So you’ve uploaded your best pictures, started swiping, but cant seem to get the type of matches you are looking for? It happens a lot, but don’t worry, in this article we will give you some actionable things you can do right now to get more matches on tinder. Im going to be covering the following things:

  • An easy way to instantly get more matches
  • How your tinder bio affects your likes
  • How to increase how many people see your profile
  • How to get more matches with Tinder Auto Swiper

Getting More Tinder Matches

Lets talk about matches - and how we can get more of them. When you create an account on Tinder, tinder stores and collects all of your information for future use to determine how you will match with people. It watches your bio, photos, how often you swipe left or right, how many people you match with, and how your conversations go. It uses this information to give you an “Elo Score” to determine how sexy you are, so that it can make a determination on how often it should show your profile to others. With a bad Elo Score you will be swiping on tons of people - but they will never see your profile and never get the chance to swipe right on you. This is exactly what we want to avoid, and this article talks about how we can increase this score and use some hacks to make sure we can get more matches.

The first thing you have to think about is why tinder would want to give you a good elo score. Well, Tinders job is to match people together who want to talk to each other - and if you are making this really easy for tinder, they are more likely to give you a higher elo score, and you are more likely to match with people who are interested in talking with you. So what does this mean? It means giving tinder exactly what they want: lots of data, active users with lots of activity, and respectful users that they don’t have to ban. Follow these rules and we can start to increase your Elo score and get more matches.

Get A New Account.

Lets start from the very beginning - if your Elo score is trash, the fastest way to fix it is to simply start from scratch and get a new Tinder account. You can simply log out of tinder on your mobile (and the tinder website!) and register again. You will need a new phone number or a new facebook account for this to work, or tinder will know you're the same person and your elo score will remain the same. I have tried to experiment by getting a new facebook account, but it was difficult for me to set up since they also are very suspicious of new accounts. I found that the easiest way to get a new account was to simply use a different phone number. Since my WhatsApp number and my phone number were different, I was simply about to use this. however you may also be able to use application which gives you a phone number such as skype or TextMe so that you can receive tinder phone number confirmation texts.

Tinder Bio

Once you have got your new account and a fresh start you can go ahead and create your profile again. There is already lots of information on the web about how to create funny bios, take great pictures, and start conversations - but there is one area that I want to touch on. Make sure that whatever you do, will increase your elo score - and this means giving tinder exactly what it wants: more useful data. Make sure your profile is totally filled out with the maximum number of pictures taken (make sure they are nice and clear), a full bio, schools / work information, city, instagram, spotify, facebook etc. Fill it all out to increase your elo score.

Swipe Right on Everyone?

Should you really swipe right on everyone as quickly as possible? No! this will make you look like a bot, or someone who is simply trying to abuse tinder. With Tinder Auto Swiper we slowly swipe for you to mimic the swiping habits and patterns of real humans to help increase your Elo Score. We make it look like you are really considering a profile before swiping and additionally you have the ability to determine what percentage of people you want to swipe left on. This can help you get tons of matches with extremely little effort, since you don’t need to spend time swiping and can easily change your swipe location to any location in the world. Once you get your matches, it can improve your score to message them right away to try and get a conversation going since Tinder doesn’t want to see you with lots of matches and no conversations.

Using Tinder Auto Swiper:

Tinder Auto Swiper is a tinder tool which has two main features. 1) the ability to change your location anywhere in the world, and 2) to begin autoswiping and automatically like people anywhere in the world. This can generate for you a seemingly unlimited amount of matches - but you should also make sure you have good etuqiute while using it. Here are some tips to make sure you are using it correctly:

  • choosing a reasonable number of people to swipe left on. we suggest around 20%.
  • If your swiping in another location, use it 3-4 days before you arrive (this will give you enough time to match with and talk with people)
  • make sure you message people that you match with early or unmatched them.
  • Mix in some manual swiping every once in a while. using tinder auto swiper is great, but just to make sure it doesn’t impact your elo score negatively, you should turn it off every once in a while and start manual swiping.

TLDR? So far we have talked about the idea of getting more matches by increasing your Elo score - and how to do it. You can reset your Elo score by creating a new account and make sure to improve it by having good swiping practices. Additionally, we all know that you can only actually get matches by swiping, and to do that you can use Tinder Auto Swiper to not only swipe a lot, but also change your locaiton to swipe in places you will be in the future.

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