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Polish ???????? Teacher ????????‍???? Coach ???? NJ Devils floor manager ???????? Avid traveler ????✈️ Country music junkie ???????? Coffee addict ☕️ Outdoorsy ???? Animal lover ????????
My ideal bedtime is 9pm. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be penne vodka. Next place on my bucket list is Budapest. Bibliophile. Dog mama. City dweller.
munich | nyc | dentistry????????‍⚕️ IG: susanna.maria.s
I love sports. Smart, funny and intensive.
Rock and Metal fan???????? Beer Drinker ???? Download Festival veteran Had a break from dating, we may have matched before
IG @pilgerweise
Go by Gloria
Just an LA lady adjusting to NY Likes: gentle bullying, movies, the economist, direct communication, the NFL & NBA, mornings, parallel construction Dislikes: PowerPoint, lateness, people who bite into string cheese 5’9”
recently moved to the city ???? IG: mangonataa
Where I’m from none of ya business stuupid If u a thot swipe left ????
IG: alanna.janiece SNAP: alanna_janiece No hookups ????????‍♀️ Trying this dating thing out????????‍♀️ I like my men ugly cute and over 6’0 because shorter men are conceited????
Well if you rock 4inch it's not ideal but we can make it work If you are interested just message me in my INSTAGRAM @cgelai16
Current relationship status: Table for one. Drinks for two. IG ideclarewariana
Who’s buying me my next set of lip injections:) Snap: danii_babyy3
Here for fun. Gym. Hikes. Nurse.
If you are looking at either my titties or my butt then add me on snapchat @solarkitty21
Im here to have some fun im looking for FWB anything hookups. just do Message my INSTAGRAM then lets see where it will goes! IG @kellycrempiexx
???? -xovclaire Just got my heart broken, distract me Not hooking up with you, not interested in your bullshit
???????? SD-TJ
Teach me, Seeking growth. Trying to get fit, grind, stay healthy & have 5 kids. If you ain’t got the energy or drive swipe that ishh to the left lol
Snapchat: @loaferqueeeen
Things I like but not limited to: Stuff Things Concepts Objects Trash Swipe right if you’re nice to your mom San Diego born and raised I have a 4.9 Uber rating Insta: em_c_sd
Jes???? who can handle all this ....???? Add My Snapchat creamydream30
Actually 21.... Dog Trainer Love hiking, backpacking, fishing, outdoor survival , stargazing, and anything involving animals or nature! I also really enjoy southern comfort food, my Australian cattle dog Doc ,and horses. Punk rock, metal, country Looking for someone to go horseback riding with
Princess ???? i work I'm the medical industry No kids but proud pet mommy ???? Waiting for the one and enjoying this adventure i call life along the way ✨
Looking for the Fred to my daphne. Mama of 2. Vegan hippy chick. This is my last resort before hoodoo/voodoo ???? Insta: surfsup.chels
Looking for some fun.
I love hiking, dancing, cooking, and traveling. True Crime podcasts, 60’s music, animal lover. My happy places include the gym and anything food related.
I’m Alejandra ☺️ I can’t go without Sarcasm and books Looking for something real I love coffee / down for drinks Shy at first but get to know me ♥️
I'm mainly just looking for someone who has a big tv for watching movies, including but not limited to Hot Rod and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Haters will say the butterflies are fake. ~~Not a drama queen, a drama khalessi~~
Let’s vibe. I need more female friends too! Swipe right!! ☺️ Snapchat?
i’m obsessed with candy crush. can you guess what level i’m on? damn, wasn’t i a cute ass kid?
Dog Mom
Not looking for anything serious or sexual. Just bored and looking for attention and maybe someone to get ice cream with. I'm pretty easy going and can get along with most people. Things about me: -PS4 -Anime -Short AF (5' ish) -Weight lifting -Motorcycle/Car stuff -Fishing -Always down for ice cream or wings or both -No kids -Doesn't drink or smoke I don't like to message first ???? your move
Are you on email? I love to travel, I’ve been to over 15 countries in Europe, Iceland is my favorite. I am sarcastic and have a dry humor. I enjoy British comedians and television shows. I enjoy documentaries and podcasts about serial killers.
6ft tall
Just moved to Minneapolis, looking for new friends to do things with???? I really want too be corny and set up a tent with someone under the stars???? love cuddles, feeling wanted, playing video games, and food???? so if your on the same page as me hit me up. If not don’t bother????
Ask anything! Talk, I dont bite. (Not into that) ;) Not looking for hook ups, sorry if thats your thing its not mine! White bear lake is my location. If you cant hold a conversation, this isnt going to work... lets not waste your time or mine! :) Snapchat: Alyssaann1313 add me there. (Not looking for dick pics)
???? health and wellness coach/ group fitness instructor ???? business owner ???? send me Dog pics ???? aspiring sugar mama *currently in 16 week training for bikini competition soooo don’t invite me out to eat or for drinks lol** Love animals, hiking, traveling, and working out ????????
8’6” and under swipe left ????
28, single Mom I enjoy cooking, coffee, wine, going to the gym, swimming, movies, going out to eat. I’m here to see what’s out there and this is how people meet now a days I guess. So thought I’d give it a shot.
Colombian ???????? living in Minneapolis and learning the language, I love traveling and knowing new things, I’m looking for a reason to delete this app :)
???????? Just looking for someone to UberEats 100 chicken nuggs with
-I laugh at my own jokes so you don't have to -Into guys/gals/non binary pals -Moved to Minneapolis in January, show me your favorite spots! -Spent 4 months backpacking Europe last fall -Let's trade music
I love spiders and don’t understand why people kill them
Insta: aly.frey Music Ed Major Help me procrastinate my homework. I probably swiped right for your dog. Foster dog mom. Oh, and I go by Aly.
IG: @samideehoneybee ????????
Ima thick bitch I need Tempo 420 friendly so roll your eyes somewhere else Equality or Equality I have a big ass dog, Leo.
into: books, beer, goofin off, sunshine, civic engagement, plants ISO: cute dates, pals, steamy situations with kind, funny individuals
Graduated from MSUM. My favorite movie is Cars. I love old Disney movies. And I would love to have a cuddle buddy :)
Fan of sushi, live music, and a mean whisky ginger. Just trying to find a potential funcle for my niece...
Hi! DTF . . . Darn Tootin Fun!
I play world of Warcraft and like to collect sofubi figures
Minimalist, feminist, dancer, and too witty for my own good
3/3 would recommend “Amazing cuddler” - my cat Louie “Favorite person I’ve ever met! What a great time” - all of my friends “Leaves a great tip and knows what she wants” - bartender at the last bar I went to
• I teach 3rd graders, so 8 year olds jokes still make me laugh. • I love breweries with a great patio and awesome food trucks. • I may not know everything about sports, but I do love the atmosphere of sporting events.
Browsing. Conservative. at least lie to me about wanting something more.
I am a woman who enjoys reading, fitness, and cooking. I love going out to new places and trying new things.
????Meditate on the bass weight ????
BR???????? ➡️ MN❄️ IG/SC: @naypaiva6
Single, plant mom. ????
Anyone want to build a sauna in my basement?
5'6" blue eyes. Work hard. 2 kids. Horses. Piano. Bow hunting. Snowmobiling. Honesty. Everybody can cut the crap. Snapchat staceabase2
If you’re into barista’s, I’m your girl ☕️ Cat lover ???????? Feminist ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️???????????????? I enjoy art, coffee, reading, animals, trying new things, fashion and exercise (yes chubby girls can like working out ????) Thicc girl/ fat girl positivity ❤️ Looking for someone to give me attention or end my life, or both Animal lover ???????????????? 9 tattoos, 3 piercings & counting Trump supporters swipe left⬅️ ENFP
World Traveler ✈️✈️ Curvy girl ???????????? In my last year studying Social Work, Psychology, and Child Welfare!???????? Current intern w/ adoption and family planning services! HMU if you want to be travel buddies???? very 420 friendly???? I definitely will not message you first????????‍♀️
honestly, i just want your???????? nah, actually …????
i’m pretty chill animals > people open to anything let’s all just ignore how my right eye looks in that last photo
I'm usually just a little lost
????‍???? & ????
Trying to make 2020 the year i have a life outside of work—help a girl out and at the very least give me a bad date story to tell the next guy?
Exploring the world, one adventure at a time. If I had to choose between mountains and beaches, mountains would win. Oh, and I really want a dog.
My personality consists of the devil's lettuce and nicotine
You: happy, 6 foot something, mesomorph????, educated, stable, successful adult Me: ???? Looking to be friends? Just be kind, respectful, and outgoing:) we’ll probably get along well:) ???????? IG: HappyHealthyHer No parents please:)
I got some 1000 piece puzzles for christmas, maybe we could do one together. I’m not joking. I’d rather get beaten with a sock full of oranges than have my photo taken and I feel like a real dipshit taking selfies. I promise I look better in person. Or maybe I look way worse idk. I brush my teeth 5 times a day tho and that’s probably my most redeeming quality. Also I’m looking for someone who knows how to braid hair and will braid my hair for me before I fall asleep.
Let’s party I love to travel, work out, hang with friends, grab coffee, and take photos ????
Life truly is about being a kind human, granting grace without being naive, and choosing to find your own way when the conventional methods fail you. Tell me the last book you read, the last Netflix show you binged, or your usual coffee order. Love to laugh, debate, & solve the world's problems over a good coffee/IPA. No expectations beyond honesty. If more comes of it, cheers! Puns and wordplay welcome. ???????????????? [Hair is now short as reflected in first pic - 12.27]
I like my men like I like my coffee..
I’m probably stress buying DVDs at Goodwill right now. Breakfast for dinner is my idea of a perfect date, let’s talk music and eat food. Easily amused. Nap with me. Tell me about your favorite book.
just wanna travel the world ????
Rock N Roll keeps me in a constant state of juvenile delinquency ???????? Let's smoke a blunttt
Nomadic. Tell me about your favorite place. Super likes are always a mistake!
I'm hardworking, but I love to have fun, so let's do it! I'm getting to the point in life where I need more. My ESFP results confirm i'm on the right path in my educational career choice. Kindergarten or bust. JK but I love working in an elementary school! #youwantthisornaw?
Alpha by day, beta by night. These photos could be an accurate portrayal of my daily life. Looking to meet new friends. My pronouns are They/Them/Theirs. Gender Bender. Non-Monogomous. Occasionally distant. Always curious.
Make me laugh. If you can make me laugh, I'll 100% respond. Whiskey and burgers > Salads Ask me what you want to know. It's more fun that way.
Looking for my boo
feed your curiosity ???? ✨ send me some good music ✨ colombian
I can cook and I love Wild Hockey. Also. Take me fishing and we can talk
Looking to wake up every day and leap into life. It's too short not to do something awesome every day.
Analyst | Coach | Bartender ???? Travel ????‍♀️ Lake Days ????????‍♀️ Crossfit ???????????????????? Always smiling. Positive mindset. Just trying to make the world a little brighter ☀️
I enjoy watching movies, game nights, going out, cooking/baking, music, singing and dogs. Faith, Family and Friends ❤
If you play Catan and give a shit about our world- you’re off to a good start
Hi! I'm a lawyer who is friendly, fun, smart, honest, outgoing, and kind. I'm looking for someone who can put a smile on my face and make me laugh (admittedly not that hard ????), engage in stimulating conversations about things like social equality and pop culture, and who loves family. I'm not looking to hook up; I would like to date with the hope of establishing a relationship. Thanks! ????
I would like to meet someone who is just excited about a meaningful connection as I am .
I like company and good conversation. Talk to me.
Mexicana ⚡️ Recent college graduate. Incoming trader
So I wrote this long run-on sentence about what I’m attracted to, but I just deleted it cause I realized that I’m probably just gonna get my time wasted by someone’s son on here lol ???????????? Snapchat? xc12ystal (I’m more active on there ????????????‍♀️) •AK(Alaska)✈️ —» MN •Tatted????/ have piercings •I like food and beer???? (P.S. I’m FATTER in person????????)
work hard & play harderrr leo♌️ adore spontaneous adventures can cook almost as good as ur mama;) I love watching sports esp football & hockey I like taking snazzy pics 5’3 ????????friendly;) Lmk for my snap????
Yikes. INFP, Hufflepuff, cancer sun, gemini moon, scorpio rising. Into new age and supernatural shit. Enjoy kdrama, kpop, anime and manga. I have countless piercings, not nearly enough tattoos, and change my hair color often.
Taurus ???? Sick of games. Where's my king at? ????
Must love dogs, Hockey, and a good burger ????????
Ig: winglumseun
Weirdos encouraged Small talk less encouraged.
Adventurous, playful & business driven. Newly single & nervous about tinder. Petite, thick & curvy AF ???? I also want to put this out there since most of y’all think that just cause we match, we can f***. I lose interest easily..keep me intrigued, arouse me mentally, then we can see where things go. If you want something easier, swipe left on me. IG: mzlindaleigh
Let’s go skating and shoot the puck around, or drink beer and watch sports or just laugh and have fun
Criminal Justice major. Gemini. ???? Mama. Vegetarian. Sage burning bad ass.
Facts: Dog Lover. Hates Cats. Diehard Wild fan. Will not tolerate Blackhawk appreciation. Terrible at parking and driving in general. Doesn’t believe in woman’s sports. Can make a mean sandwich on command. Will eat a pizza with any toppings. Willing to be big spoon or little spoon. Proficient in air guitar, air bass, and air drum solos. Talks about sports with enthusiasm and accuracy. Doesn’t get weirded out by the word”moist” Will sit middle back seat if necessary on trips SnapChat: v-ciha
IG @yes_miss_lisa
Family and my dog are my world! Let’s not bar hop every weekend, let’s travel instead. Honesty is my number one policy, please don’t try to protect my feelings, however kindness and compassion are a win! Lover of nature and insanely easy going! Still believe in being pursued!!
I just wanna pet your dog. Insta: alexiascott21
I love animals more than most people. Snapchat- faith_cotrone1
Looking for my Red Forman.. dumbass I’m 5’6” and dummy thicc, so if you aren’t into having a little more to love then respectfully swipe left ???? I studied Biomedical Science and Neuroscience, talk nerdy to me ???? ???? ???? Let’s watch some football, I’ll make us chili ????
I'm just looking for solid and open minded people to have new experiences with, go out with, and just have a fun time with. I'm a psychology major with an emphasis on mental health with an art minor. Not looking for a relationship or hookups. Just looking for new people to hangout with
Hey guys- my goals right now are just to have a good time. In the past, I stuck with people who honestly were a pain in the ass to deal with, and now I just want change. I enjoy spontaneous adventures, scary movies, roller coasters, simple foods (I’m a picky eater), and playing with doggos... I’m 19 years old and spend 24/7 either working or going to school so I need some excitement! Don’t send me naked selfies though, not interested
That’s my new pup Cash! Not your average girl who gets dolled up every single day but I can when I need to ???? like to hunt and fish! Family is everything! Anything else you wanna know just ask!
Hi!! I’m a toddler teacher with eight little ones. I have a passion for helping people start their fitness journeys. I also love being outside especially in the summer. I love football and hockey. Also have a great sense of humor!
I'm a full time single mom of a little boy. He's my world but I do try to fit in some "me" time when I can. I fall into the "thick girl" body type category. Nothing turns me on quite like an intelligent and/or humorous conversation. I'm typically a go with the flow kinda girl but raising a child makes that challenging at times. I'm not looking to rush into anything but it'd sure be nice to have someone to watch movies and cuddle with for the winter.
I’m currently working and in school when I’m in not doing that I enjoy being outside, with the family, traveling, watching sports, seeing friends. Let’s go ice fishing? Not here for sex sorry. ✈️ If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
I mean if this tinder thing doesn't work out, going on the Bachelor is a good back up, right?
I like to stay busy with friends, family, snowmobiling in the winter, outdoor activities, work, grad school, baking and reading ????
“...Hi welcome to chili’s”
Cats, tats, art, music, black coffee, fishing, hiking, camping, and craft beer. I’m a night owl ???? Work hard play hard Let’s see who can win a game of pool Try to break my heart ????
❤️ music, art, museums, rooftops, street food, wine bars & dive bars, trashy tv (heard tinder is a great way to meet Nev from Catfish), amateur gardener, self proclaimed 90s rap expert
Own ???? Own???? Steady job And yes I pay my bills on time. Shocker. Single mother of my beautiful daughter. I honestly think I intimidate most guys cause I actually have my shit together. Looking for someone that has the same. I like to do all sorts of things and I’m pretty much up for anything.
I’m going through a quarter life crisis but I’m also tired of my friends trying to set me up with strangers so here I am ????????
Creative adventurer. Pleasure seeker. Longtime non-monog with np. Currently travelling. Into nature, spirit, circus, art and other fun stuff.
Single mom: not much time. Stable... Employed... not looking for Prince Charming to rescue me; not even sure if I’m ready to date again and definitely not looking for a one night stand!! Not into married men so keep swiping if so.. Ps i have 6 kids that will always be my priority; a jixer 1000; two dogs; and a bigger truck than yours.... oh and your job description matters and I’m not interested in shirtless photos- leaves nothing to the imagination.
CA✈WA 5'6" & thicc ♈???? 420 P R I N C E S S Let's save the world together ???? or at least travel it... Need more girl friends to smoke w & vibe!!! ????
I enjoy exploring the city, music/comedy shows, nature walks, museums, trying new restaurants, happy hour, an occasional crazy night out, brunch, yoga, and a cozy night in with a movie or good book. Ultimately, I’m looking for something that will hopefully become a LTR with a person who enjoys witty banter. Plus size lady 5’8 No Trump supporters
•5’6” •No kids •Never married •Capitals fan (Baby in IG pics is my nephew) IG: eys_x3 Snapchat: eysx3
Into all forms of art Lets get lost in the clouds Tell me some conspiracy theories Must tolerate lots of glitter & jazz If youre an old soul I already like you Instagram - @cassiecakeface
I’m an open book, ask me anything you want... but you only get 20 questions ????
I spend most of my time being mom to this amazing little princess I get to call my daughter. When I’m not with her I’m working or spending time around my family. Currently working locally but love when I get to travel nurse. Not looking for hookups. Snap... ericalynn369
Looking for something long term and meaningful. No hookups.
Huge foodie???????????? Love dope convos No hookups???????? Honestly looking for friends or somethin serious????????
I'm here for the humor ????????‍♀️
Poly for life! Been digging the girls more than the doods. First off, I am a mom, she comes first. The puppers name is Freya. Serious anything isn't for me I can do friends, casual, and connections Love nights out and nights snuggled up on the couch. Refining my craft beer palate. I live near a good little brewery. Let's match and talk, see if it leads us to meeting in person. Witchy magic for life. DnD is a huge thing for me Definitely a nerdy Gal I am.
I LOVE MAINLY GIRLS AND CHOCOLATE BOYS ✔Insta: daelovesyou ✔ YouTube: Dae Thomas Looking for good people. I want to be open minded with you. Women are divine creatures, if you are one prepare to feel the love. 420 blazin Are you ready for the next roaring 20s? Never trust a big butt and a smile...
ig: xallymorton
Mom to a one year old???????? 99% chance I won’t message first
What’s good?
♌️ Accounting Major Just trying to surround myself with new people ✨ Insta: @___tacoo
Looking for a good time ???? Snapchat msperfectshape Dtf
21 years Female Friends only boys and girls Just want to have fun Prefer not to upload a photo but trust me it's worth the wait Lebanese
4’11 Social work major I love Disney, nature, and photography.
okay i need new people in my LIFE I love to adventure! Tbh the more nature the better???????? I also really enjoy coffee and books, although the occasional party is always a plus also 420 friendly???????????? Mostly just looking for friends but who knows????????‍♀️ i LOVE cats, tattoos and cuddles???? snapchat: eva.aguilar insta: evaisdead
I’m looking for someone that is fun & outgoing also funny & love to eat :) everyone need chocolate in their life lol
Transwomen ♌️
Take me to see some local music
Single. 27. Soup witch. Deceptively Short. I can't stand picky eaters. Great at untangling headphones.
Looking for someone who will find me attractive even when I sneeze. We can re-watch GoT together, but I get to be big spoon. Dual income household or die. I can play the golf things. My biggest turn on? Guys who have $0 in student loans.
I'm fun and outgoing; let's run this shit???? IG:sunnyyyy.53
A friend made me do this. Just here to see what I can see.
Just looking for friends & if it leads to more than so be it ????????‍♀️ idk how this works so just inbox me lol Not looking for hook ups ????
Not much to say. I have a kitten named Shadow. I'm socially awkward. Let's have deep conversations about aliens, stars, and how the show How I Met Your Mother is really about Ted and Robin. If you dont like chubby girls... please swipe left.
hiii add my snap @lilangelaj2 lol i hate tinder
Party animal. Weirdo. French. Creative. Sagittarius. INFP. Married. Not an unicorn. Not here for hookups. Not my fault if you don't get what's this about ???? Any gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity welcome! I don't use IG, Snapchat & co. Sms/WhatsApp only. Please, look like your profile pictures... ⛔ Conservative, arrogant, drama, no pictures, no humor, duck faces etc. Couple looking for a 3rd to entertain them? Cheater looking for discreet relations? Swipe left ????
-2 pups -Full time Wax specialist, part time barber -Business Owner -Probably won't message first lol
If you know who Exmag, Pretty Lights and GRiZ are..we will get along just fine. ????????‍♀️ I’m biracial. I love music festivals. Dabs Are Life. Empathy is my motto.
5’1 and fun
23 // I work with tiny humans // shoot your shot //
You ever accidentally swipe right? Snap: @mzdiamond15 (yes it’s a regrettable name????????‍♀️)
Three year old son Looking for friendship
First and foremost I love silly puns and dad jokes! I am a photographer (an actual professional photographer) and a graphic designer. I love music of almost any kind. I love kayaking I grew up in a hockey family (GO WINGS!!), I have one tattoo, more to come INFP
Naps. Bourbon. Puppies.
Detroit Here for the pickup lines
Just here for fun Message for snap ✨✨
Need more art friends near me. Probably the best cook you'll ever meet. Tell your mom I said sorry Working full time and going to school full time so don’t be offended by my lack of free time or my attitude when I haven’t slept My hair is always in a different state so there’s no telling what you’re gonna get. I also need a gym buddy. I’ve been paying for a membership but I don’t like going alone... help me? I’m not very good at this game. If I super liked you, it was an accident... sorry
boogie till u barf
I am 8-10% weirder than you actually think!
HBIC in the classroom and everyday
If we match let’s meet and go from there ????
I’m a athletic person I love volleyball softball I love watching all sports i have children If your mission is to just fuck swip fucking LEFT HARD My mind is on a different mission from others let’s hang and c where it will take us ???????? IM GIVING MY RACE A BREAK ☺️ LET ME C IF AN DIFFERENT RACE KNO HOW TO TREAT ME If we match & u don’t write me I’m fucking deleting ur ass don’t waste my matches/time????
Hip hop gamer head.
Dog hermit Sci fi/fantasy nerd Probably taking a nap
Alright I'm just going to say it: If you're a Trump supporter don't even bother. Special Education Assistant Teacher/ Waitress 50% Persian INFJ Pansexual Polyamourous Romantic Kinky Hufflepuff Fantastic cook 420 friendly Piercings Tattoos Bbw, cause this is the deciding factor for most people... I love Tinkerbell Can we take a nap? Ask me anything
Hey I'm Cara, I love animals, Baseball, hockey, most types of music, I want to travel, love nature, my favorite date would be to watch movies eat snacks and cuddle. I can cook, so if you want a home cooked meal HMU. I’m here to find someone to give me attention at times????????. I love kids. I come with a loud ass family and a weird ass dog who loves people. I’m down to smoke. I have 2 tattoos and want more. A big Star Wars nerd⭐️ Ask for my Snapchat if you want it????????
Hey! My name is Madison, but I go by Madie. I'm a dancer, honor (college) student, waitress, and (solo) world traveler! I love reading, blogging, going on adventures, trying new food, and cute animals. I'm not into pick up lines, but hit me with your best joke ???? I'll be in Paris for about a week and I'd love to hangout! Instagram: @madiegriffinx
The fighting spirit of the entire nation! Drink the rich... That's pretty much it. In bands cause aren't we all Lol at "I'm a nerd, star wars, MCU, catan" talk DS9 & Dominion to me bro. Alt bio: dummy thicc, I don't like caffeine, but I fuck with blow.
Sweet, Crazy, and Mysterious????.... A very loving, fun, and spontaneous person to be around☺. I ENJOY LIFE, AND LOVE HAVING A GOOD TIME????!!!! Simple????????
Instagram: @kayleexxoxo I like cars & food
ig: alyssa.mazur #callherdaddy
These are my special boots
Lame Nerd girl. I love to cosplay and go to anime conventions. Looking for someone with similar interest to be close friends with. I don’t get out much, so I crave friendship and love ❤️ I like cats, cuddles and crafts ???? Sn@pch4t : yummienekoxo Ig: Nekostrophic
I've been divorced about a year and I'm looking to start getting back out there. I am a mom to two beautiful girls ages 7 and 3. They're my number one in life but it would be nice to have another adult to talk to. I don't care if you drink a bit or smoke weed but please no hard drugs. No racists or homophobes please. Height doesn't matter. Kids and animals are ok with me. Insta- momneedsacoffee
Hi, I'm Kelli. Trying out this online dating thing again. We'll see what happens! I think getting to know someone inside & out is so important! Want to know anything, just ask!
i may be vegan but i still want ya meat
Trying to figure it all out. I love Nintendo, I'm unapologetically a cat person, and I've got a lot of dreams for the future. I mostly just sit at my kotatsu ???? Come sit with me and watch TV and eat snacks!
This app is trash ???? Looking for someone who isn’t lol
Snap me bracey98 If you don't smoke weed I'm not about you ????
uwu Cosplayer, Gecko mom, full time student! I love all animals, mostly fish! I plan on going into marine biology. Take me to an aquarium and I'll love you forever. I love Star Wars, gaming, and just having a fun time with friends. (。・ω・。)
I play softball, and coach softball???? I’m looking for a relationship, and looking for someone to go on adventures with and then fall in love with, any takers? If you don’t want date, you’re too late???????? Follow me on insta for some fire selfies @larapiepie, albion sux
Tall lady who loves books, music, and laughing looking for a guy to make me smile and play air hockey with. Slightly introverted, slightly geeky, slightly obsessed with world domination. Please don't swipe right if you are looking for a lady to go on hikes or run a marathon with. I am NOT that lass. Feelings are great. But really looking for a f*** buddy who wants to go out for Buddy's afterwards.