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• Anime nerd & stuff • Anjuna Fam! ???????? (Next music festival goal: Above & Beyond @ the Gorge 2020!) MUSIC LOVER TO ALL GENRES • Animal lover (Dog's name in the pic is Babygirl) • Fishing • Spring & Fall season • Great sense of humor & sarcasm • If you "like me" or swipe right, just messege me. I'm pretty much open to anything! Just be respectful of others! •No fuck boys please! Sorry not sorry! Ask for snap! Just looking for friends to chat with ❤
Not looking for a hook up. Let's go on an adventure. And yes, that's my little boy. No bs.
Really over the dating game????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Yes I’m trans; No I am not your own personal google. where’s my Jake Peralta????? just really looking for someone who wants to cuddle and eat food and watch hockey with me lmao message me first, not because I’m a conceited fuck, because my tinder is stupid and glitches with my matches.:)
Queer woman in an open relationship looking to have some fun. Lets chat and see where things go! I work in theatre as a costume shop manager and wardrobw supervisor, so I am very creative and work crazy hours. I also enjoy baking, drawing, sewing, and watching reruns of Star Trek: Next Generation and Gilmore girls
Living thicc and looking great doing it. Comments from real life people: • "You're a solid 3 star bitch" - my first roommate • "Please stop putting metal in your face" - my grandma • "Please stop talking about your work while I'm trying to eat" - everyone • "Wow, you are the funniest person I've ever met" - me to myself • "Stop that, you look stupid" - my mom Perks to dating me: I have all 4 Shrek movies on DVD
i come with beauty, brains, and a lot of sass... can you handle it ???????? snapchat????: ohsosassyy
Lots of sass packed into a 5’2” frame. Good luck to you! Just moved to Minneapolis from America’s high-five ✋ Show me the best bar for whisky and darts! ????????????????????????‍⚕️????????‍♀️????????????????????????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????
Cross country/track grind????????‍♀️ All for the outdoors and adventure???? You gotta be a dog lover????
i like funny boys & music festivals & beer looking for the yin to my yang ☯️ i sell glasses ????
I am looking for a person who can put up with my shitty references, jokes, and painfully awful coordination. I’m sober, don’t trip I’m still fun. Im coined as the worst texter, and I live by that. Give me a reason to not hate 2020 ????????????️‍???????????? • Anime • Crippling Anxiety • Sleep • Memes • ✨
Like every sane human, I enjoy combatting my deepest darkest insecurities with Stardew Valley and casual sex Not here for your Asian fetish Trump supporters stay away (for your own safety) Saving the sanctity of anal for when I'm on the brink of divorce so quit asking Honesty looking for a nice murderer with no desire to torture me please (a back massage will also do) If I don't answer immediately it's because I have a life outside of this cursed app Have a great life thx for the read
i wanna make you breakfast ????
Animals ???????? Travel ✈️ Sports ⚽️???? Bookworm ???? Outdoor ????????‍♀️???? Foodie ???????? Not looking for a casual hookup
Sc- greybabe425
Angsty Stilting Juggler. Vegetarian. Sailor. theater & dance major they????them i really miss the sun & flowers lover of mangos, breakfast, adventures, swing, swimming, & memes striving to be the perfect mix of 90s Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson & Tyra Banks simultaneously made of your dreams & nightmares. idk i just want my damn hand held certified walking shitpost ???? save the bees
They/Them Largely introverted adult, mostly creative hobbies. If you won't dress up at the Renaissance Festival with me, swipe left.
Looking for beautiful souls and people to go on adventures with either in nature or that little hole in the wall holy grail restaurant Just got out of a long term relationship Looking for something much less serious
An adequate list of bird memes, a cute dog (preferably mine), a depressing yet funny movie, Cap’n Crunch, then fruit snacks to soothe the cap’n crunch mouth, and a solid hike = a good day.???? I’m no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time, just like everyone else.
Guatemala???????? living in Minnesota I love cats, dogs and black coffee ☕️ I’m a dancer/ workout lover. I laugh about everything ????????‍♀️ I love random questions so just ask.
????: clara_babler instagram: clarabablerr
I would rather be reading. INFJ. I’m probably either too boring or not boring enough for you ????????‍♀️ Returning little people to their big people by day, bothering rich people for money to start a nonprofit by night. Traveler at heart, current homebody due to the fact that humans drain my soul.
Tequila and ???????? Southern girl already freezing and it’s only October.
Hi, can I have your sweatshirt? UMN ’20
I enjoy movies/netflix, hiking, traveling, photography, spending time with friends and family, game nights, adventures, exploring new areas, camping, animals, laughing, basketball, outdoors, nature, road trips, fall, meeting new people. Just a Monica/Pam looking for her Chandler/Jim ???? P.S. if you never have time to hangout then please swipe left.
What it do baybeeeee. ????
Tall and awkward I only download this app when I’m lonely
Future financial crimes investigator. I can speak car but I’m not fluent, undercover nerd, escape room addict and cat mom. Let’s check out your three B’s. (Brewery, Burger, Board game) How can you help me avoid the fourth B? (Boredom) INTJ, if you’re into that.
I’ll never chase a man but if you got tattoos and a nice smile, bitch might just jog a little. From Finland, third time in the States. Let’s get married so I can stay for good. Ig: vveerakaarina
Pre-med/pre-hobo Veg???? ❤️ Games/puzzles Wimping out at karaoke Nature Learning Honesty People passionate about important issues Dancing (really badly, someone please teach me) Eventually looking for a not shitty person to be mutually worthy of each other’s love with but I’m 85% sure not shitty people are a lie our parents tell us so we’ll eat our vegetables so in the mean time I’m just trying to get laid, cuddle, and meet new people If you think women’s worth is based on sexual activity then
Mom of two young boys. Financial Advisor. Photographer.
Shoot your shot ????????‍♀️ ????Catch me while you can, converting a bus and traveling in May ???????? Btdubs-That filter makes you look like an idiot, and we all know you love travel, and fish ???? ????Looking interesting & weird humans to connect with. ???????????? Not your ???? IG: simply_____complex/ RJ ????????????????????????????️‍♂️????????‍♀️????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????????????????????????????️‍???? Marvel bish X-men (lets bitch about dark Phoenix)
The fat, cat-owning, liberal, intersectional feminist that Tomi Lahren warned you about. Law grad. Public servant. Avid indoorswoman. ????????‍❤️‍????‍???????????????????????? Monogamous. Im really just a pale, delicate dollop of marshmallow fluff.
I like to hang out with my friends, cuddle with my dog, travel the world, and simply enjoy my life ???????? I love going out just as much as I love a night in cuddling and watching Netflix. I'm looking for someone who is respectful but also knows how to have a good time. I'm looking for someone who I can share my life with. Swipe right with only serious inquiries ????
Fueled by coffee, podcasts, long runs, and adventure.
I'm a girl. The end of the world is coming so we should sin one last time. I'll add you to my book????<-- I'll only tell you about it if we meet. We can watch cartoons too! Floor or air mattress?
ny | mn poet vocalist in Nur-D / @nurdrocks let’s sell out fine line on 3/27 not here to play hope you like dancing she/her
taking valentine applications insta: @malaya.grace
Let’s listen to R&B/Soul and vibe Vocal Music Education ♥️ 5’10 Let’s go on an adventure ???? Look at the last pic for the real me???? ???? If I know you I’m 100% swiping right. You’re welcome????
Bad at bios but I promise I’m at least mildly interesting :) Hobbies include painting, cooking, and napping Part time lifeguard, full time procrastinator
Im not sure what Im here for but Im here .. And Im here to have a good time ???? sky pictures are my favorite thing beside Luna my cat
Studying music, alternative dream job: astronaut Big fan of bad puns & waffles
“I’m no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time”
trust me with the aux cord. looking for a dude who’s ok with me being funnier than him. let’s go to ikea high and try to pronounce the product names.
Cowboys welcomed follow me on insta so I know it’s real: erinroan #CHD #KKGOD
Just want to enjoy life, travel and make memories. Please don’t waste my time if you can’t keep a conversation going.
6’1” cuz that matters. Also looking for boys to ruin my life.
pretty much always reading, painting, binging a tv show, or thinking about women's separatism
French girl lost in Minnesota I like music, travelling and pumpkin carving For hook up, please swip left
I’ve deleted this app 1000 times and I will delete it 1000 times again. Rn I work in a restaurant but hope to work in a library
just looking for a blue eyed boy and someone to watch cringy tik toks with. half cuban :) 5’9 lol insta: ameliaxgarcia
I’m not one of those dumb hoes who screams in a bar
I'm an animal lover and a bit of a geek. My favorite hobby is reading - its not uncommon for me to go a few days without human contact when I get into a book. Just looking to hang out with cool people with the potential of something more :-)
Big fan of beer & fitness... among other things that aren’t so contradicting ???? Tattoos ????
Just got out of relationship, and now I’m just trying to focus on me. Not looking to ‘hookup’ ???????? but not looking for a husband rn either. Let’s be friends ???? Edit- No that doesn’t mean I’m emotionally unavailable or interested in being your ‘fuck buddy’???? Just looking to live my very best life. Whatever happens, happens. ????????‍♀️ new to the MPLS area and wanna put myself out there. Declaimer- If you’re lame enough to copy & paste your bio from google, imma have to swipe left. ????
New to Minnesota, from Florida trying to meet new people ???????? Would love to explore the city and go on spontaneous adventures!
22 Snap : Wjohnsonnnn Insta: wensia_j
???? Good Vibes ???? Rugby ? ???? insta: sincerely_ele
Mikayla, 23, like to read, Tumblr, 4.20, love music and concerts. Tattoos are sexy af ???? Snapchat - mikcraycray
I'll use slang like "ur" and "bc" while using words like "sanctimonious" and "circumlocution" because I'm not only brilliant but down with the kids. I'm deathly allergic to cats so if you're into cats this probably won't work out. Or if you have bad grammar.
I love naps, coffee, animals, hunting, and fishing. I hate coconuts, running, and tomatoes. Will definitely have lip syncing competitions with you, but I’ll probably win. ????????‍♀️
Love nature ????traveling ???? reading ???? writing ✍️ and attempting to learn Italian ???????? **no hookups**
I like alternative rock and horror movies I love animals, art, and traveling 420 friendly
I am a very outgoing person, I like to go out and have fun with people! If you’re going to lead me on then ghost me swipe left I’m sick of that I’m looking to settle down and move up in life. Long-neck ice-cold beer never broke my heart!
engineer lifting tattoos dogs ok -> mn
I'll bake you cookies for days ????
pull my hair & choke me thanks
• 18 • oops i can’t drive • 5’2” • photography • they/them • sorry if i super liked it was more than likely an accident • i’m a dumb bitch with 5 stick n pokes so beware
Actor/Artist???????????? Youth Worker⚡️????????✨ Administrative A$$istant ????⚖️???? Queeeeer???????????? They/She ????????????‍♂️???? In an open relationship???? Kinkier than you ????⛓ acab. blm. nazis swipe left pls.
22|MCTC-Nurse Majoring|Writing and coffee ☕️ Kickbox????&Dance ???? Warning: I am quiet a flirt in person. ???? I’m nice and I’m pretty goofy. I am decisive, if you’re not sure about doing or going somewhere, most chances are, I do.
Retired college swimmer ????????‍♀️ ????????‍♀️ World traveler ✈️ (14 countries and counting) Introverted extrovert Love dancing ???????? Want to find something real ???? Let’s go to a wild game From Madison, Wisconsin ????
Let's be romantic ???? ♈♎♊ I may not be smokin hot but I am definitely smokin pot ???????????????????? Message me first ????????
Cute fat nerd seeking a relationship with another cute nerd who likes to play board games and watch horror movies. Like a best friend, but kinkier. I'm thrifty, nifty, and striving. One cat, two geckos, 8 tattoos, 15 plants, 420 participant. I believe that Harry Potter is a classic, The Office is good but not THAT good, and sports are boring and overrated. Save us both some time and swipe left if you like Trump
Fun to be around creative outgoing Big fan of memes ???? food is life???????????? I love watching movies, going on long walks while I smoke a blunt.. Into modeling & dressing up looking for girls that's into stuff like me taking best friend ???? applications Bisexual ???????? Scorpio
Single mom of an adorable 4 year old, work full time as a dialysis PCT. My friends are my family! I’m super sarcastic and love puns! I love to read, do anything outside , game, and go for walks. Always up to try anything once! Let’s talk :)
???????? tattoo dates should be a thing smiling and vodka crans are my favorite
I laugh way too hard at corny jokes and bad pick up lines. Dad bods ???? I can probably eat more hot wings than you. ????
Navigating new relationships while working the night shift is quite intriguing. Vegan ????. Exploring ENM. Trying to pass the time adventuring around the mitten until I’m in PDX.
Add my snap carlyyleah38❤️
???????????????? I love exploring❤ and Games ???? Animals are my life, and I would always try to help a animal when I can???? I would take part in anything that involves Nature ???? Photography is my passion, and that means I'm usually behind the camera???? *not in photos* (capture the moment) Looking for friends who I can be myself with???? WARNING--> Crazy person if you get to know me???????? BTW: UNICORNS RULE????
Things you should know about me: 1. NOT here to hookup- looking to actually date. 2. I have a kid. If that's not an issue..swipe right! :)
If you can’t tell, my dog is my life Take me on an adventure Ur all boring More grown then you would think Where my country boy at????
MSU Grad! Love the office, parks and rec, and its always sunny Shamelessly addicted to reality tv Help me with my fantasy football team Go Green!
I’m an awesome girl with an awesome personality!!!!! Looking for a awesome man to spend time with and get to know. I love cubby men with a mean beard game!!!! Likes: Bonfires Football Baseball Concerts Casinos Anything outdoors always open to try new things!!! I have my own house a job and vehicle.
I'm weird.
Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way
I must me google because I’m everything your searching for!????
Just looking to meet new people. Not the clubbing type. Homebody but trying to work on that. No I don't expect to meet my husband on here.
Looking for a friend ????????
I’ll write something clever at some point
Just a crazy ginger that never wears sunscreen on purpose. I like to live on the edge of life????
My plan is to takeover the world with sharks and roombas, and make some new friends along the way.
Founder & Owner of #Rosebudz ????Smokeable Roses ! ???? Honestly: Ideal Man: Kingpin/Assassin! If Not, wealthy & Handsome! If non of those, then, rich world traveler will do. ????????????‍♀️ If u don’t fit into those boxes I guess just try your hand with what u got! I’m easy to meet yet hard to get to know! Weed+Food are life! Teach me something show me something I like challenges. If you ask what I do I will say NOTHING. Dating is a rich mans sport! I don’t want your ???? but YO ASS better Possess som
Just an April Ludgate looking for her Andy Dwyer. I have green hair now ???? Okay but like for real who's tryin to live that spooky vibes Halloween every day kinda life with me
What Up Doe!!! I’m Me!!! QueBee ????????????
Single and looking for a relation Ship Xoxo
Undergrad Electronic Engineering Graduate Project Management No Kids No Drama! Captivate my mind all else will come.
Let’s grab drinks. If you love tequila, we’re already a match. CRJ & Pre Law Major. ⚖️ Recently made an Instagram follow me: natasiac__
Very into watching and going to sporting events. In tune with nature and the outdoors . New registered nurse ! Looking for someone to make me laugh and have adventures with.
Moved back to MI from Arizona, Michigan girl born and raised, I love anything to make me laugh, anything to do with art, music, makeup. I’m a huge dog person, love going to shows. I do comedy. Let’s grab a drink? ????☺️ •C A N C E R• ♋️ **I LOVE KAYAKING SO LETS GO** ????????‍♂️ •4 Tattoos •4 Piercings Yes I’m thick, currently working on being slim thick. ????????‍♀️???? XOTil’WeOverdose P.S Don’t waste my time. ????????‍♀️ •I want to be appreciated is all• If I super like you probs an accident ????
I just love my dog and my car. Recently moved back downstate. Getting my life back in order, but feeling bored.
Just a college girl trying to figure out life:)
OU swim ‘20
Looking for some girl friends ???????? Snap ????hannah14333
????chicago —> Ann Arbor how to make me happy: drake. food. 90s r&b. and crime tv.
Looking for someone to eat and watch movies with.
just looking for my small town boy for this hometown girl ????????????Well I'm a single mom of 2 awesome boys! They will forever and ALWAYS come 1st also I want to make a point I'm not looking for anyone to play "step dad" to my kids. I dont need a man around to raise MY kids.... lol I'm 5ft tall so being taller than me is plus but not hard lol also 420 friendly for those who are fun like me lol jk jk orrrr am I... still messing up the left and right lol I'm gonna blame it on the blonde hair lol ????
Figure skater
I like to play with fire and smoke weed I highly enjoy horror movies and stuff about serial killers Shoot ya shot
I'm a bubbly polyamorous pastel goth blerdy babygirl with an obsession for all things kawaii and hot guys with long hair and bad boy rocker looks also I'm pretty sure I'm a manic pixie dream girl slash real world Disney princess . BTW did I mention I smell like coconuts and roses ?
Good Vibes Only Creeps Beware....I know Kung Fu ???????? Ganja Goddess
Make me laugh Ask abt whatever it is you wanna know I love sweets ????????
Just finally graduated from Oakland University studying art history. I love drinking probably too much wine and visiting museums.
I take care of the elderly for a living. Studying to become your nurse. 5’2 with some attitude (actually I’m 5’1) Tryna have some fun, maybe find something serious but does that ever happen on Tinder? Wholesome kinda girl, the kind your mama will love Let’s grab a drink ????????????????
Ask me???
???????? Someone once described me as what would happen if Wednesday Addams and Donkey from Shrek had a child. Musical theatre is my passion. In my free time I'm usually either reading or playing D&D. Former hockey player My music taste is usually called "weird" Cat mom ???? Where are my fellow geeks at?
Cat mom of 2 (so if you are allergic, please swipe left). I love to sing karaoke, go to musicals, watch hockey, build things, renovate homes, design clothes and spend time with friends and family. I do smoke ???? so swipe left if that’s an issue. I am looking for a relationship, but let’s just get to know each other and see where thing go ????????‍♀️ ISFJ-T
Hannah like Hannah Montana except from St. Louis
????????Entertainment law, journalism, art & music lover ???? Detroit
Free Spirit ☮️
31 looking for something casual
????IG ellakaniukbarker, Gotta be able to keep with with my lifestyle???? adventurous intelligent hardworking compassionate animal lover music lover art, history and cultural diversity enthusiast athletic
I am a very bubbly person. I love everything about cars! I love racing and car audio!! I am a dog groomer so dogs are my life! I love hanging out with my friends and listening to music! 420 & chill? Add me on Snapchat —- girl_basshead Okay... I'm NOT looking for random hookups sooo if that's what your trying to get at look elsewhere!! Don't waste my time or yours!!
The only difference between me and a mosquito is I don’t stop sucking when you slap me.
Add me on Snapchat @carmenw313????
Fun fact: I haven’t used tinder in 3 years, I’m actually 23. Just mindlessly swiping, don’t mind me!
I just moved to Michigan last month. My family and close friends mean the world to me. I'm a crazy dog mom before anything else. If you want to get to know me let's talk and see where things go. ????????‍♀️
looking for a fun time;)
| virgo | 19 | SCC I'm easy going, bubbly, very busy on the go girl. I'm humble and down to earth dont let the devil costume scare u. Singer/dancer/actor 420 friendly ????
No, I dont wanna talk on snapchat, I'm Alicia. I'm looking for fun and friendship in and out of the bedroom. Nothing serious, since I'm married. But it would be just me. I have to have some kind of attraction to you for this to work. I'm not just gonna fuck you. Im also not gonna sext you either. What are you? 15? ???????? I'm a bbw, so if that's a problem, see ya! I love serial killer stuff. I love ID Discovery. I have terrible anxiety, which is a good time.
Don’t want any hookups! I have an amazing personality get to know me then you’ll see. I love being active and enjoying the summer with rollerblading and swimming but yet my favourite season’s are fall and spring. I love a guy who could make the first move to message me first. Snapchat: fashionfreak95
SC and IG : India.charde???? Juss for fun????
25, Student/intern/server . Animal lover ???????? Looking for someone to make me laugh . Being nonjudgmental , educated , and respectful are a must . ❤️ Looking to find my Mr. Right
I like to watch TV hang out watching movies a really sweet person. I love animals. I am not looking for anything sexual I'm looking for friends that could possibly lead to something serious.
Q: What type of trains don’t let gingers ride? A: The soul train???? See if you know one that I don’t know! I play with tanks for a living...
Bachelor's in Psychology finishing up Pre reqs for Med School in Nashville. Scorpio. Just out here having fun trying to make it. ????????????????Please ignore all those super random likes I have from Facebook! I actually like normal things like music, traveling, going outing, laughing, and movies. Looking to meet new, interesting guys and see where it goes. New favorite hobby is kickboxing that's why some objects may appear larger than others in some pics ????
WA✈️CA✈️MI. Law student trying to have fun one last time before I be a real lawyer. And by “fun” I mean drinking wine and avoiding the cold. To be honest, when they said that Michigan winters are really long, I was picturing California winters and I thought that didn’t sound so bad and now I’m cold all the time and only have myself to blame.
Outgoing, easygoing, and fun
Sweet Marjoram Enjoys long walks through cemeteries Cacti collector ????????????????
I like going on dates. I play soccer so Id like to think I'm active Always hungry. Ngl i like to b spoiled ???? Whos your fav naruto character
Fun bbw looking for some big D tonight ;) 420 friendly. Hmu
Hi I’m kim????on here looking to meet new people so stop and say hi also ADD me on snap @kim_lovejones
who’s tryna take shots of Tito’s and eat cool ranch Doritos WSU 2020
I’m from Detroit, Mi Looking for good conversation and entertainment. Interested message me
☕️ & ???? Yoga. Teeth. Books. Advocacy. Calligraphy. The Outdoors. Somewhere New.
Looking dates and or a potentional fwb If you need bud, hmu If your first couple messages amount to "let's fuck", you're boring and I'm probably not going to answer. I love cooking, video games and horror movies.
Aspiring architect. Double Trouble Ask me about what I’m looking for and I’ll tell you not for “fun” Here for a long time and decent time because if I say good time then you’ll think I’m DTF. I’m not.
(Dont message me if you can't hold a conversation ???? ) Let's Hang! ???????????????? Add me on Insta: jinxprez SC: Jahhdee Fluid. ???? Ganga friendly ????
I dont smoke. I rarely drink. I work almost always. If I'm not at work I'm probably in Medic class. ⛷Skiing ⛷ ????Snowboarding???? ???? Hunting ???? ????Longboarding ???? ????My pup is my world???? ????????Firefighter/EMT???????? ???? firechick0915 ????
Windsor, ON ???? Crazy dog lady in the making.. looking for a guy who can make me laugh and can withstand my herd of crazy bitches who will for sure gossip about the size of your dick. Cheesy pick up lines, beards and food is the way to my heart! ????????????
21. Taurus. ♉️⭐️ I only respond to cheesy pick up lines My best friend just got ordained. We wanna see if it works. Swipe right to marry me ????????
Y'all are out here losing y'alls virginity I'm 19 and I haven't lost mine yet Because I never lose at anything Y'all are f*cking losers Take this L. B*tch Sexy snap -Butterflybby28
Add me on IG mama___jay Hmu looking for friends to hang out with
life is hard and I'm tired of having no one to kiss ✌️ history major, museum studies minor, cat mom, queer, DND player, shot glass collector, and lover of hiking
i'm a hot mess 5'7
Criminology Major I love going on outdoor adventures and eating sushi. I like to pretend I work out. Fun fact: I have a socially anxious mutt and a fat chihuahua ????????
Gildan T-shirt enthusiast ????????
Westland, MI Pisces
show me something different ????
100% human woman 0% lizard woman
Love binge watching shows, absolutely love music(listen to it based on lyrics though) if I can’t relate to it I probably won’t listen to it. Gotham (my dog) is basically my life, we go to the dog park and walks often. I am attempting to become the best version of myself.
-Feed me chicken and tell me I'm pretty -Cats -Food -Trying new things
talk to me about mad men. 420 friendly. my talents include: mediocre clarinet playing, crying up to 10 times a day & spending the entirety of my checks at Sephora. not as skinny as mariah. ???? pre-everything MTF, so if your not bi please don’t swipe right. need someone to go to ikea with. NOT looking for hookups or causal.
Make me laugh ????
I’m back ????
my septum ring looks/is crooked in my pfp and that’s so on brand for me
Poly-babe looking for new friends and connections. Hopeless romantic with a double side of kink. Let's talk about our dreams and the things that make us feel alive.
How is it over 6 billion people on this planet and not one is for me? I’m cute, funny, Supportive, did I mention cute!!? Lol I honestly live my life thru the internet . Sad I know but I guess having friends and a social life are for the wealthy ???? Sometimes I’m bald, sometimes I wear wigs and braids I change it up but you can count on me looking like at least one of my pics lol❤️ Hella bored with life and want someone to be excited about...
instagram :yuzi_huang
Simple girl with a simple life, let’s be simple :)) PS: No ONS
Jewellery artist
Only looking for friends If u want a sex partner swipe left then????
Russian ???????? Indigenous Native Siberian Based in Shanghai Studying international economics and trade 我的汉语马马虎虎 174????????‍♀️ ????2.02 - 16.02 Nha Trang
????????‍♀️✈️☕️???? わたしは日本語ができない
???????????? Have been to a lot of places and will visit more ????‍♀️ Quit smoking recently Try to lose some fat during summer Crazy about cider but will get typical Asian flush after even a sip (Sometimes) able to show the magic of Chinese cuisine Professional job-searcher
Take Me as I Am Whoever I Am
WeChat: withmavis
Coffee person☕️????????️????‍♀️???? make friends
上海作小宁,可咸可甜。内心召唤找到你,一起成长~寻光~☀️ Shanghainese,Looking for serious relationship. Wechat:whynotsjs
上海人 处女座 165cm ????️我不是来约炮的????️ 性瘾症变态绕道谢谢 不喜欢韩国超级讨厌韩国 ????韩国人请不要喜欢我谢谢???????? 喜欢eva和JoJo的可以一起讨论 请带脑子跟我讲话 请坚持到跟我熟悉 一开始我是不会脾气很好的
Made in ???????? Living n working in ???????? Looking for a place where I wanna/should be next though, hard to find the one after I left my ♡ in SanFrancisco ???????? Anyway let’s see if we can delete this app ???? ❤️:????‍????‍????‍???????????? and ????
Sorry but I am a bipolar If you are frightened…don't swipe right Because I really don't give a shit!
A storyteller doesn’t know how to describe herself. IG: elf101010
约炮勿扰 日本語理解できる、少し。 言葉:英語 日本語 中国語 时装从业者 交女生朋友/男朋友
You met me at a very strange time in my life.
Shanghai, Seattle, Rome, London
????French/Italian New Wave/Essay Film ????Experimental Rock/Jazz/Noise/Punk ????Thrift Shopping ☕Quality conversations NOT sexting ????????‍♀️Straight but girls are just so precious
Movie buff | Foodie????| English learner????
Writer. Books are my husband, movies are my lover.
汉服娘 170cm 50kg, foodie girl, rave lover A used-to-be baba cool????????‍♀️ speak ???????? and ???????? NO hook up and shit. Humor preferred. No weirdo.
I am Korean! I am not good at English! I can speak Chinese! I want to make good friends.
I live in Shanghai. I like to chat, I’m a positive person))
Wanna have some special fun but only if you are interested. ???? I actually only swallow.
Conversationalist, fun loving and down to earth and pretty darn funny I might add... No Weirdos please!
???? IG: dasha_eremenok
Not normal but fun motorcycles ???? lover and owner. music! Books! psychology family nature adventure ** Sapiosexual From ????????+???????? leaving it ????????! I love to talk (a lot) super outgoing 5" in fun size... ???? Spanish/Engish! --> I'm not interested in having one night stands!
IG @muxitu It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious. Lived in Shanghai/Beijing/Paris/HK ????Based in Shanghai ???????????????????????????????? ENTP Aquarius Wanderlust Foodie Tango Fashion Art Music ♥️ I don’t talk first Don’t ask me ‘why’
1’63 & 41kg, XS size cellist with sweet smilë. ???? #plzallowmetoshowoff #instagram: Lanarashi
Let's give stupidity a chance