Are you looking for kickass ways to get more guys on Tinder? Do you want to get the thrill of meeting the most gorgeous men out there? If it is a big YES, then you should definitely make the right move to get things started. Apparently you get the fun of swiping right on Tinder, but forget about the small sexual remarks from the not-so-serious types because getting real men for the right reason should be your master plan. So what are the kickass tinder tips for women? Let’s take a look.

Make a Creative and Comprehensive Introduction About Yourself

First things first. How to make men swipe right with your Tinder bio? Always remember that Tinder is not just about getting hook ups and satisfying yourself with sexual remarks on the sides, unless, of course, that is what you’re really up to. Nevertheless, if you are looking to meet real men, then you should start revamping your whole Tinder bio. How to do this? First, write down things about yourself. Be specific. Be creative. BUT, be totally honest with it. If you play some sport or if you love going outdoors for skiing, swimming or trekking roads less travelled, then you better express and share it though your bio. The most important thing is for guys out there to see and feel the authenticity of your personality. That’s a kickass way to keep them wanting to know more about you!

Photos! Photos! Photos! They Dig Your Photos!

Let’s face it, Tinder is a social media app that hinges more on photos and it will always be a kickass step to post the right photos of yourself. Should you post a selfie? A photo of your legs or cleavage? A photo of you and your friends? A photo of you doing something fun and exciting? There are actually tons of choices you can make to transform your photos and make it more attractive. You don’t really need to show a lot of skin, simply choose photos that are striking and eye-catching. One of the most common Tinder hacks in making your photo attractive is by using filters like Big Lens. You may have to spend a little for this app, but it is definitely worth it. Of course, you can always resort to filters or simply use the ones by Instagram or from your smart phone.

Make Use of Helpful Apps or online platforms for Kickass Tinder Fun

Don’t be afraid to take a plunge with free and paid apps to improve your Tinder swipes. You may think that it would require you to shell out few dollars, but, hey, it’s actually worth every penny! Now, you don’t have to spend on just about any app available. Choose apps or online platforms that offer features for great value. Don’t go all out with Tinder Plus because it is a complete waste of money. There are actually very helpful free and paid apps or online platforms like Tinderautoswiper which are among the most popular apps that effectively optimizes your profile. So are you up for the challenge? Keep all these kickass Tinder tips in mind and make sure you do your homework. You’ll definitely be surprised with the increasing matches you will likely get!