What is Tinder Auto Swiper?
Tinder Auto Swiper gives you a "Tinder Passport" which allows you to change your location to any geographical location in the world. This means that you can swipe matches in any city you choose. Additionally, you can enable our "Auto-Swiping" feature, which allows you to automatically swipe in your prefered location everyday. Just set the location once, and we will swipe there for you everyday!
What is Tinder Passport?
Tinder passport is a product by Tinder which allows you to change your location in Tinder so that you can swipe and find dates in any location you choose. Tinder passport is not free and is normally included in one of Tinders pricing options - or you can simply login to our app and purchase it at up to 75% off!
How does tinder passport work?
Tinder passport works by letting you choose a location on a map as your swipe location. Tinder takes the GPS coordinates from the location you choose and lets other people around that spot see and swipe on you.
How much is tinder passport?
Normally Tinder passport in included Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, and tinder will charge different prices on these products depending on your age, sex, location, and swiping habits. Generally we offer up to 75% off of tinder passport pricing, with pricing as low as $1.99/month! Check out our deals on the Pricing Page!
Can people see how far I am away when I use tinder passport?
Yes, users will see your origional location and be able to tell exactly how far you are away - however you will show up in their app and they will be able to swipe on you - even if their settings are set to only a few km's.
How to update my tinder location?
Once you make a purchase in our appliction, you can visit the Autoswipe page to see where your swiping locatin is. Simple click on the map to move the marker and then press "change location". This will update your swiping location and people will begin to see you on tinder in this location.
Can I change my location as much as I want?
Yes, however Tinder only allows a location change once per day. We allow you to change your location at least once per day.
How many swipes do I get per day?
We will swipe until you run out of matches or until you have reached your swipe limit for the day. This is over 100 swipes per day.
What happens if I log into tinder on my phone while using the app?
If you log into tinder on your phone after you have enabled autoswiping, you will be able to use the app like you normally would. However once you log in with your phone, your 'swipe location' will change to your current location, so potential matches in your swipe location may not be able to see you. If you enable auto-swiping, we will change your location once per day back to your swipe location you set on our app and start swiping there.
What happens if I leave autoswiping on forever?
If you leave on autoswiping forever, we will swipe matches for you forever :)
I dont know the phone number associated with my tinder account. What do I do?
You need to set up a phone number with your tinder account in order to use this app. Tinder needs to log you in via a mobile phone. If you dont have a phone number set up with tinder, you will need to set one up. You can follow the following steps:

To reset your tinder phone number:
  1. Go to Tinder.com and tap Login With Phone Number
  2. Select the option that says Changed your phone number? Login With Email
  3. Enter the email address associated with your Tinder account
  4. If Tinder is able to locate an account associated with your email address, you'll receive an email from them
  5. Open the email and tap the link included to access your account
  6. Verify your account and set up a new phone number
What security measures does this site use?
We use the latest technology and practies to secure our site. We dont store your Tinder usernames or password on our servers. We use the Tinder API to securly log you into tinder, so that we do not handle any of your sensitive information. Everything goes directly to Tinder. We only store an encrypted token associated with your tinder account so that we can swipe for you everyday.
How do I know if i’m getting matches?
You can tell if you are getting matches because when you open your tinder application on your phone, you will see all of your new matches. They will be location in the area you chose. Remember that it may take a few days before you start seeing matches in the new location you chose because the people there also have to see and match with you!
I have set my location and enabled 'autoswipe' but im not getting any matches. Is the app working?
It may take a few days for you to get matches because the people in the location you chose also have to see and match with you!. Additionally, even though you changed your location, it may take a day or two to get updated on Tinders end. If you feel that you are not getting any matches because the app is not working, please feel free to send us a message on the Contact Page
I have purchased this app and I am now done using it. How can I unsubscribe?
Simply log in and visit the pricing page where you can choose to unsubscribe from your plan.
How can I delete my account?
Your account is anonymous (we do not confirm email or other information) and therefore cannot be deleted but will rather expire. As a result, you simply need to stop using the service in order for your account and tinder tokens to expire. Make sure to unsubscribe from the service on the pricing page or we will keep you account active.
I can't login - what should I do?
Please visit: https://tinderautoswiper.com/password/reset Where you can reset your password.
What is your refund policy?
We issue refunds according the the following cases:

  • Case 1: You have made only 1 payment on your subscription, and it has been less then 7 days since your subscription was created:
    100% refund.
  • Case 2: You have made only 1 payment on your subscription, and it has been more then 7 days since your subscription was created:
    no refund
  • Case 3: You have made more then one payment on your subscription and it has been less then 7 days since your subscription was renewed:
    50% refund
  • Case 4: You have made more then one payment on your subscription and it has been more then 7 days since your subscription was renewed:
    no refund

We offer a 100% refund in the first case so that users can try the app and make sure they like it without any risk. Additionally, as stated above, we offer a 50% refund if it has been less then 7 days since your subscription has renewed. We also will send you an email 7 days in advance of your subscription renewal date so that you have time to cancel if necessary.