Ig: sarahvbnd Master 1 droit UCL ????
down for drinks ????
looking for a guy,
fyi i’m 5’11” :) @ryandelara
Venmo: R-Scames
eboys if you read this im free on thursday night and would like to hang out. please respond to this and then hang out with me on thursday night when im free. hmu if u would like to ruin my life
It’s like Mark Ruffalo played Dick Van Dyke in that movie your mom loved in the 2000s
Call me little mama, or don't call me at all. Bonus points if you find Abby. Texas Tech University B.S. Kinesiology
Model. Vegetarian A swipe right don’t mean I’m tryna fuck I keep getting asked if I’m a fake account. I’m not. From here but I don’t live here. Please don’t ask me to shoot with you and no I can’t help you or anybody you know become a model
It's all in the perspective Psych major ????????
???? Artist, video-maker, animator, educator, etc. Ask me anything Tell me everything
just looking for someone to make me an amazing grilled cheese
need someone to make Me go grocery shopping
New in Seoul! Love the little corners and the hideouts this city has to offer. Looking for someone to explore them with!
Trying to Live life to the fullest☺️ Looking for Chill and Good Vibes????????
I have 500 tabs open on my phone. Here are a few of them: -On Film: Essays/The Long Shadow of Gilda -23andMe Is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks -Cambridge Analytica Used Fashion Tastes to Identify Right-Wing Voters -Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Substance -Hukou system - Wikipedia -How Did Muse Last 20 Years? -Sonderweg - Wikipedia -Justin Timberlake ramen If you have thoughts on any of these, feel free to get in touch! Or if you just want to talk about your feelings.
“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” Books and wine and warm blankets. I like laughing and would like to do more of it. If there is ever an Office Trivia contest, you definitely want me on your team. East Village.
Drinking ⭐️ History & reading ⭐️ Baseball & hockey ⭐️ Snap- runforstrength
1/4 Italian 1/4 Irish 1/2 eggplant parm Take me on a date so my roommates get off my back Please don’t make your first line about trying Molly I’m begging you
Always down for pizza and tequila (not necessarily together)
Aliens attack????????????????????
New year, new me?
just a sassy sag lookin for fun ????
hi! insta: margameehan
Canadian aspiring actress living in the city. 5’3, lover of mexican food, writing and reading. Open to anything. ????
Just a home body tryna see what she likes ???? ????????
^ rhymes with Perez Photographer - Musician Dead ass tho?? Let’s start a band. (I’m serious) Desperately trying to find the very handsome bearded man who was at Clifton Park Frozen Fest, he pulled me up when I got kicked in the face and I’ve decided I’d die for him.
looking for someone to share clothes and conspiracy theories with:) Instagram = @y2kenlee
Add me on snap: Kimberlymtzx
one time i was on old row IN NEW YORK FOR THE WEEKEND for my friends 21st!!!! let us know the good places or a plug message me on ig ig: @caroline_giannella twitter: @cgiannella99 venmo: @caroline-giannella
Nice Jewish girl
Francesca ???????? Peruvian American Journalism & Env Studies Major Non-fiction reading, piano, singing, volunteering with animals, etc. Trilingual, learning a fourth. Let’s be friends!
All men are pigs and I'm in the mood for bacon ;) ????: popcherry997
Tried meeting someone irl but I’m unapproachable and have a bitch face. Finally met someone that approached me and they found out that I am in fact a bitch. P.S. issa joke (kinda????)
Let’s see how this goes.
Not a bot, ask me a Simpsons trivia question to prove I’m real :-) Just an Aussie, big tiddy goth girl, looking for online fun I love dad bods, body mods, and long hair Moustaches and southern/Cajun accents are my weakness Not trying to sell you anything, just want a play partner ????
Goofy, ballsy, and a tad gaudy. Likes: standup comedy, dancing to early 2000s hip hop, writing, cooking, and large quantities of cheese Dislikes: Fedoras, people who don’t like cheese
Love being outside and active ✨✨ Dog mama to a little terror boxer pup
The loud one, the black one, the funny one, the “who’s drinking with me” one, the cocky one, and the impulsive one ????????‍♀️ Let me show you a cute time ????