In this post you will learn how to improve your Tinder algorithm and which factors are important and how to use them to your advantage. There is no question that a bad Tinder algorithm will reduce your chances of success to a minimum.

You want to get more matches with attractive women? Everyone wants that, but most don't know how! After this post, you'll know how. This will give you a huge advantage over your competition. Let's start right away with the Tinder algorithm ranking factors!

An active Tinder Boost


The Tinder Boost increases your visibility. Since Tinder is just a company like any other and wants to generate revenue, the company has come up with something very special. In addition to a monthly subscription, you can bribe the Tinder algorithm and enjoy increased visibility.

Improve your Tinder algorithm for 30 minutes - that's what Tinder Boost promises. This is supposed to get you up to 100x more profile visitors. This is really interesting, but Tinder Boost costs real money, so it is not an option for many people.

If you don't mind the price, this is of course the best option to improve your Tinder algorithm, even if it's only for a certain amount of time. The price is between 4,00€ and 6,50€, which is not little for 30 minutes.

In general, I can't really recommend the Boost because of the price. There are other options that you can use to improve your Tinder algorithm. Besides, more visitors don't always mean you get more Likes.

Tinder Plus & Tinder Gold


It's not publicly advertised, but we've noticed that with Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum, your Tinder algorithm is improved. In addition to increased visibility, you get other features that are really worthwhile.

The biggest advantage of Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum is that you can give unlimited Likes, which in conjunction with a Tinder Auto Swiper your success on this platform will improve enormously.

Factor #1 - Lots of Likes make you stand out!

You can improve your Tinder algorithm by increasing the number of Likes. I personally believe that the number of Likes in a Your interests period play a role and not the ratio to the dislikes. However, I can't rule that out to 100%. The fact is, the more Likes you get the better!

Does this dialogue sound familiar?


This dialog is displayed when you receive a lot of Likes compared to other users. This means that a high number of Likes will improve your Tinder algorithm. Thanks to my Tinder Auto Swiper this has actually happened to me before and I have received messages about it several times.

I did not know that there is such a thing on Tinder, until I got the first messages. Thought why I suddenly get so many Super Likes, before that was never so!

It's almost like a snowball, if you get a lot of Likes you will be rewarded with even more Likes. After some tests I found out that the number of Likes is one of the biggest factors that improve your Tinder algorithm. However, this is only possible if you are really active on Tinder. Therefore, you should definitely consider the factor #2.

Factor #2 - Activity on Tinder

Like Tinder in a official blogpost has even confirmed, the new Tinder algorithm penalizes inactive people extremely. This means that if you only go into the app once every 4 days and swipe or reply to messages, you will very quickly no longer be displayed. Tinder tries to keep the platform as clean as possible. No one likes to spend time checking and Swipening inactive Tinder profiles.

A high activity is rewarded with a very high visibility, which leads to the fact that you are displayed to many women in your area. So it's like a natural Tinder boost that doesn't cost money, just time. But what does being active mean anyway?

Frequently online and swiping a lot

The company has confirmed in their latest post about the new Tinder algorithm that activity is the most important factor for high visibility. But why does it have such a high value?

It's simple - Tinder only works as long as the app has many active users. The success of dating apps depends almost exclusively on the number of active users. Who likes to use an app where you swipe for hours and after 2 weeks not a single Like has come back? Nobody, it would be very demotivating!

The basic function of today's dating apps is the Swipen, after all, this is the only way to create a match. A match is a prerequisite for a date and a date can create relationships. So it's no wonder that Tinder attaches great importance to this.

Our Tip: You should be online every day, preferably even several times at different times and swipe as much as you can. There are also ways to automate the process. We have a Tinder Auto Swiper developed, with which you are online around the clock and swiping automatically!

Write to your matches

Tinder has made it clear in its official position name: It's not just about the Swipen - A match is not a trophy that you put in your display case and then no longer pay attention to. Sending messages is also part of a healthy activity.

Online dating is all about getting users to get in touch with each other and then meet up for a date. This is exactly what the chat function is for. Without messages, a date is guaranteed not to happen. After all, you have to at least arrange the place and date for a meeting.

As a man, you will usually have to send the first message. If you do not know what to write, you can read our article about Tinder Opener read through, so you will most likely get an answer.

Our Tip:

When you receive a new match, you should open the conversation relatively quickly. The Tinder algorithm will owe it to you! But it's also important that you get a response, so you should write something that women will respond to!

Much chatting

The goal of a dating app is to provide real dates, so the Tinder algorithm will prefer people who chat a lot. After all, a date only comes about if you write back and forth several times. Until a date is arranged, it often takes quite a few messages.

The Tinder algorithm doesn't rate the quality of your messages, but if you don't make an effort, the women may not notice. Resolve Tinder Match or ghosted you. If this happens all the time, the Tinder algorithm will classify your messages as bad.

You should definitely not always answer immediately! This you convey to the women that you have nothing better to do and probably do not even chat with other women on Tinder! This comes across very needy, so make sure that you answer regularly, but not always 1 second after you have received a message.

Our Tip: You need to find a healthy balance between how often you send new messages and when you reply. If you only wait for a new message in the chat, you only give the woman the feeling that you have nothing better to do. But if you only reply to new messages once a week, you're telling the Tinder algorithm that you're inactive!

Factor #2 - Your preferences

Of course, it is important to respond to the preferences of users. If you can remember, in the beginning you could enter certain data about yourself. Your gender, what you are looking for (dating or friendship), and what gender you are interested in.

This way, you have told the Tinder algorithm what exactly you like to see in the suggested profiles. At the same time, you are also shown preferentially to people who are the opposite of you. It doesn't make sense that if you are only interested in women, you will also be displayed to men.

It can happen, but it is not the rule. After all, the Tinder algorithm strives to match people with the same preferences. However, sometimes certain information is intentionally or unintentionally incorrect. Especially when the profile is new and hardly any data is available, this can happen more often.

But the Tinder algorithm is not stupid either, if you search for women and suddenly have a match with a man, you will probably dissolve the match or not reply to messages. This decreases the visibility of the other person, until the other person is no longer displayed.

So, as you can see, it is important that you specify your real preferences and interests, otherwise you will be suggested to the wrong people and this will, within a very short time, degrade your Tinder algorithm to such an extent that you can directly create a new Tinder profile.

Our Tip:

Check your data again, in case of doubt you should create a new Tinder profile and enter all data correctly. You will not be successful on dating platforms if you have entered incorrect data. The Tinder algorithm will pull you down and make sure that you are no longer displayed.

Factor #3 - Your interests

The interests of the users are also taken into account. However, it is not mandatory to pursue the same interests for a relationship. Therefore, this factor is not an exclusion criterion. Rather, the interests serve to increase your visibility for people with the same interests.

As you can see in the image above, the same interests are displayed in a different color. It is obvious that this information is not only used to change the color.

You can imagine it like this: If there are really 2 people with the same score in your environment, then the person with the similar interests will be displayed first and a Swipe later the second person who does not have the same interests.

According to Tinder's own statement, the system does not take features such as hair color, skin color or income into account. However, users are given a stamp in the "Top Picks" function. For example, "athlete," "musician," "doctor," and so on.

Our Tip: You can choose 5 interests, you should do that. It hardly costs you any time and can only have a positive effect. Even if it wasn't a factor that would improve your Tinder algorithm, it could earn you more Likes if a woman sees that you have similar interests.

Factor #4 - The user behavior

The Tinder algorithm tries to provide suggestions based on your tastes. As a software developer, I know that this is really difficult to implement. Tinder doesn't claim to do this based on hair color, skin color, or similar characteristics.

Unfortunately, no one can confirm whether this is really true. That would be the easiest way to lump different people together. As an example, you could throw all people who predominantly give blondes a Like into the blondes pot.

According to Tinder, the algorithm considers several people and evaluates their user behavior. Only the developers themselves probably know which variables are really used for this. The fact is, they want to keep the Tinder algorithm secret, which is why you often only get half information or maybe even misleading information.

For me personally, it would even be conceivable that all chats are analyzed and evaluated. However, Tinder itself would never admit that, since this is sensitive data, hence the name Privatchat.

The more information that is taken into consideration, the more accurately the Tinder algorithm will find good matches for you. Unfortunately, no one knows what information is used, but it is conceivable that the following information is used:

Factor #5- Your location

You don't really have any influence on your location, but it is an important factor in the Tinder algorithm. If you've noticed, dating apps first show people from the immediate vicinity. In the beginning, people might be 1-5km away, but later on they might be 40-80 kilometers away.

Until you reach your range limit. Then some apps won't show you anything anymore and you have to wait until new people sign up again. Tinder then displays a message about "Matching worldwide". This means that the location factor is no longer taken into account in the Tinder algorithm, so to speak, and you get suggestions based on other factors.

With Tinder Gold, you can change your location and see new people. You can also use this to your advantage. If you want to appear as a suggestion to a certain person, you can set your location to their home, the closer the better. This way you will most likely be displayed to her 😉 .

Our Tip:

If there are hardly any useful suggestions in your area, just use Tinder in another city and try your luck there. When you're out and about, open Tinder from time to time and Swipen a few times. This will stimulate the Tinder algorithm a bit.

Factor #6 - quality of your images


Have you ever tried using Tinder with Spongebob as your profile picture? No? We have! This resulted in the picture being removed in no time and the visibility decreased enormously. Even after we uploaded a normal picture, the Tinder algorithm was still down. Not infrequently, this also leads to a block.

The first impression on Tinder decides whether you get a Like or a Dislike. That's why it's even more important that you at least make an effort with your main picture. The best way to do this is to read our Tinder tips so that you achieve the best possible results.

But not only your potential matches check and rate your profile pictures, but also Tinder. Given the number of users, it is very likely that this is not only done manually. It is conceivable that the Tinder algorithm searches for and evaluates your profile picture on the web in advance. If your profile picture is suspicious, it is removed or at least passed on for manual checking.

Our Tip:

Make an effort with your profile pictures, because your success with other people in Tinder depends on it and additionally your Tinder algorithm will improve. Quality over quantity is the keyword here. Upload less pictures with a good quality instead of many with a bad quality.