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get me dinner and we can (atleast) be friends ????????
From Los Angeles, geographically open to going anywhere. Gallivanting around the world all of 2019 & part of 2020. Travel partner desired. Friends always welcomed. *5'9 but normally 6'0 ;) I have little to no filter. I'm stubborn as hell. And a total handful. Yw. Send???? Feb Vegas 7-10 Cuba?Cruise? Jan Houston 2-5 Egypt 7-18 Jordan 18-26 Vegas 28-31 San Francisco 31-7 Dec Seattle 16-23 Vegas 23-28 November: UK 6-19 France " Italy " Mexico 20-26 You call next!
Mom of 2 Mechanic On my fitness journey Not looking for anything serious. Looking for chill people to vibe with Add me on snapchat beautiful_j4212
Vegas Local ???? 5’5 | Mexican ????????| Thick (I’m a big girl FYI ????????‍♀️) IG: yolybby Don’t really come on here much anymore. Better off HMU on IG. Honestly idk What I’m looking for. A friend to hang out with and do cool stuff together. Someone to hold my hand and call me beautiful. Casual dating or long term relationship. Always down for an adventure or a cozy night in. If you are just visiting or wanting to hook up only, swipe left
If you don’t plan on putting your best foot forward, or your best foot sucks, save me the trouble. If you’re not different, I’m not interested. Looking for LOCALS, for something serious. Still interested? Swipe right. Don’t waste my time. Anyone over small talk every few days? Sarcastic and witty. Full of common sense. I have a daughter.
Spontaneous - Steak ???? - Comedy - Sarcastic Banter - Tequila ???? ???? Las Vegas! ???? ????DREAMER ❤️ ????inked N pierced ???? ???? Murders & Executions ???? Hi ???? I’m annoyed because I feel the need to put something interesting here for your entertainment. I have a daughter, I love festivals, I’m a picky eater, love steak ???? and spaghetti ????, Shooting Guns ???? Cars???? I paint ???? I sing ???? (but Not because I’m good at it) Package deal ????
Looking to meet new genuine people to vibe , eat , and go on outings with and just get cute sometimes???? Outgoing , Fun loving and pretty much down for anything adventurous ???? Love trying new things .Might seem shy @ first but I’m really who you need in your circle ????
I am a nice person, honest, and I expect the same return. If your intentions are a one night stand or mess around please do not bother to contact me, do not waste my time and your own. I am new on here. I'm just looking to meet new people.
here to make friends only positive ppl plz... im tired of dramas Make me laugh #thickLatina ???????? Shy as hell????
✌???????????? I travel for work. Vegas local. I probably liked you for your dog. ???? Let's eat pasta and drinks lots of booze. ????????
I’m really focused on being the best version of myself! Being present and supportive of my son, family, and friends, improving their lives:) Also healthy co-parenting and being as patient and kind to absolutely everyone is a daily goal.
Why do guys LIKE you as a Match but don’t send a message??? Yeah, I’m a Catfish. Lol. Anyway, when I’m not catfishing I’m outgoing, fun & easy to get along with. Always smiling...Mature Men only please. Respectful. Honest. Knows himself and therefore knows how to treat a Woman! Please be able to hold a conversation! If your looking for casual dating, I’m not the 1. Know Your Purest Intention When You Speak...So I ask... What Are You Here For?! (Really)?!
insta/sc just ask ????????‍♀️
Hippie at heart.✌???????? Love to have fun and see where things take me. Not really sure what I'm looking for on here but im here ???? P.s. chubby girls do it better ????
Very fun & outgoing live to party ????????
Your average thot Looking for ????????????
Lyndsay aka Roddy. I’m a biologist (the wild animal kind). I like things including food and movies and dogs. Not perfect. Definitely weird.
Always love food and travels! Things about me :) - I don’t smoke, and yes drugs too. Nope. - If you convince me 90’s arcade games ???? aren’t good, we’re done lol (jk, but Mario is still the best) - More like a homie type who likes to hang out at a good, local restaurant than a club. - Foodie, Yelp lover. - Wouldn’t mind for Disney Land/ Disney World trip! - Can be a nerd sometimes (in a good way!) - ISFJ
Found my f buddy.. I’m always out, let’s be friends.
Sometimes I disappear for a while but I always find my way back???? Vegas local. 26✨Hufflepuff✨Poly✨Nonbinary✨Fatter in person✨ Invite me to your d&d games.
Ringbolt hot spring anyone? Make me laugh! Or teach me something! Taurus, ENFJ, numer. # 1 Overeducated hippie. Degrees in Philosophy, Outdoor Recreation Leadership, and Fire Science. Graduate certificate in Wilderness Management. Almost done with MA in Education... I love the classroom, whether I'm teaching or learning. If you would like to connect, the ball is in your court. And please think twice before asking me about my shaving habits... I'm also an Amazon (5'10")
Plus size babe. Confident. Smart ass. Masters degree. Metal. Macabre. Locals preferred. I hope you like sharing. ????
Liberal. Atheist. No kids. No smoking. Anti pseudo science. Locals only. Im an introvert. Like I get hangovers from too much socializing. I like video games, movies, board games, painting every now and then, and in the summer I love being by the pool. I love nature docs. I have panic disorder and depression so. I dont like crowds or really loud noises. I am a very forward person. my therapist says I'm like Eeyore. Im both interesting and very boring. ????‍♀️ IDC about your sign ????????
•Festivals °Techno music •English student •Mexican
I superlike you, too, but DON’T!!!!!! Unless you’re the short, thick BADDIE that served us at the work function I hosted. I know it’s your job to be nice to me but now I love you. Let’s run away together. Our husbands can kick rocks. I’m only here to gawk while I travel with my best friend. I’m being wholesome. ...I mean, as I always am, what do you mean? What? (And the wholesome thing doesn’t apply to you, aforementioned thick, gorgeous waitress. Please lemme buy you dinner/a car.)
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication"???? I don't broadcast every high and I don't hide every low. I'm trying to live, not convince the world I have a life. Gypsy Heart 1 Month Loc'd (started over) Artist (ipaint) Nerd Aries ♈ Mother of 3 ???????????????????????? If you want to know something, swipe right.
♈️???????? Just message me? Girls ???????? yes, just yes Let’s go out somewhere Hmu if you’re down to take pictures of me cause a b needs a new photographer *Visiting* males.. ????????‍♀️ If you’re going to ask for a threesome you better have the girl already, not doing the work for you. Wanna use me? Lmk Tinder get your shit together and stop refreshing my profile ????
Moved from New York to Vegas. Lover of bad jokes and puns. Math teacher. Grad student in tech. Hopeless romantic who will swipe right 99% of the time if you have a dog. Take me on a date to Target?
Hi! I’m Shelby. Recently moved from phx. I’m a workaholic. I love outdoors and traveling. holistic health and reiki are major interests of mine. Huge animal lover. Sweet but deadly blunt. Recently separated. Love books, love learning. Love females and males. Just looking for friends right now. Have to be SW friendly. GoOgLe Me! Insta: realshelbyparis
Vegas local, 5’5
✨???? ????Insta ; ashnicolee_o ???? Sc ; ashleynicole_o Supervisor ???? Abt my Business ; so don’t waste my time ❣️
Quirky/ Nerdy girl looking for cool people to hangout with. Let’s build a connection and see how we vibe. Into podcasts, Harry Potter, reading ???? , Marvel and over all indoor/ outdoor activities. Up to trying new things. Curvy/ thick girl???? currently working on myself. If you are looking for a stick figure move along ???? #thickthighssavelives ???? Message me if you’d like to know me better. ????
Ig Tinas0prettyy Got bored so decided to see Whatt this is about :) not on here for any type of HOOK UPS so if that's what your looking for please keep swiping
Cancer ????
Local My dog Gym Gamer Cars/trucks Yoga Clubs aren’t my thing Guns Good beer Good food Non liberal Love my friends and keep my circle small. No hook ups
Not even really sure why I’m BACK on here but here I am ???? ????- London.monae69 (if you add me please be sure to send a picture of yourself) like a face shot. Don’t play with me because I will block your ass ????
I’ll almost always say “I’m game, let’s do it.” Unless it involves a scary ass movie then let’s not do it please I can drive stick though, if that earns me some brownie points ????
Hello! I am a 33 year old nurse. Looking to meet people worth meeting. Don’t be a douche please. BBW so you must enjoy some chub. Anyways hope to hear from some of you.
I love sports...Go Knights Go! I’m super chill and down to earth. I love the simple things in life! Huge on trust and friendships.
????Welcome, Bienvenido, kuwakaribisha???? -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- ✅Okay! if you've continued to read, I'm glad that you decided to stay :). -•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•- A few random facts about me: ????Woman of God ????Ph.D. ????️????‍♀️Catch me at the gym at 5am ????90's R&B
I am straight up not having a good time right now i swiped right on somebody who super liked me and we didn’t match so that’s how my love life is going my kids call me mommy but you can call me mami
????Petite 5’1” 105lbs. natural ginger, id like to believe that many men would find me cute ???? ????33yo. mom, clarks summit area. ????No photos yet as I am in the midst of a separation and am looking to see what’s out there.
Vegas Local I’m happy where this journey has taken me. Blanket forts ⛺️ , tattoos, adventure seeker , happiness driven and career oriented. I’m looking for someone who works just as hard and makes me laugh even harder.
Just trying to slow down the process of becoming a crazy cat lady.... what sucks is I didn't even get a discount on my cat even though he's missing a leg... what's up with that?
Homebody ???? Photographer & videographer UNLV alumna ???? No hookups, no tourists, no threesomes ✌???? Looking for a genuine connection. @maddyedean
LV local. Work hard. Like to party and have fun. Love my family. No hookups. Locals only.
Way over bullshit, so say what you want upfront, and I'll do the same ???? Couldn't resist the flower crown filter ???? If you don't have your face in one of your pictures just swipe left now. All super likes are accidentally. Honest! ????????
Well as you know I'm 26, of course I am a pot head, I am from Cali I'm a cancer I went to school for business management and I also went to school for vocal music, I'm more to myself and soft spoken at times more often than I am outgoing
Breweries, probably on a paddle-board, and patiently waiting for the zombie apocalypse. New to the city @kariandersonn
Vegas raised Single mommy ❤️ Cosmetologist ????????
Looking for cool people to vibe with. Love concerts and hiking. Looking to date, and for girls to party with.
narcan certified @wild_irish__rose ????
university of oregon alumna. not ya average. no bs. ig @vivalarickeaa
be good to her , she’s rare ❤️ #IAmHer
Tinder wouldnt let me write art slut in my job title so I found a loop hole just lookin for fun with a cute guy or girl 7'3"
NO FWB OR HOOK UPS! LAS VEGAS ???? Locals only ????
It’s all about the vibe and connection! ☀️Enjoy the simple thing in life as much as everything else...!
Las Vegas locals only who are looking for connection and laughs. 5’4 & no kids, yet.
Looking for conversation, a REAL one please. No games, be straight up. We supposed to be grown right.
Barcelona Edulcorando lo inedulcolorable ???? 1.78 ???? // 1.83 ????
Looking for new friendships ☺️ ???????? @marina.cmorais
Medical student who wastes her free time watching terrible movies and following decent podcasters/youtubers. Also, probably have el conejo malo on repeat. ????????
Lately I'm so bored and I could use getting to chat with some guy.... You can add me here at my SC cutelovexxx
open legs open borders poet for satan, adept at lounging, high level hedonist, reading theory while remaining smooth brained as hell...
Everything happens for a reason
IG bre..eezyy
???????????????? Let’s eat food
Irish ????
Looking for something long term
Add IG: esco_g
Dun dun. Mexicana ????????
A Buddhist, a pothead and a bad bitch.
Most recently, super fucking messy. Life is hard. I’m very blunt, and unapologetically not put together. Ravenclaw. Wine educator. Studying neurobiology currently. Lover of all things passion infused. Not tan. Not airbrushed. Just hilarious and fun. Will call you out on your shit. Please be interesting. Bi, cause apparently it matters? My dog is more important than you, every time.
I’m too good for this
NYC Model & Professional Dancer????
Very hard working architect in training.. I won’t be able to talk often unless you give me a reason to pause from my constant circular floor plans (which completely mesmerizes me for some reason ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️) buttttttt imma complete goofball and love going on wacky adventures Ask me about anything! Imma open book ???? Ps. I have an abundance of pics of me working/waiting for food lookin pissed hahahaha Insta @angelacumella ????????
Computer science and information security major Instagram: @haleymahony
Pros: Likes animals, cartoons, video games, and memes. Graduated college so must be smart. Cons: Bad taste in music, scared of bugs, likes memes, hates GoT, all around loser. I’m funny though I swear.
Please don't talk about my tattoos. I know they’re nice. That’s why I got them. I don't know who needs to hear this, but smoking weed isn't a personality trait. Stop opening with “hey how are you” it’s boring and I won’t reply. I also hate name jokes ????‍♀️ I’m not a cop.. yet. Yeah I know you want me to “hAnDcUfF yOu” and that you’d “DeFiNiTeLy LeT mE aRrEsT yOu” (please stop it’s corny) Stupid questions get stupid answers. If my bio offends you I’m sorry you’re so beta. @skyecjoyce ????️
Sapiosexual. Nerd is the new cool ????
Not addicted to heroin
????????????☀️????☁️ Live in BKK,TH IG:NSSUPANSA
Architect. Artist. Genius.
Psych PhD student Here for connection IG @thetruebiscuit
I don’t know anything
hell yea brother.
Ukrainian ex husband looking short stay hotel gifts others
“i feel god in this chili’s tonight” -office
cashapp : $culitoo venmo: alyssa522 for a surprise ????
Brooklyn Girl B&R Love working with kids & have a degree in education. Family, friends, and good vibes to last a lifetime❤️ (SB: Did I mention I love to dance)???????? IG: _sosusu_
I’m A, UWS I write and tell jokes. I love history and reality tv. Janis Joplin and Meg Thee Stallion. Show me a good time.
Part time consultant full time pisces. Idk I’m a handful. Shanghai / NYC Ig: dernthat
i like painting and dogs and Will Toledo hair is green now !
???????? 4’11
Idk ????✨
22yo from BK! 420 friendly, I love to party! I’m interesting if u r not annoying. Hmu don’t be shy, life it’s too short to think. ????:jazzyfortune Ig: ja23zzyfortune Ps I’m not premium so can’t see ur likes!
im cute af
forever a social experiment :’)
Dont Really Use This App That Much But Add Me On Snap:Juliloco_xo
????• ♋️ • ☭ soy un ser pequeñx y color a mazapán. i h8 the outdoors, white supremacists, and capitalism. i like spooky shit, los simpson, and pinball. they/them, bi, and poly. i have a bowl cut now. @scorpios HMU ????????
???????? ????????
all I do is hit my wax pen, use hitachi magic wand, watch my firestick, order way too much postmates, charge my phone, eat hot chip and lie ????✨ I sometimes occasionally make playlists on my phone IG: 1800dreamgrl Snap: leahflorxo
Jersey :) insta: Jules.marchiano79
Aspiring MILF with a Great Head On Her Shoulders ♥️????????????
looking for love in all the wrong places, perfected the art of the peace sign and can out cycle your mom at spin class
☀️ 32, Afro- Latina, Social Justice Youth Developer in the day and full-time student at night. Trying this whole Tinder thing. Looking to have fun, have a few good laughs + hopefully form a friendship or something else; not looking for a FWB! ????
I like coffee dates, books, and art. My heart is in NY Let’s talk about what you find interesting
Depends on your vibe I want to grow and get to know you are you ready for that ? 4”11 Taurus ♉️ Animal lover
I like movies and night add me on my snap for fun turnermolly2020
Music Living Love Fun
Bored. Message me first I’m shy af I love dogs and the park and I hate writing bios I’m disabled and I use a cane.
French / Danish Girl in NYC ????????????????
Ig : tanilokita Snap : tanilokita
Travelling around Europe and the USA for the next few weeks ???? Aussie ????????| 26 | Melbourne girl! Living the life one travel adventure at a time. Mischief managed ???????? Travel ???? ✈️ Tattoos ???? Bucks ???? ???? MKE #5 INSTA - ashleighjadeee_
Curious, casual, adventurous
Love bubble tea.
Dietitian and weightlifting instructor DM me your fave infomercial gifs
I love space and bad jokes, and also jeopardy. Mostly jeopardy.
New york’s finest sex cymbal
I’m probably somewhere drinking wine ???? Convo starter :guess where I’m from, promise you won’t get it right. Insta: k_barrella
@melonmvp Hard to catch me without a smile Dog mama Music lover
Teacher, entrepreneur, music junkie, single mom.
Open for some who’s okay with an emotional introvert, with amazing jokes, advice, and is just trying to find herself. I don’t need more than a bombass friend then who knows? ????
"You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough." Snapchat:susyd14
@gravitykn1fe Pisces empath Chug my piss!
24, proud bbw so if you like skinny girls definitely swipe left ???? full time student and worker ???????? 420 friendly ???? Not looking for random hookups !!!
Pennsylvania girl trying to adjust to Texas living. Faith is most of what matters in life, board games and Harry Potter are the rest. ????⚡ And yes, that's my dog. He's the bomb, so don't hate.
My name is actually Brianna. Dating me is like biting into an oatmeal raisin cooking and realizing it’s chocolate chip and then two hours later it was an edible.
Lookong for serious relationship only Unless you are super hot Or let's just be FRIEND
Tall 5’10 ???? My name is Jasmine ????. Always working. 25. Libra ???? Looking for great conversation & good vibes No Creeps ????
Teacher ???? 5’7” Shoot your shot
“Who are you?” Well – personally, I think I am many things…everything, in a sense – and yet nothing. Love smoking plants, and having some good ol' naked fun!Life's too short and happiness is too rare.I only talk to open minded people so hope to talk to you soon! PS: I'm not really active here so just shoot me a message on snapchat @cakebaked24
????NYC???? 22‼️ ????????&&???????? Sagittarius ♐️ Need someone to smoke with Pothead 24/7???????????? Tired of talking to the same people everyday???? I don’t bite I promise ???? 609-332-3408- please send your name && a photo of how you look if your thinking about texting me.
Married. Discretion a must.
I'm new here. I'm not a big fan of pick up lines or cheesy lines. I am more of a straight to the point person, if you don't like me ignore me, but if your'e interested bout me hit me up on snapchat ????sc: angela052296
Need a distraction until Animal Crossing comes out @nintendho
I’m really just looking for someone to share laughs with, who loves to geek out about their passions, and doesn’t mind if I occasionally drag you with me to go out dancing
Artist. Creative. Traveler. Into photography, sculpture and watercolor (currently). I enjoy meeting people from other countries.
IG: _morbidgold ???? 420 ???????? Techno ???????????? Art & museums Protecting my energy ???? I’m more of a vans & hoodie type???????? 80’s babe 90’s raised - Rockos modern life & chill? Pint sized - dash Irish splash Rican I make trip/psychedelic art Calcified Pineals go that way ???????? My hoodies & T-shirt’s are doper than yours and no you can’t borrow them Looking for friends if we vibe, we vibe. I’m never really on here ????????‍♀️ Dislikes: ???? Liars ???? Cheaters ???? Users ???? Jealousy Keep your toxicity ☣
Well i dont know why im here but i have 1 reason why im here because im tired of being single and the worst part of being single that i cant take it anymore is by making myself happy thru my hand LOL. I dont think people will really read this..But if you think you're that GUY. Please check my selfies for some clues and say " PARADISE" so that I know you visit my bio and you read what I wrote.
Curly hair, short, curvy, liberal, anti-Trump, funny, smartass, sarcastic, empathetic and independent. I'm a non-drinker. Don't care if you do, I just don't. "I once thought I had mono for an entire year. Turns out I was just really bored." "Big Gulps huh? Welp, see you later."
International flight attendant ✈️ I suppose you’re wondering if I’m a member of the mile high club since I’m a flight attendant. My strong work ethic won’t allow it, neither will those tiny bathrooms, be real, you’re not being real. I do however fly all over the world, see some pretty cool things, meet some pretty cool people and report my findings on instagram, GHoogewerfx hint hint. Really though, I’m lovely, you’ll see.....if you’re lucky
If you can’t come CORRECT..Don’t come at ALL!
Looking for a genuine connection, a man with confidence and knows how to have some fun.???? ig xo__breee
I like ice cream and walking on the beach. I have a dog and work with kiddos. Looking for someone to listen to live music with. Maybe someone to do a couples costume with for Halloween? ????????‍♀️ I like to dress up as you can tell. 5’11
Passing through SD. Include me in your plans. Show me a good time ???????????? dm me on ig @keathecold (DM only, I only follow or accept family) yes I live in a bikini I'm 5'8". With heels : 6'
I’m just here for a fun time not a long time If i super like you then you should feel special ????
Australian travelling through the USA and Canada for a few weeks.
Dm me Ig:@balancedbridget
My heart is made of poetry and romanticism Lana Goddess feminine divine Sun Lady. Wild and holy Virgo Queen Master guy's and magnum too Snap marilinsandelin IG mariiqueensunshine Submissive(SEX) Animal's, nature's and Art lover Empathy and Wiser too Do impact of love and compassion in the world kundalini activated Looking for my spiritual family Elevate yourself Access denied to Asshole Vanilla guy's Bad Girl is back Open to application Muy Loco Babe.
Looking for friends/fun, 420 friendly. ????: briannalybra
Suppp ???? I don't message first bc I'm a shy bitch I go by Jenna , She/They Pronouns I do porn ????????‍♀️ If your cute, queer, poly, like food, anime or videogames, we'll probably get along Animals are cool, I'll probably swipe right if you have a cute dog Follow me on insta for a quicker response @nikkijaeebb Or Twitter if you just tryna see me naked ????????‍♀️ @nikkijaee
every moment can be either heaven or hell I’m 5’9’’
My Snapchat: @queen_lea3070 Upcoming adult entertainer/actress Love having fun Partying, and rock climbing
Help me escape my day job and do fun shit esp if that mean a rave, snowboarding, or just hangin and smoking a j
Add me on snap. Send me a message for my username. ????
one crooked front tooth, one last straw. sober. thicc ????????✨ bottom ???? childless. that's my niece and lil cousin. super likes are an accident.
My friends call me Gabe A very kind old man came out of nowhere at the bar and told me I looked like “Khloe Kardashian before she got hot” and I don’t think anyone will ever boost my ego more. Feel free to try
Mexicana???? 5’6 / 1.72
Brains, boobs, baked goods
Alright listen up! I've written about 8,000 bios in the last year, and that's about 7,999 too many. If you want to know me talk to me, simple as that????✌ OH also if we're going on a first date, let's hit the Science Museum! Yes? Okay? Awesome????
MN (☃) ✈️ FL (☀️)
Impress me I love all things art, fashion, literature, music, and the outdoors. I’m a philosophy student at UST. Have something clever to say, and we’ll see what happens.
Well you should know I’m 5 feet tall ????????‍♀️ I’m a workaholic, no kids, and I live on my own. I literally laugh at everything but everyone says my laugh is contagious. ???????? I love cars, music, long boarding, shopping, coffee, binge watching Netflix/Hulu, and going on hikes when the weather isn’t gloomy! Also looking for a good gym partner! ????????????‍♀️ -all photos have no filter ????????-
Just turned 21, so I’m trying to have fun! ????I like melanin, cute smiles, and big ????.....hearts ???? Over just hookin up tho, I’m tryna find a genuine connection????????‍♀️No kids, No cigs. Also; not into Trump, anime, country music, or killing animals.???? 5'8 & +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++size???? You have to be taller than me or you’re my son. If you don’t have a car, swipe left. I’m not your taxi. Where’s my lil slut? ????????????
If you like Race cars, wrenching, Jeeps, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, boxing, tattoos, and drinking a cold one with the boys in the shop then swipe right???? Full time Carpenter Full time Custodian Looking for a best friend AND a man in one????‍♀️ I'll tie your work boots, you tie mine???? #Hustle 420 friendly AF???? Snap cmkaphing
Majority just want to fuck, so let’s be real and skip the butter up games. If those are your intentions, be straight up. Short, dorky, adventurous, and genuine lady looking for real people to enjoy the little things in life with.
I love traveling and meeting new people. 420 friendly ???? Definitely allergic to cats...
I’m a quirky artysy fartsy wannabe. I’m 4,8” & I go by she/her/they/them. Looking for a partner in crime that likes walks, trying new things, puts me in check, have farting/burping contest with, and snuggle puddles but my landlord doesn’t allow dogs so I guess I need an emotional support human ayyyyye. Anyways be safe but also I can’t tell you want to do so; you do you. I’m busy or easily distracted but if I like you I’ll make time for ya. Also I’ll like ya for shits and kicks if I know you
LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER I really don’t need a date. Just someone who isn’t completely lost behind a drum kit to come jam with me in a band. ????????????
NSA looking for discretion
NO HOOKUPS. I’m looking for friends to hang out with or something serious. Looking for someone who loves food and movies as much as I do. Some things to know: I’m 5’3. I love Letterkenny and The Office. And when you see me I’ll probably be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Also you probably will have to message first. I’m too shy. Snap: McGee401
You can typically catch me booking tickets to an upcoming sporting event or concert. Otherwise I’ll be checking out a local brewery or still watching movies in the theater. I listen to my music too loudly and belt out every word. I indulge in pizza and wine far too often with no (some) regrets. Ultimately I just need a guy who can keep up with my witty banter and make me laugh (Above average facial hair and laughing at my jokes preferred but not required)
If you're not having fun, then you're doing it wrong. A little immature but I also know when to be an adult. Liquor makes me mouthy. No fatties.
here until May ????????
photography • Poker • painting • INFP • sewing • Pisces • Scuba diving • collect movies/VHSs • Traveling • outdoorsy • 4’11” • dont drink Dog is JaXxX Need snowboarding lessons insta:itskellzworld - no snapchat I’m not looking to rush into anything... however some fun, healthy, drama free, ongoing, romance that develops into something naturally...sounds great
she/her, trans, slut I'm friendly and warm, love to talk about feelings, kinky switch Speculative fiction writer Into: Non-monogamous playmates, enthusiastic consent, dates, hookups, emotional and sexual intimacy, reliable folks, good communicators, interest in kink and experimentation, roleplay, breakfast, sexting
Filipino/American IG: jessifreitas
what’s your carbon footprint?
What is this? ???? Hockey Cheer coach Hunting Fishing 4 wheeling Mud bogging Cabin life Wine
Just lookin for an intellectual goofball.
MN. Work in Eden Prairie as a QA Analyst for a company. Played rugby all through college and now play whenever I can. Love being busy and adventurous. Love being outdoors so fishing, four wheeling, mudding etc has my name written all over it. Looking for a serious relationship. Don't be shy or boring. Send me an original message and catch my eye. I am pretty laid back and love to laugh. Don't need a big production, simple is perfect.
Unleashed Hounds and Hops is about to open soo I’m in need of a +1 that will hold one of my dog’s leashes because me trying to hold both of their leashes always ends up being a shit show/disaster ????
My only two resolutions for 2020 are: 1) release my inhibitions and 2) feel the rain on my skin. The rest is still unwritten. 5’8” + curvy
I just graduated college now living that post grad life. So, I spend most of my days avoiding the "what are you going to do next?" question and panicking about student loans.
????♎️ • Full time student so don’t ask me what I do for work. • Yes I smoke.???????? • Looking for chill people to kick it and smoke with. Let’s go out to eat or to a park and toke.???? • Definitely not on here for hookups.???? Always down to meet & make new friends.????????????
Hey I'm kanj :) I like to lay on the beach, travel, golf and try new things! Swipe right if u love puppies!
I'm a former softball player, choir nerd 2 star comedian Be ready for me to sing at the top of my lungs Psychology and Criminology major I read poetry????❤️ Minnesota native ❄️
Just a small town girl living in a lonely world. Looking for some sort of adventure.
Snaapchaat; brittybratxyz Its a dating app so lets be real. I just want someone to be with or maybe more? Lets chat and see where things go.
Tell me a story.