Tinder is a popular dating app that is used world wide to find dates with matching interest, hobby or likes. It has gained popularity due to its success in bringing people together as a match. Initially, the application set up a match making system that will let you see those who are interested in your profile, and will match you if you are interested in them as well. It has been so successful that according to Wikipedia it has an estimated 50 million users with a monthly average of 12 million matches per day. Imagine the possibilities of finding great dates. Unfortunately, this may not be true for most people because tinder limits the number of times you can swipe to the right to like others. Therefore, if you aren’t getting a lot of matches, the possibility is that your profile isn’t interesting or is immediately swiped to the left. To get more matches, you have to have quality profile that would make you more interesting. Here are 5 best tips to get noticed and get more matches in Tinder.

1) Be Simple

Do not go overboard with your profile, use simple but meaningful words to describe yourself and be truthful about it. Do not give out all information about you, just give them a glimpse of who you are in the real world. Also to give it some flare, you can add a favorite quote, unique hobby or a fun fact about yourself. Keep it short and simple, a few words can generate a lot of mystery and interest.

2) Exhibit Your Personality In Your Photos

Pick 3 to 4 images that will best describe your personality and what goes on in your daily life. It can be a mixture of different types of images of head shots or a full body photo. However, make sure that the picture actually features your face. If you are a person with an active lifestyle, choose at least one adventure photos or if you are a musician, a photo of you playing an instrument or on stage will be great. Be fun, playful and creative in picking your pictures because accordingly the photos with most swipes to the right are those which shows who you are and how you live your life.

3) Good Quality Images Make Good Impression

Do not use photos that have poor quality, badly cropped or highly edited ones. Photos taken from a mobile phone are fine as long as they are not pixelated or heavily filtered because it will give an impression that you are hiding something or that you’re not confident with your real features. If you exhibit a full body shot, make sure that you use a plain backdrop or an artistic background. Always remember that a great profile photo in Tinder is crucial because you only have a few second to get others to look at you before they move on to the next and having a great photo will definitely give a great impression.

4) Avoid Putting in group photos in your profile

Most people in tinder are not likely to waste time looking at your photos and figure out who you are in a group. Its logical that tinder is a personal dating app and dating does not include your friends in it. If you want a match, make sure you’re profile picture only features you and not your friends and how crazy you guys are.

5) Smile

It has been proven and tested that a smile generally attracts people instantly. Although it may be more effective on women than men. Feature a photo of you that exhibits your best smile because it will make an impression that you are confident and approachable. Make sure that you smile naturally, and likes will eventually flow like crazy. These are the 5 Best Tips to get more matches in Tinder. Remember, Tinder is a numbers game, if you have more likes, you will most get more matches. Tinderautoswiper will help you get more swipes when you enable the auto swipe feature because it will automatically swipe all people that comes up in your tinder account. It will enable you to maximise your chances of getting more matches because it will bring your number of likes up as it auto swipes for you. Get on Tinder today and use the Tinderautoswiper and enjoy getting more matches daily.